Top Reasons to Go on a Cruising in Dubai

Top Reasons to Go on a Cruising in Dubai

Want to soak in the real charisma of Dubai and also have the best of Arabian adventure? The Dubai cruise tour squeezes sightseeing, dinner and entertainment together in a package. 

Dubai is awash with superlatives and luxuries. Stroll around and you can stumble upon the highest freestanding structure, biggest mall, first seven-star hotel, tallest hotel and largest choreographed fountain. One of the latest addition in its fleet of engineering achievements is the man-made water canal, which connects the Dubai Creek back into the Arabian Gulf. Flanked by buildings, resorts, hotels, restaurants and cycling tracks, this canal has made the city more accessible by cruising. 

If you are in a dilemma whether to hop on a cruise or not, here are the top reasons that will convince you to pick cruising in Dubai. 

Dhow Cruise in Dubai

It is the traditional boat that has revamped to a floating restaurant. Dhow cruise Dubai boasts two routes- one that sails across the Dubai Creek (Old Dubai) and the other across the Dubai Marina (New Dubai). 

  1. The architecture is awe-inspiring

-Be mesmerised by the city’s captivating attractions

Dubai has some mind-blowing records to brag about in its engineering feat. From the word’s tallest building that needs no introduction, Burj Khalifa to the iconic and affluent Dubai Marina, the city has an impressive architecture’s portfolio. 

Sitting on the dhow cruise Marina and marvelling at these distinctive and breathtaking sights of the buildings is an unparalleled experience. In comfort like home, visitors can applaud the spectacle of a Burj Al Arab, Hotel Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, twisted skyscraper, glitz, glamour and more. 

 But not to forget, Dubai is a wonderful combination of shimmering modernity and ancient Arabic traditions. So, if you choose the dhow cruise creek, you can sail across the Old Dubai, and witness their bustling streets, Heritage Village, Rolex Twin Towers, Sheikh Saeed’s house, National Bank of Dubai and souks. 

  1. The buffet dinner is delectable 

-Go on a gastronomical journey

While the cruise surfs the stunning vistas, the taste buds take on a gastronomical ride. There are two decks in the dhow cruise and both of them are furnished with restaurant-looking decor. You can either sit in the glass-encased and air-conditioned lower deck or climb up the open-air deck. The lavish spread of buffet in the cruise is mouth-watering and tastebud-tickling. There are grilled Arabian dishes to exotic cuisine that will melt in your mouth. The 3-course meal tantalises the tongue and stomach, satisfying you to heart. 

  1. The live entertainment is applaud-worthy

-Raise the toast to the stunning performers

The cruise team is well-prepared with attractive live shows as well. While relishing food and drinks, a trained Tanoura artist would serenade the diners. Tanoura is a traditional folkloric dance that shows engagement and prayers to the almighty. It is ecstatic to see a man dancing so gracefully and making uncountable spins continuously. He wears a colourful skirt and illuminated attire which makes several geometrical patterns as he twirls. Many cruises would arrange the magic shows or DJs for the families and kids to have lifetime happiness in the 2-hr cruise. 

  1. The ambience is classy and novel

-Do not worry about the services 

Service of dhow cruise in Dubai is of higher quality. The dhow is equipped with facilities that would make the sightseeing a hassle-free journey. Also, a soothing music plays in the background. If there is an occasion, like birthdays or anniversaries, the team goes an extra mile to customise the trip. The royal treatment, clean ambience, standard maintenance and benchmark service will have you covered. Overall, it is the manifestation of simplicity and sophistication in one. 

Yacht Rentals in Dubai

If you are in Dubai with a loaded budget or want to experience the feels of Titanic on the anniversary, the private yachts could be your escape. It is one of the expensive choices amongst Dubai Packages

  1. An exceptional sightseeing

The popular yacht rentals travel around the signature luxury destination, Burj Al Arab, the man-made palm-shaped island, Palm island and the thriving residential neighbourhood with upscale leisure to dining complex, Dubai Marina. Everything, ranging from the cloud-piercing skyline to gigantic buildings, from innovative designs to jaw-dropping sight, can be seen from the yacht. In the day you are blanketed in the city’s warmth while at the night, the sailing gives you an exquisite display of shining skyscrapers.

  1. A magical party venue

If your idea of parties is a state-of-the-art venue, private dining spaces, endless boozing, dance floors and ample room for the guests, the private yacht can be the finest option. Whether it’s the large corporate event, birthday party, trip with friends, schoolmates reunion, romantic getaway, the yachts are the extravagant way to tell that the eve is special. 

  1. A range of dishes

As you are revelling in this luxurious space, clinking the champagne glasses, basking in the ocean breezes and sipping unlimited refreshments, the sumptuous dinner is laid out. For parties and events, special dining packages are arranged. The best chefs of the town cook the food in the freshest ingredients and serve it in a creative plating. The dinner is bound to dazzle your senses and the dessert gives it a sweet end. 

  1. A definition of luxury

There are fleets of yachts in Dubai. Based on your requirements and preferences, you can choose the right kind of yacht and glide smoothly on Dubai’s water. The waiters and the staff come together to help you create unforgettable memories. It’s interesting that the kitchen on the yacht allows you to have your own barbecue. 

  1. The fascinating add-ons

Since you are cruising on the sea, fishing is a tempting choice. The cruise team can arrange the fishing equipment, guide the newbies and help you have a newer experience. The adrenaline junkies can tickle their adventurous bone as they jump into the water and swim along with the school of fishes. Let the team know your exciting plan beforehand, so, that they can arrange the snorkelling gear. 

Hence, the next time you are in Dubai, do not forget to add cruising in the itinerary. The Venetian-style canals, deluxe yachts, traditional cruises, overwhelming performances, flavoursome food and endless fun await you! 

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