Tips to enjoy summer vacations in Dubai

Tips to enjoy summer vacations in Dubai

Choosing a good plan is the first step towards making the holiday trip amazing that we want to select places to visit in Dubai first. There’s no need to see this Arab city, a tourist paradise with a growing number of visitors every year, The summer holidays are the best time for a family trip.

Ultra-modern architecture, lively and enticing nightlife, stunning skyline bird views, are associated with Dubai’s beauty and luxurious lifestyle. Tourist destinations in and around Dubai Dubai are a great place to spend your next holiday with loved ones. It’s a good thing to plan a trip to choose the best travel agent in Dubai.

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Desert Safari Trip

Everyone keeps the Dubai desert safari tour fix in their to-do list when they plan to visit the UAE, which has plenty of deserts to explore for the audacious travelers. Despite the fact, the mercury level rises to the 50s in summer and barely drops to the 30s in winter, people love traveling to Dubai due to its countless attractions for everyone. Even out in the desert, where the sand stretches to miles and shelter become a luxury, myriad activities are designed to let you discover the adventurous side of you and appreciate the ambiance. And suddenly, you start realizing how important it was for you to take this much-needed break. Located around an hour’s drive from central Dubai, the desert is an ocean of sand with dunes being pushed by waves of wind here and there. Dubai desert is always a perfect place for adventure and relaxation. For any adventurer, finding tracks through the desert is the way to go. After that, get back into your four wheeler and enjoy gliding up and down from bigger sand dunes. You will be tossed, twisted and bounced from side to side as you dip and dive across sand peaks – it’s like riding a bull, so always wear your safety belt. Soon, you will reach to camel farm, where you can choose a camel to ride on its back. You will surely miss a joy if you will not hop on camel’s back, after being in Dubai.

After being picked from the hotel, you will be escorted to the desert safari point, where you can choose to go dune bashing on 4WD vehicles or hop on quad bikes to explore the stretches of sand. Do not forget to take your camera along to capture your pictures, when you test the limits on a quad bike. Do not just get settled for quad biking – leave it for good for a while and get yourself washed the desert way, rub sands between your palms. In short, get the true feel of the desert.

Yas Water World

Since 2013, Yas Waterworld has steadily gained its place in the world’s top 10 water parks. It is one of the biggest water parks in the Middle East, spread over 37 acres, and one of Dubai’s favorite attractions. Yas Waterworld has received 17 industry awards and accolades over the past four years, including the 2013 TripAdvisor Travelers ‘ Choice Award, LA Times ‘ Second World Best Waterpark, and was named Best, World’s Biggest Water Park by Guinness Records in 2020. Yas Waterworld’s pledge to give you the best water park experience you’ll ever get from A-list celebrities to locals in the UAE attracts and entices you.

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo is the ideal place to receive your very first experience of scuba diving in a controlled atmosphere. If you like being on the water you will want to be certain to go to the Bur Dubai Abra Dock for a relaxing stroll or a fast boat ride. The world’s biggest dancing fountains show is a sight to behold.

Dhow Cruise Dinner

The dhow cruise marina dinner is an excellent middle ground, with the capacity for some couples-centric fun and tons of opportunities simply to delight in the very good food and sightseeing of cruise from Dubai. These trips are extremely exciting and you’ll visualize the severe splendor of the desert. The lengthy float trips also supply you with the opportunity to see many types of wildlife in their normal setting. Also, it’s a great holiday destination. The resort can be found inside the Desert Conservation Reserve and is an integral wildlife park in the nation. It is among the absolute most amazing attractions of Dubai. Within a couple of years, it has come to be among the very best tourist attraction.


Shopping in Dubai is a great experience for nearly all of us. Apart from this, it is something that you must not miss here. For those into shopping, you’re going to be pleased to know that Mall has tonnes of restaurants. online shopping is a good deal of fun, dependable and useful, this is something which you can surely indulge in. It can be a special experience as many websites offer incredibly attractive prices, discounts, free delivery, and free vouchers. Apart from this, in addition, there are several fun things to do around The Mall, so make sure to have a look at the attractions Downtown if you’re a tourist planning a trip to the renowned mall. This desert city is famous for its liberal policies, superb infrastructure, and superb tourist amenities.

Dubai is a modern city, full of wonderful attractions to attract tourists around the world. Holiday packages are getting popular in Dubai. You have to be thinking it’s the conclusion of things to do in Dubai. You would cherish the country if you are visiting it. It truly an amazing destination for spending your summer holidays. It’s an excellent chance to soothe your nerves. It’s famous all around the globe with the highest number of the tallest buildings in the world.

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