5 Tips For Visiting Mahabodhi Temple, Bodhgaya

mahabodhi temple

Parents, work, relationship, children, and friends. Does maintaining the balance between all of these ever feel like a challenge? Do you ever feel like losing on one while trying to excel in other? Here comes the theory of the middle path, which is making balance in everything you do. One aspect of life is to support another instead of overshadowing it. This idea of the middle path has come from Lord Buddha who is the founder of Buddhism.

Buddhism is one religion that has taught love and peace to this world. He attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, situated in the Gaya district of Bihar. This place is 96 km from the capital of Bihar, Patna. Here are five important tips I have for you while visiting the Mahabodhi temple in Bodhgaya, Bihar, India.


Gaya is one place having atrocious summers. The temperature rises beyond 45 degrees Celsius and the heatwave is killing. It is advisable not to visit in the summers which are there from April to September. The best time is December to February. Even October, November, and March are pleasant. Still, if you are left with no option but to visit in summers, keep yourself hydrated with coconut water which you can find all over Bodhgaya.


Gaya has got an international airport which connects it to cities like Bangkok, Hanoi, Colombo, Yangon, and Paro. The Mahabodhi temple is just around 10 km from the airport. It is also connected to Indian cities like Varanasi and Kolkata. If you are traveling through Patna, the road connectivity is good and you will get cabs right at the airport to reach your destination.


There are many hotels around the Mahabodhi temple which range from INR 800 per day to INR 5000 per day. The hotels like the Oaks, Bodhgaya has their rooms and facilities as per international standards. They also provide the menu of their restaurant according to the choice of travelers from different nations. For those with a lower budget, there are various rooms and restaurants available nearby the temple.


The temple opens at 5 am in the morning and closes at 9 pm. It would be suggested to visit the temples in the early morning if you want to absorb the serenity of the place. Shoes, mobile phones, and any eateries are not allowed inside the temple but you can take your camera inside after paying some charges for it. Do not worry about food and water as people inside the temple will help you with water bottles and fruits which shows their selfless service.

The Bodhi tree:

The temple area is huge with amazing architecture but the most beautiful part of the temple is the bodhi tree where Gautam Buddha attained nirvana or enlightenment. Just being there with closed eyes will make you feel out of the world. If you are into meditation and healing, it is the best place under the sun for you. Even if you are not those spiritual types, still this place will arise something within you.

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