Algiers, Algeria’s capital and biggest city, is a cosmopolitan city located in a bay on the Mediterranean coast. The modern section of the city runs along the shore, while the historic section climbs the hill behind it. Algiers is not as popular with tourists as other major cities in Northern Africa, but tourism and amenities are expanding. Plan a trip to this beautiful city of Algiers with a TAP AIR PORTUGAL ticket so you can book your tickets easily.

1. Old City

This is an ancient section of Algiers that is on a hill overlooking modern Algiers and is as the Casbah. This section of the city was in the 17th century on the ruins of ancient Icosium. It is also the location of the Casbah Palace, which is well worth a visit. The palace, Dar Aziza, was built in 1791 and called after Princess Aziza Bent ed-Dey. It is a stunning white palace with a courtyard, many terraces, and a magnificent grand stairway.

2. Notre Dame d’Afrique

The church took fourteen years to construct and opened its doors in 1872. Notre Dame d’Afrique is on a cliff facing Algiers Bay on the city’s northern outskirts. It is to the Notre-Dame de la Garde, which is on the other side of the Mediterranean in Marseille. The basilica is unlike many others constructed at the time in that the choir is to the southeast of the chapel rather than to the east. It also has 14 stunning stained-glass windows.

3. Bab El Oued 

This was once the impoverished pied-noirs’ neighborhood, but it has since become one of the city’s most popular. Bab El Oued is along the shoreline in the heart of Algiers. It is home to Algerian footballer Djamel Keddou, athlete Baya Rahouli, and Muay Thai winner Dida Diafat. The neighborhood is best known for its three-clock plaza and the great market Triplet. An afternoon spent wandering around the area is a wonderful way to get away from the main tourist attractions and explore a more local part of the city.

4. The Maqam Echahid 

The Maqam Echahid is an iconic monument that opened on the country’s 20th anniversary of freedom. The monument stands 92 meters tall and is up of three palm trees, three Islamic turrets with diameters of 10 meters each, and a six-metre dome at the summit. The property also includes an amphitheatre and a crypt, as well as the Museum of El Mujahid. Maqam Echahid is on the slopes above the Hamma neighborhood. It took nine months to construct and was in February 1986 by then-President Chadli Bendjedid.

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5. Rue Didouche Mourad

Didouche Mourad Street, which runs from the Grande Post Office to the Heights of Algiers, is one of the city’s major shopping streets. It is in the heart of the city and is with small stores and restaurants. It is a famous tourist destination, with landmarks such as the Grande Post Office, the Faculty of Algiers, and the Park of Galland. It’s a lively thoroughfare that shows what life is like in Algiers. The tree-lined street is a great spot to people-watch while sipping a coffee or drinking a beer at a local pub. Still, its Haussmann-style architecture is one of its main attractions.

6. city’s oldest mosque

The Great Mosque of Algiers is the city’s earliest structure, dating back to 1097. It is one of the world’s few surviving examples of Almoravid architecture. The mosque, constructed during the reign of Sultan Ali ibn Yusuf, has a large rectangular courtyard, a prayer hall with 11 naves, an 18th-century mihrab, and 14th-century minarets. It also has a private patio. The Great Mosque of Algiers is near the harbor in the ancient Casbah area. It’s a lovely white structure made of stone, brick, and wood, and it’s adorned with intricate ceramic and wood decorations.

7. Escape the heat

West of the city are some beautiful seaside resorts ideal for escaping the heat and getting away from the bustling city. All these towns have accommodations, restaurants, and souvenir stores. One of the most popular destinations is Sidi Fredj, which is on a peninsula about 30 kilometers outside of Algiers. It is a lovely town with beautiful buildings, a harbor, and sandy beaches. The town of Zéralda is also well-known, due in part to the Mazafran tourist complex. It, too, has some outstanding hotels, shops, and eateries.

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8. Aquafortland

Aquafortland has something for everyone. It combines a fun waterpark with a soothing spa. The waterpark has three swimming pools, four water attractions, an outdoor Jacuzzi, and a man-made sandy beach. It also has trampolines, basketball areas, a games room, and an adventure course. Aquafortland Spa is a tranquil indoor space where you can be fully pampered. It has a heated indoor pool, Jacuzzis, a steam area, and even a fitness center with group classes.

9. Sheraton Club des Pins Resort

This seaside resort is a great location to spend an evening, and you do not have to be a resort guest to enjoy it. Anyone can dine in one of its fantastic eateries and sip cocktails in one of its bars. Dine on Italian, Middle Eastern, or Asian cuisine at one of the resort’s restaurants, or enjoy seafood at the resort’s seasonal terrace restaurant with a view of the harbor. After that, walk to the resort’s lounge for some live piano music, or sip a cocktail in the chic lobby bar.

10. The Farid Benyaa Gallery

The Farid Benyaa museum, also known as the Galerie d’art Farid Benyaa, is a museum dedicated to the life and work of a local artist. Farid Benyaa is as one of the country’s most gifted artists throughout its existence. The artist established the gallery to showcase his own work and to hold personal exhibitions. It also showcases the work of other Algerian artists, whether visual or musical. The Museum of Popular Arts houses an extensive collection of regional arts and crafts. It features both conventional and contemporary items made by local artists.

11. Algiers Golf Course 

The Algiers Golf Course is the city’s main golf course and is accessible from any hotel in the city. Visitors are to the golf course because of its spectacular views of the metropolis and the coast. It is an 18-hole golf course that spans 10 kilometers. Visitors who have forgotten their clubs can rent them while having a round at this lovely course.

12. Visit Fantastic Museum

Algiers has a few fantastic museums that are a must-see for anyone interested in the country’s past. The Bardo Museum, which is both a museum and an architectural landmark, is the best in the city. The Bardo Museum is housed in a renovated Turkish mansion. The National Museum of Antiquities transports visitors back in time, with many ancient relics telling the tale of the country’s ancient times on exhibit. These include ivory carvings, totemic warriors from the Libyan era, and an impressive coin collection.

13. The Djemaa el-Djedid Mosque 

The Djemaa el-Djedid Mosque is a one-of-a-kind mosque that incorporates several architectural styles into its construction. The mosque was in Ottoman style in 1660, but it has undergone many modifications since then. The Djemaa el-Djedid Mosque now displays Turkish, Italian, and Andalusian architecture, also to its initial Ottoman design. It is a magnificent structure with built vaults, domes, columns, and wood finishes. Non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the mosque for religious reasons, but they are welcome to watch it from outside the building.

14. Centre Commercial Al Qods

The city has a few large malls, but the finest by far are the Centre Commercial Bab Ezzouar and the Centre Commercial Al Qods. The Centre Commercial Bab Ezzouar is a 60,000-square-meter shopping center with over 230 stores and services. It is a six-story building with three levels of a shopping mall and many foreign brand stores such as Zara, Adidas, Lacoste, and MAC. The Centre Commercial Al Qods is Algiers’ biggest mall, measuring 165 square meters. It has over 430 shops and services spread across 18 levels.

15. The Botanical Garden 

The Hamma Botanical Garden is a beautiful garden situated in the Mohamed Belouizdad district. The garden is one of the most significant botanical gardens in the world. The Hamma Botanical Garden first opened its doors in 1832 on five hectares of ground. It grew to 18 hectares in 1837, and it now stands at 58 hectares. The garden contains over 1,200 plant species, though this figure used to be much higher. It also houses the Algerian National Institute of Agronomical Research, also to the public grounds. The land of this beautiful city of Algiers is well connected with tap Portugal change flight so enjoy your days in Algiers.