Switzerland Top 11 Scenic Drives In A Supercar


Switzerland is a breathtaking place in its own right, and when you want to take a scenic drive with a supercar, the experience becomes one of a kind. 

There are plenty of locations to take a drive along, so much so that it can become a daunting task to choose just one place for driving around in your supercar.

So the next section has a compiled list of all the major scenic locations where you can take a scenic drive in your supercar for a memorable experience.

Now getting a supercar may not sound that easy, and also, planning a road trip to Switzerland is even more difficult. 

But if you do take a drive, there is no dearth of scenic locations and trails to discover; it is one of a kind experience that should not be missed at any cost.

This article will help you with the locations and places to make a stop during your drive. And the question of getting a car can be easily handled by Traserbas. Just contact them, and you are all set to explore Switzerland.

1. The Lake Lucerne Region

Lucerne is a must-see site if you are in Switzerland. The region represents a scenic gateway to the Alps, making it a breathtaking location to witness. If you are taking a drive, then you cannot miss this place at any cost. 

Whether you are a fan of historic monuments and local history or want an adrenaline rush with the most exciting sports, all of them are available in this region.

The Lake Lucerne is special due to its unique shape and the beautiful scenery all around it. There are steep mountains and even small towns along the shores of this lake. It is a sight to be seen.

2. The Edged Shores of Lake Lucerne

Lake Lucerne has an interesting shape when compared to other lakes. There are multiple turns and bends in the lake, making some interesting edged shores, rare to be seen worldwide. The interesting edged shores make for a variety of attractions all around the water body.

There are some very steep mountains on the shores of this lake like Pilatus and Rigi. You can also find some very scenic towns like Weggis and of course, Lucerne which are tourist attractions in themselves. Not to mention the multiple historic sites you can visit in the nearby region.

3. Look Out the Roadside of Lake Lucerne Near the Village of Weggis

Weggis is a very popular tourist attraction when you are visiting Switzerland. If you are taking your supercar, then this is a place you need to drive to as there is nothing more beautiful than looking out on the roadside of Lake Lucerne in the village of Weggis. 

It is situated at the lake’s northern shore and is a treat for the eyes due to its sunny and mild climate and its location at the base of Rigi. This charming village has been a hotspot for tourists for decades and, before the invention of cable cars, was the most preferred spot to begin a climb on the mountain Rigi.

4. Take a Sip of Coffee at the Lake Lucerne Terrace Setting Coffee House

The Lucerne region has always been a favorite among tourists who want to have a great experience in Switzerland. Taking a drive in your supercar to Lucerne can be a satisfying experience, but it is also exhausting because there is so much to see. 

There are some very good restaurants in this area, and some of the terrace seating establishments by Lake Lucerne can offer you a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Looking over Lake Lucerne while taking a sip of coffee on the terrace of the coffee house is an experience that is mandatory to visit Lucerne. 

There are plenty of options in this region, and none of them is a bad choice. The visual beauty of the location makes the whole trip one of a kind experience.

5. The B├╝rgenstock Resort in Switzerland

When staying at Lake Lucerne, it only makes sense that you stay only at the best place possible, and that would be the Burgenstock resort. This establishment has been in the business for years and is hands down the best place for your stay at Lake Lucerne. This resort has the perfect combination of both traditional Swiss culture and modern style.

It is nearly 450m above the lake and offers terrace seating for dining, thereby giving you a nice view of the lake while you enjoy your food. Not to mention the spa areas comprising both indoor and outdoor pools, each of which offers you a breathtaking view of the lake.

6. The “BIG3” Alpine Pass Route

The BIG 3 is one of the main attractions that Switzerland has to offer, and if you are taking a drive, then going to the Alpine pass route should be a top priority. The BIG 3 refers to the Susten-Grimsel-Furka pass route. 

It is special because this is the longest connected chain of mountain passes in the Alps. And if you are taking a drive-in supercar, there is no reason to miss it.

The locations across this drive are phenomenal as you will get to see everything from mountains to meadows to clear waters all across the mountain range. The GPS can be pre-programmed to take you through the whole drive effortlessly.

7. 100-Metre Long Blue Ice Tunnel and Ice Chamber

Rhone glacier in Switzerland is a geological wonder that everyone needs to visit at least once in their lifetime. The specialty of the site is that it forms an ice tunnel nearly 100 meters long and completely blue.

This chamber is made by cutting into the Rhone glacier, and the process takes four weeks. The ice tunnel has been an attraction since the 1870s.

8. Lauterbrunnen Village in the Bernese Highlands

The Lauterbrunnen village is in a valley in the Bernese Oberland region. It is a picturesque location and is a good place to take a drive in your supercar. 

There are lakes in the region perfect for taking a boat trip and multiple trails that can be a wonderful experience for your trip. 

Although you are taking a drive, it is also recommended that you explore the area on foot for a more immersive experience.

9. The Living Museum Inside Oberhofen Castle

If you want to take a dip in history, then the Oberhofen castle should be one of your stops on tour. It is very famous for the living museum that it hosts. The exhibit consists of very neo-gothic elements and displays that can be interesting if you are keen on learning historical anecdotes. 

Also, the castle park is considered the most magnificent one in Switzerland. The chapel in the castle, which dates back before the 15th century, is still active and can be used for ceremonies.

10. Experience the Beauty of Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore has been a tourist attraction for a long time, and rightfully so. The lake is at the north of Milan and stretches up to 65 kilometers. 

The shores have subtropical islands, which make for very beautiful scenery to visit. Taking a drive in your supercar will be incomplete without visiting this place as the picture opportunities are endless here.

11. Swiss National Park, Bern, Geneva

The Swiss National Park is very special because it is the only national park in Switzerland. It is a breathtaking location, and the park consists of as many as 42 mountains. However, if you visit here, be sure to observe all the strict rules and regulations that have been put in place to maintain the park’s natural beauty. All in all, this place should not be missed, especially if you are taking a drive.

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