Top Places in Dubai for Real Estate Investment

for real estate’s Dubai

Teeming with top-tier residences and a demand that’s always soaring high in every chart, Dubai is the ideal place for real estate investment. The metropolis of the desert civilization has become the central hub for the hemisphere’s most exciting events and landmark attractions as well. While there are countless reasons why Dubai is the ideal land for investors, the question boils down to where you will get the most profit.

Obviously, the entirety of your investment venture depends upon the capital you have. However, there are other factors such as possible developments and consequent appreciations to consider. A smart investor needs to take in variables such as these whenever they assess and analyze a property for evaluation.

After a considerable amount of research, we’ve compiled a list of the top places for real estate’s Dubai has to offer:

Jumeirah Village Circle

The name Jumeirah has become a commonly occurring one throughout the emirate. Associated with royalty, the developer Nakheel has made sure that communities taking the name are worthy of it. The JVC is no different in this regard. Offering high-quality and opulent residences that are available in a variety of configurations and settings, you’ll find each of them equipped with the latest technology.

The community comes with luxury amenities and loads of parkland spaces to encourage a healthy lifestyle. What’s more is the nearby restaurants, malls and similar attractions that make for a fun time in the JVC. Families, as well as young couples, find fitness centres, hospitals, educational institutes and sports complexes in the vicinity to be appealing factors influencing their decision to relocate here. Among the top attractions, Nakheel’s Circle Mall, Mall of the Emirates, Dreamscape VR Park, Ski Dubai and the like appeal to aspiring residents of all ages.

Arabian Ranches

Still reigning as one of the top master communities in Dubai, Arabian Ranches has become the most prominent choice in the emirate for investment.

With extensions and sub-communities offering luxurious villas for sale in Dubai, all the properties nestling within have been uniquely designed. Featuring Mediterranean style architecture with state-of-the-art amenities and facilities across a 1650-acre land, there is also tons of green space to revel in.

The presence of a premium golf course along with community centres, fitness and sports centres makes for a commendable investment venture. Suffice it to say, the demand for off-plan as well as ready to move in rentals is enough to prove the potential of the properties in the community.


Dubailand is a 3 million square feet community that has been divided into the following sections:

  • Al Habtoor Polo Resort & Club
  • Dubailand Oasis
  • Layan
  • Majan
  • FalconCity of Wonders
  • Living Legends
  • Villanova
  • Rukan
  • Tiger Woods
  • Al Waha

Each sector features a groundbreaking infrastructure with top-of-the-line properties promising a lifestyle laden with grandeur and luxurious comforts. You can find apartments, villas and almost all forms of Dubai properties in one of the biggest communities in the emirate.

Classified as a city within Dubai, Dubailand rightfully claims the title as it nestles amusement parks, polo clubs, championship golf courses and much more. Owned and managed by Dubai Properties, this freehold land has managed to secure an ROI of 5.6%. Investors are looking forward to more projects nearing completion to make their move and make worthy additions to their inventory.

Business Bay

A bustling commercial area that has single handedly brought the emirate tech giants, software houses and IT parks that operate within, the Business Bay is the commercial sector right alongside Downtown Dubai. Sharing its amenities and landmark attractions while offering a formal setting in its own zone, Business Bay has become a notable investment option.

While you’ll find all sorts of configurations and settings, the ideal investment in the sector would be 2-3 bhk apartments for sale. This is due to the large number of employees that are anticipated to be in search of affordable rentals. Coupled with the commercial hubs and retail options available nearby, Business Bay also offers more than 240 buildings fulfilling commercial as well as residential purposes.

In all, the emirate is a bustling city with new real estate investment opportunities being made available every now and then. With the speed that developers are going, we can look forward to more off-plan projects to be completed in years to come.

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