The Most Extreme Destination on Earth

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If you’re typically the one who always wanted to explore the whole world but is getting bored my experiencing the usual places, let’s take a brief global tour and see some of the world’s most extreme locations—all from the comfort of your screen, of course. Don’t worry about the tickets and packages because it is already available at the site of FindURoute Travel Agency; regularly follow the low-fare calendar for updates.

Have you ever thought about traveling to the most remote areas of the planet? These locations, whether renowned for their remote locations, extreme weather, or breathtaking natural features, provide an unforgettable experience. Visiting locations that only some people ever get to see, adventure travel frequently takes us to some of the most isolated corners of the world. Here is a list of the world’s most extreme tourist destinations in case you’re curious to learn more.

Extreme destination of the Earth

  • Barrow Island in Australia

The coldest spot on Earth might be Antarctica, but it’s not the windiest either. The honor belongs to Barrow Island in Australia, where in 2010, a windspeed of 253.5 mph (408 km/h) was recorded, breaking a record that had stood for 75 years on Mt. Washington in New Hampshire. Being an “A” Class nature preserve, Barrow Island is more difficult to visit than Mt. Washington, which is climbable almost year-round if you are fit for it. You can explore the surrounding seas by boat, but entry to the island itself requires special authorization. If you are feeling adventurous and want to experience the extreme weather of Barrow Island, you can look for flights to Australia from your nearest airport and then arrange for a boat trip to the island. However, be prepared for a rough ride and a lot of wind!

  • Death Valley

Death Valley is located about 282 feet below sea level, a relatively low elevation. RVers generally use the following rule of thumb: “five degrees (F) per 1000 feet of elevation” or, for the metric types, “ten degrees (C) per 1000 meters of elevation.” Here, the temperature rises due to the air compressing more forcefully as the height drops. Most travelers pass by the run-down Owens Lake and arrive at Panamint Springs. At around 2000 feet, continue to Badwater Basin at -282 feet in an air-conditioned car. That represents a 2200-foot drop and about an 11-degree rise. Because Death Valley is so dry, travelers quickly become dehydrated. For those who desire to do so, Death Valley’s severe environment is easily accessible as it is a component of the United States National Park System.

  • Antarctica

The land of extremes is the Antarctic. This continent is the coldest, windiest, and tallest in the world. This continent is the highest in the world, with an average elevation of nearly 2,300 meters above sea level. It receives some of the least precipitation, slightly more than the Sahara Desert, making it the largest desert on Earth and covered in ice. For the first time in human history, only new technology created in the previous 200 years has allowed anyone to go to these freezing coasts to explore and study the Antarctic. Summer and winter are the only two seasons in Antarctica. Antarctica’s summer lasts six months, during which there are six months of daylight and darkness. Because of the tilt of Earth’s axis concerning the sun, there are distinct seasons.

  • Atacama Desert

Encircled by the Andes Mountains on one side and Chile’s Pacific Range on the other, the Atacama Desert is considered the driest location on Earth. There are, in fact, several locations where no rain has fallen in recorded history. The Atacama Desert is one of the world’s most incredible locations for stargazing because of its high altitude and lack of moisture. It’s also pretty easy to visit the Atacama Desert. In addition to providing choices for adventure tours into the desert by foot, mountain bike, horseback, and even other forms of transportation, the hamlet of San Pedro is home to several resorts and hostels.

  • The Dead Sea in Jordan

The lowest point on Earth, above water, is far simpler to reach than Everest. Jordan’s Dead Sea coast is 418 meters (1371 feet) below sea level. Nonetheless, it’s easy to travel there and immerse yourself in the waters, where the mud is reputed to have therapeutic and beautiful qualities. Jordan is a very safe and easy country to travel through. FindURoute offers a tour that includes a stop in the Dead Sea.

  • Everest

Everest is the planet’s highest mountain at 29,029 feet (8848 meters). Though it is incredibly high, every year, a few hundred individuals ascend to the peak, where bitterly cold weather and strong winds test the physical endurance of mountaineers. However, what makes this an extreme destination—where altitude sickness is a real risk at every turn—is the incredibly thin air, with oxygen content about one-third of that at sea level. An individual must spend upwards of $50,000 to climb Mount Everest. However, there are other businesses, such as Himalayan Experience and Adventure Consultants, that can help you reach the summit.

The World’s Most Isolated Location

Although it might be challenging to pinpoint exactly how “remote” a location is, the concept of a Pole of Inaccessibility is one widely used indicator. The definition of a POI is a location that is the farthest from any ocean, which can naturally result in specific distant locations on the map. The Pole of Inaccessibility is a location in Asia that is close to China’s border with Kazakhstan in the Xinjiang area. In actuality, that location is 2645 kilometers, or 1644 miles, from any coast. That puts it at the farthest point from an ocean on Earth.

Other extreme locations exist, of course, but it would be challenging to surpass this list of genuine natural extremes. You’ll have reached the ends of the world if you can make it to every one of these locations. As you’ll see, some of these locations will put you in challenging settings not for the weak of heart. This list of the world’s ultimate most extreme places is based on certain criteria. We live once, and that is why it is very important for every individual to enjoy life to the fullest, irrespective of getting tensions about high airfare tickets because of cheap deals and services provided by FindURoute.