9 Top Tips for Deep Sea Fishing in Dubai

deep sea fishing

Deep sea fishing has become one of the most popular outdoor activities for tourists and fishing enthusiasts. If you love to explore the open oceans and escape the bustling city life for a while, fishing trips in Dubai would be the best bet. The mesmerizing views, the waves, the wind and the crystal clear blue waters brimming with a variety of fishes will make your experience memorable. 

Dubai’s deep sea fishing trips offer you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a great time out on the ocean, which you can simply not have from a crowded beach. Moreover, you will be taught how to catch a fish you might never have even seen before. If you are contemplating going for a fishing tour in Dubai, we have a few tips to share with you. 

Consider the Season and Timing

Sea fishing in Dubai is a fun outdoor activity throughout the year. However, if you are interested in a specific catch, you have to consider the month you are fishing. Generally, the official fishing season in Dubai lasts from October until late May, with January – March being the most favorable season. The type of fish available varies each month. For instance, your chances of catching Blue fin Tuna are best in January, April and May. Other fish you can catch in Dubai all year round include the Barracuda, Sultan Ibrahim, Tilapia, Sherrie, Hamm our, Cobia, and King Fish. Time is another important factor in a fishing trip, and keep in mind that the best time is thirty minutes after sunset, sunrise, moonrise and moonset.

Choose A Professional Charter Service

It is strongly recommended to hire a reliable fishing charter for your fishing tours in Dubai. Many companies offer yacht rental and fishing trips to help you navigate the great blue ocean while keeping the adventure alive. Only a professional crew can provide you with the right knowledge and assistance for a safe and successful trip. When you search for deep sea fishing trips in Dubai, make sure to do detailed research on its captain, the boat, permits and licenses. After all, your safety is paramount and choosing a reputed fishing charter with an experienced captain and professional crew is crucial to ensure that.  

Have the Right Equipment

Having the right fishing tools and equipment is essential to have an enthralling experience. If you wish to get a good catch, you need the best rods, lines and bait on board for your target fish. So, before you book the deep sea fishing in Dubai, speak with the company to check whether they are providing the fishing gear for the trip. If you are a beginner and want to invest in fishing equipment, make it a point to do your research on everything you need – from rods to reels to lines, hooks, baits and lures. You can look up online or seek guidance from anglers to find the right fishing accessories for your trip. 

Pick the Right Clothing

When heading out onto Dubai’s beautiful ocean waters, you want to dress up comfortably. Go for light clothing such as shorts, a t-shirt or a light long sleeve shirt to keep you cool throughout the sun. Moreover, pack your hat and polarized sunglasses so that you can stay protected and enjoy the trip pleasantly. Do pack an extra set of clothes too, as there is a high chance of your clothing getting wet or dirty while fishing. 

Protect Your Skin

Protecting yourself from the scorching sun and harmful UV rays is important when you are out on your fishing charter. Make it a point to pack sunscreen, chopstick or lip balm so that you can enjoy the fishing tour in Dubai as comfortable as possible. 

Bring Your Own Food

Pack your own snacks and drinks for your fishing trips in Dubai. The deep sea fishing tour may take hours, and you need to keep your body fueled and hydrated to have a good experience. You can bring plenty of water and nonperishable snacks like trail mix, nuts, protein bar, fruits, muffins and crackers. 

Take Your Precaution for Sea Sickness

The constant rocking motion of a boat in the open ocean waters can be troubling for some people. Feeling seasick during your fishing trip in Dubai is exhausting and affects your entire experience. Seasickness can trigger nausea, dizziness, headache and cold sweats, and these symptoms can range from mild to severe. There are several natural remedies as well as over the counter medications available for sea sickness. If you are prone to seasickness or have a fear of vomiting, take the medicines before heading out in the water. If you do start to feel queasy during the fishing trip, stay up on deck, try to relax in the fresh air and watch the horizon. 

Listen To Your Captain and Crew

The first rule of deep sea fishing in Dubai is to listen to your captain and crew. Pay attention to their instructions and follow them, especially if it is your first time. Your boat captain and crew know the oceans best, and they would help you enjoy the fishing experience, provided you listen to their directions and avoid doing anything they tell you not to do. 

Be Kind to the Marine Life

The last yet most crucial piece of advice is to respect the seas and keep your fishing experience as considerate as possible. While it may be difficult to contain your excitement about the fishing tour in Dubai, avoid any sort of unruly behavior. Be kind to the marine environment and sea creatures – so keep hunting for only what you want. Also, if you have no intention of eating your catch, release them back into the waters soon. 

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Whether you are new to deep sea fishing or if it is simply your first time in Dubai, these tips will help you prepare for a smoother sailing and amazing angling adventure. Now it is time to select a reliable company for fishing trips in Dubai. BookYachts has a fleet of world-class fishing boats and a friendly crew to guide you on a fun, relaxing offshore fishing trip. Get in touch with us, and our team would be more than happy to help you out.