Top ten places to travel on your budget

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Travelling can be mesmerizing in so many ways, and it is something that we can never get enough of. People who love travelling like to explore the world’s beauty and capture pictures to cherish memories. The world is so big that travelling never ends, and exploring is always full of excitement. Travelling is a huge way of therapy, too, as people who feel down overcomes the situation when they travel because of the environment’s change. But the main part of travelling is the money you have to use for your tickets and the place you will live while travelling and much more. 

So people who think that travelling is not possible for them because it can be too expensive, let me tell you that there are many places that you can visit on your budget. Yes! There are some beautiful places to travel to, and they are affordable. Sometimes some places look very expensive, but they are affordable for you too. These affordable places are full of joy and unique things to experience.

You can eat, meet new friendly people, have fun and buy different cultural things. Must read this blog by the writers of cheap assignment writing UK, you will find a whole list of these amazing, affordable places worldwide to know what places are there. You will love these top ten budget-friendly places and will wish to visit again.


We often assume that the places with islands and resorts will be very costly for us to visit, but it is not always true. Fiji is a place that is your budget destination. This island has resorts that cost $1,000, and along with the resort, you can enjoy world-class diving, friendly locals, natural beaches, and delicious seafood; without mortgaging your own house, you can have so many things to enjoy. 

Central America

If you are a history lover and love to enjoy the ruins from ancient times, then take a ride to the jungle, surf, and have amazing food to eat, then Central America is for you. In Central America, the most on-budget places are Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvadore, and Guatemala. In these places, meals cost $3, and hotels cost $15 per night. So go and enjoy your dreams.


Cambodia is a beautiful country which affordable, and its locals are very hospitable. Your private room has an air-conditioner for 20 dollars and 2 dollars for street food. So if you spend more than 50 dollars or more than that a day, then you must go to this place and enjoy the beauty of nature with some friendly people there.


China has many travellers from around the world and more since Marco Polo went to the Silk Road. Even if the time is passing and cheap places are becoming expensive, China remains affordable for everyone. The hotels in China cost twenty dollars for a day, and the meal is two to five dollars. The transport around the city will charge you less than a dollar. So here, China becomes one of the top value places in the world.

South Korea

We mostly do not talk about South Korea, but it is a country that remains an unknown destination. South Korea has some delicious food and high-tech facilities. The countryside of South Korea is magnificent, and the nightlife is magical. Everything here is cheap and amazing, so it is worth spending. So a budget rip to South Korea will be the best choice to make. 


India is full of enjoyment as it has so many things to discover. It is beautiful, and everything here is cheap and on your budget so if you want o visit India, have its cultural meals that are not only tasty but affordable too, the markets there are full of colours and things that you will love to buy. It is an affordable place with a very rich history. It has the tastiest food of different cultures, curious and helpful people, amazing green tea, and much more.

Eastern Europe

You can live like the royals in the parts of Eastern Europe that are Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, and Romania. They are the most affordable part of the continent. Transportation here will cost you a few dollars, and for the room, you have to pay eight dollars. So it is the most exciting part that people will regret if they do not visit this part of the world. 


Portugal is a Euro country that you will love because of its fascinating historical places, cliffs to visit, amazing locals, tasty food and beaches. It has become much popular in recent years, and many tourists visit it again and again. It is still affordable for many people, but Lisbon is a little expensive now because many people went there and made prices higher. But outside Lisbon, everything is affordable.


If you know some tricks to visit Australia, then it is a cheap place to visit. So there is a trail that is budget backpacker trail, many hosts that are Couchsurfing and the groceries are cheap. Australia is 20% cheaper because of the drop in Australian dollars. So it is affordable.


So Thailand is budget-friendly for travelling; the food, buses, attractive places are all between 25 to 30 dollars. It is the most bargain destination that you will love to visit. They have cultural themes and so much more to love and capture.

It is easier to travel when the places are affordable; you can enjoy every culture here in this world and experience everything from the perspective of the people who live there. You can spend a little and enjoy the time of your life exploring such beautiful things in the world and clear up your mind. Feel fresh and meet different people who speak different languages in many ways. So go out and visit these places as now you know which pother budget-friendly and easy to travel to. It is good to research the places under your budget to have an idea of how much you should carry with you. 

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