Tips For Travelling To Ibiza (And Not Messing Up)

travelling to lbiza

Are you thinking of spending a few days in Ibiza but don’t know where to start planning the trip? Don’t worry, follow these tips to travel to Ibiza (and not screw up) and you will have almost all your problems solved.

Ains, what will it have on this island that overcomes all generational barriers? Hippie atmosphere (and ahem hipster), crystal clear waters, magnetic sunsets and plans for all tastes. 

But we have already told you everything to see and do in Ibiza, today Julius Homes is going to talk to you about those things that are always good to know before getting on the plane/ferry… How to get there? Where to stay? Where to eat? And all those details, are perfect to not waste time and enjoy an epic vacation.

Tips for travelling to Ibiza

Below we are going to tell you everything we would have liked to know before going to Ibiza: from all the options to get to the most magical island of the Balearic Islands to everything to see, the excursions and a few tips for travelling to Ibiza and not screw it up…

Here we go:

1. Get to Ibiza by plane

To get to Ibiza there are two options: flight or ferry. Or well, if you want to swim, that’s up to you. If you choose to go by plane you will arrive at the Eivissa airport, very close to Playa d’en Bossa. From there 3 urban buses leave with different routes:

  • Line 10: which stops at the Ibiza bus station, at the port where the ferries leave for Formentera, the port and reach San Jorge.
  • Line 24: towards Santa Eularia and Cala Nova
  • Line 9: which reaches the San Antonio area
  • More information about urban buses

You can also take a taxi (the price to Ibiza city will be approximately (£16-£21) or hire a transfer service. Obviously, this option is more expensive, but if you are travelling with friends, it may be a good price for you.

At the airport exit, there are several offices where you can pick up your rental car if this is your option to get around the island.

2. Get to Ibiza by Ferry

If you choose to arrive by ferry, the only points on the peninsula connected to the port of Ibiza are Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Denia. From the first two, the route is at night, while from Denia the journey is much shorter and is done during the day.

There are only two companies that manage these routes: Balearia and Trasmediterranea. You will arrive at the port of Ibiza city, a stone’s throw from Dalt Vila, the beautiful historic centre.

As a general rule, flights are usually cheaper, but we recommend taking a look at both options with your dates and comparing them. In addition, the ferry offers a plus: you can bring your car and save on rent (although the supplement may be more expensive than the rental price!).

3. What to do in Ibiza and how many days are necessary?

We always say a minimum of 3 days, a maximum of as many as you want. It is true that 3 days are not enough to get to know the entire island of Ibiza even moderately well, it is clear, but you will be able to enjoy a cool getaway, mixing beach, markets, towns and parties.

Whatever time you have, try to at least include this in your itinerary:

  • Visit a few of Ibiza’s top beaches. For example, one day in Cala Saladeta and Cala Es Bol Nou, another in Cala Conta and another in Playa de las Salinas.
  • Tour the beautiful historic centre of Ibiza (known as Dalt Vila ) where most of the charms of the island’s capital are concentrated. Here we tell you 20 things to see and do in Ibiza.
  • Spend at least one night partying in one of Ibiza’s legendary clubs, such as Amnesia, Hi Ibiza, Pachá or Ushuaïa. To get there, you can use the “Discobus” and thus forget about complications..

4. Cheap accommodation in Ibiza, mission impossible?

It’s no secret that accommodation in Ibiza is not exactly for a backpacker’s budget (especially in high season). It is a problem that both tourists and residents suffer… a friend was working there for a few seasons and told me absurd things about rents. But don’t lose hope! You can always find interesting offers, or focus your search on areas with more affordable accommodation.

In this post, we tell you which are the best areas to stay in Ibiza and we recommend hotels and hostels that usually have good offers, even in high season. One of the tips for travelling to Ibiza cheaply is to look for accommodation in advance…

Remember that for a few years now, Ibiza has charged a tourist tax that is charged directly to the accommodation. It will be between £2 and £4, depending on the type of accommodation and the season in which you travel.

5. Where to eat well and cheaply in Ibiza?

As with accommodation, Ibiza is not a destination famous for its cheap restaurants. However, by searching and searching you will find places where you can eat really well and at more than reasonable prices. We promise you!

Don’t you believe us? Well, take a look at our article with recommendations for restaurants where you can eat in Ibiza (good and cheap). Options for all tastes and pockets! Also, taking advantage of the fact that you will spend the day on the beach, a tip for travelling to Ibiza and saving a few euros is a classic: sandwich or Tupperware and cans.  Yes, it is a tip for travelling to crowded, but very effective, Ibiza.

6. Rent a car, the best advice for travelling to Ibiza that we can give you

Ok, you have already booked your flights, you have your eye on a nice little hotel and you know what the essential plans to make in Ibiza are. Now you just have to know how to get around the island, and the solution is very simple: rent a car!

It is one of the best tips for travelling to Ibiza that we can give you since public transport does not go everywhere, nor of course at all hours, so if you want to explore the island in depth, at your own pace and with total flexibility, a car is essential.

Another very nice option, if you plan to combine days of movement with others on the beach near your accommodation, is to rent a motorcycle. Of course, they are veneers: the one-day rental (with insurance) is around £36-42. More info here. And please, if you decide to rent a motorcycle, drive very carefully.