Best Things To Keep With You When Traveling Alone


One of the most satisfying experiences you can have is traveling alone. We think that traveling alone is quite advantageous for a variety of reasons. The benefits of traveling alone include expanding your horizons, stepping outside your comfort zone, meeting new people, and making new memories.

But when you go on a trip alone, you need to be much more cautious and ready for anything than you would if you went with friends or relatives. There are several items you should always bring with you, whether you’re traveling domestically or abroad.

For safer, more comfortable, and more practical solo travel, the advisingmama team compiled a list of tried-and-true packing essentials. When preparing for your upcoming vacation, refer to this guide.

Must-Have Things When Traveling Alone


The best ways to handle money while traveling overseas are the subject of numerous perspectives. Generally speaking, it’s a wise idea to have some cash on hand. Bring cash in US dollars if you can’t obtain local currency before your trip so you can at least do a cash exchange at your new location. If you are having card problems, this is a lifesaver.

Universal travel adapter

A universal travel adapter will ensure that you never find yourself trapped alone with a dead battery and an incompatible phone charger. This can simultaneously charge up to five devices, allowing you to fully charge your power banks, laptop, phone, and other gadgets before your upcoming trip.

Extension cord

A universal adapter can undoubtedly fix your issue and assist with charging your smartphone, but what if you need to charge several devices at once? Simply bring an extension cord with you, then. As long as you have one with USB ports, all you’ll need to bring is the cords for your phone, camera, and other electronics.


Since hygiene is the cornerstone of good health, it is always advisable to bring your toiletries because you never know what kind of products your hotel or hostel may provide. Bring moist tissues, deodorant, and if the place is particularly sunny, a sunscreen lotion.

Copies of Your Documents

Make copies of all the documents you’re bringing with you, including your license or ID, passport, visa, travel insurance, traveler’s checks, credit cards, tickets for your flight or hotel reservation, and anything else you could be. In case you need to get a new passport, include extra copies of your photos. Keep a physical copy of everything in a secure, waterproof location, and make electronic backups as well.

Multi-Functional Shoes

What footwear should you carry for your trip? This a question that practically every traveler has, regardless of the type of trip. The shoes you wear on a solitary journey should be comfortable and appropriate for extended walks, which is the most crucial consideration. Your walking or hiking experience should be comfortable and safe for your feet while wearing the right shoes.

security backpack

Pickpockets cannot access the pocket housing your belongings when you are wearing a waterproof anti-theft backpack since the zipper faces your back. This is a useful feature when you don’t have a travel partner watching your back. Its adjustable straps allow you to use it as a backpack or sling style over one shoulder, and it is still really cute, so it won’t stick out in your travel shots.

Personal Lock

You must protect your luggage, whether you intend to check it or keep it at a hostel. When your bag is hidden, a security lock will give you peace of mind. It’s crucial to buy a TSA-approved lock if you intend to lock your luggage before taking off in case they need to check your bags. You’ll need to carry your lock for the inside of the room storage lockers if you’re staying in a hostel.

Dummy Wallet

Being a lone traveler requires you to be more organized and vigilant. Even while pickpocketing and mugging rarely happen when a person is traveling alone, it does occasionally happen. Thus it is advisable to be prepared with a fake wallet.

If you are robbed, it is never a good idea to keep all of your money in one location. You lessen your chances of losing everything during a mugging by keeping some in a fake wallet and the majority in another secure place.

Personal Amusement

You’ll have plenty of time to think when you’re traveling independently. Make use of an e-reader and keep a few books on it to avoid carrying around bulky books. one exclusion? A travel diary. Writing down your thoughts on paper whenever you feel inspired while on your trip will help you remember the unique moments of your solo vacation, and you might even discover something new about yourself in the process.

An individual first-aid kit

Finally, never embark on a solo vacation without taking your dependable first-aid kit. Although some hotels and other facilities may have their first aid supplies, you never know when you’ll find yourself stranded without them. Especially when it comes to your health, it’s always preferable to rely on oneself rather than another person.

Make your kit instead of purchasing one, and pack it with supplies that will be useful to you personally and keep you healthy while traveling.


Do you change when you travel alone?

You learn to value who you are and cherish your alone time when you have a fresh experience with yourself. It encourages you to learn and acquire new talents while allowing you to open up to other travelers. The deep bonds you form with yourself and your independence when traveling alone have the power to transform your life.

What is the impact of traveling alone?

The idea of traveling alone may fill you with excitement, trepidation, and even a little anxiety. It’s normal to experience travel anxiety before departure, even if you don’t have anxiety disorders. Being both nervous and excited at the same moment can be a really strange experience.

Can a married woman go on a solo trip?

Except for having a legally binding contract to love someone, traveling alone as a married woman is largely comparable to traveling alone as a single woman. Both before and after getting married, my travel experiences were mostly the same.

Is traveling beneficial to a marriage?

According to a U.S. Travel Association poll from 2013, traveling builds relationships, fosters passion and intimacy, and results in healthier, happier relationships.

Summing Up

One of the most thrilling, life-altering events you can have is a solo trip! It is also difficult and somewhat frightening. Consider your packing list as your support system because you’ll be traveling alone for a considerable amount of time. For your protection, security, day-to-day needs, comfort, and enjoyment, you’ll require several necessities. 

We hope this post has given you some packing ideas for your upcoming solo travel.