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Cartagena ranks as one of the greatest beautiful, romantic, and colourful cities in the world, brimming with heritage, friendly Colombians, and, of course, visitors. The walled city is with pastel colonial buildings lined with flowers, cobblestone streets, horse carriages, and plenty of restaurants and shops to accommodate all its visitors.

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1. Old City

Most visitors, including you, will remain in Cartagena’s old city, which includes the districts of San Diego, Getsemani, as well as Centro. There is a lot of colorful colonial architecture, flowers, artists, and street vendors offering trinkets. The Torre del Reloj, the significant and monument-filled Plaza Aduana, the vibrant Plaza Santo Domingo with its Botero statue, and the leafy green Plaza Bolivar, which is with dancers and entertainers, are all worth a visit.

2. Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas

This is the most amazing fortress ever built by the Spanish in the history of their territories, and it is a Cartagena monument. Construction started in 1639, and despite many attempts to attack the city, it has never been taken. There are tunnels within it that are to enable even small sounds to travel well, allowing any intruders to be detected. When you come, you can walk through some of these dark passageways and along the fort’s walls and battlements. To learn more about its past, pick up a guide or one of the audio tour headsets.

3. Street Food Tour

While the snack sellers in the plazas sell cheese-filled arepas and fresh lemonade, you might want to join an eating out tour to taste even more regional cuisine. You’ll get to sample things from carts, alleyways, and shops you’d never discover on your own if you go with a guide. La Mesa tours are more costly, but they will take you to sample patacones, arepas filled with eggs, and other coastal delicacies.

4. Mud Volcano

El Totumo is a small volcano situated outside of Cartagena that has thick bubbling mud that you can bathe in. You ascend inside the hill-like vat, where you can float in the mud and even get a quick massage. If you want a picture, give your camera or phone to the guy who snaps pictures of tourists covered in mud. Local ladies will scrub you down in the lake at the conclusion of your skin-soothing mud bath. Keep in mind that everyone wants a tip, but it’s all in good fun and completely worth it.

5. Islas del Rosario

The Islas del Rosario are 27 islands situated in the crystal clear Caribbean waters off the coast of Cartagena and make for a lovely day excursion while in town. They’re teeming with coral reefs that serve as a natural home for enough marine life, and you can spend the day boating, swimming, or snorkeling. There are also hotels, an aquarium, and a few treks available on land. Take a public boat to the larger islands or a private excursion boat to the smaller ones. There is an island for everyone, whether you want white sand beaches, a festive ambiance, or virgin stretches of shoreline.

6. Mercado de Bazurto

You should go to the Mercado de Bazurto because it’s chaotic, smelly, vibrant, colorful, and completely authentic. Grab a bite and a drink from one of the culinary stalls, or sample some of the exotic fruits available. You should be careful with your belongings and wear closed-toed shoes here, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to see the real Cartagena. Insider Tours and Cartagena Connections offer tours here so that you can learn everything there is to know about the market and avoid missing any hidden treasures.

7. Playa Blanca

You can take a boat or a car to the most famous white sand beach in Cartagena, which is on Isla Bar. During the day, it can get crowded with locals, tourists, and beach vendors attempting to sell you things, but stay for the night and you won’t be sorry. The water is a brilliant blue, and it calms down to become serene at night. While you’re here, get a beer and some fried fish with coconut rice at one of the beach eateries.

8. Cafe del Mar

Because of its prime location, this restaurant is one of the most famous in the city. It’s located along the old city walls and is the ideal spot to watch the sunset while sitting outside overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Of course, because of the amazing real estate, the costs here are higher than most in the city, but the cocktails are fantastic. Because it gets crowded, arrive early or reserve a table in preparation. 

9. Convento De La Popa

This is the city’s highest point, and it is home to a convent called after the shape of a ship’s poop deck. Take a cab up the narrow path to see this monastery, which was built in 1607 and fortified nearly two centuries later. You’ll have the best views of Cartagena and the coastline from here, as well as can visit the church to see the picture of La Virgen de la Candelaria as well as the flower-filled courtyard. You’ll also see a statue of a priest who was for attempting to propagate the Gospel.

10. The Palace of the Inquisition

This fascinating museum is housed in one of Cartagena’s gorgeous colonial buildings, but it focuses on a dark time in the city’s history. Visitors can examine and read about the macabre torture devices used to extract confessions, such as the strappado and “the rack.” There is also a prison where prisoners awaited their verdicts and a courtyard where public executions took place. Exhibits are accessible in English, such as the questions used to determine whether you were a witch, but guides are also available.

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