Top Things to Do in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Best Places to Visit in Andaman

Andaman & Nicobar Islands in India are blessed with gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, emerald rainforests, rainbow-Esque corals and many other natural colours. No wonder it is one of the leading travel destinations for locals and international travellers alike. This tropical paradise is an archipelago of islands with a wide range of flora and fauna that makes up for some of the most exciting outdoor activities.

However, with so many things to see and do, it is often difficult to choose the Best Places to Visit in Andaman. This article will tell you all the fun things to do and you can take your pick as per your preference and build your own itinerary.

So, read on to know all the activities that are available in Andaman.

Laze around on the beaches

Andaman’s beaches are heavenly with its white sands and blue waters. You can spend hours upon hours at Corbyn’s Cove, staring into the horizon and appreciating the nature’s splendor. You can also check out Elephant and Long Island where you can soak the sun and work up some exotic tan. The pristine environment of the beaches is perfect for slow travelers who like to sip their cool beverage as they spend their lazy afternoons bumming at the beach, reading a book. Luckily, most of these beaches are uncrowded which means you can spend some quality time with your friends or yourself in absolute seclusion!

Don’t forget to try the water activities

No trip to Andaman is complete unless you go into its blue waters and explore its underwater life. You can swim, snorkel, scuba dive, go for banana boat rides, do underwater walking, jet ski, and more. Each water activity is a push away from your comfort zone and will give you an ultimate adrenaline rush. So if you are an adventurer, then Andaman will certainly satisfy that side of you!

Go Island hopping

When you are done local sightseeing and explored most of the adventure activities, then you should consider taking half-day trips to Neil Island in Havelock and Ross Island in Port Blair. You can walk along its stunning coastline and catch a sunset. You can also visit old ruins, cemetery, Naval Museum, and other such historical buildings that have now been devoured by overgrowth to become a part of the scene.

Spare a day for Havelock Island

Did you know that Havelock Island houses one of the best beaches in Asia? Radhanagar Beach is located in Havelock Island which is known to be an incredibly peaceful place to unwind and enjoy the slow-paced life of a secluded isle. You can go snorkeling at Elephant Beach once you are done exploring the Jolly Buoy Island in Port Blair.

Swim Amongst Colourful Coral Reefs

If you want to see a different world altogether, then head straight to Jolly Buoy Island for the most colourful range of coral reefs. You will be amazed to see all these colours that exist beneath the surface of the water, waiting to be explored.

Revisit the dark history of Andaman

Andaman was historically known as the Kala Pani (black water) that housed an infamous jail used by the British to imprison freedom fighters and political prisoners. It was believed that anyone who was banished to Kala Pani never returned home, at least not alive. It is hard to believe that such a beautiful and pristine location can hold such a sinister past. A visit to Cellular Jail is a must when you are in the Andaman Islands.

Take a Walk, Underwater

This is one thing that you should all try when in Andaman. It is also one of the biggest attractions in the island. Take a walk underwater at North Bay Island and engage with corals, fish, and other creatures as if you are walking a park. It is an incredible experience to view the marine ecosystem with a completely different perspective!

Say hello to the migratory birds

Andaman Island has an island dedicated to the birds, known as Chidiya Tapu. This island is a sprawling mass of blue and green, covered with forests, mangroves, and other different bird species. You will be amazed to hear the bird songs and spot numerous species just lazing around the island. Bird watching in Andaman is undoubtedly one of the most pleasant experiences you will ever have.

Trek in its lush green forests

While Andaman is not necessarily a place to go trekking, but you can do something completely different here and trek the lush forests of Madhuban. The natural beauty, sounds of birds, acres of luxuriant forestry, and indigenous flora will keep you company for hours.

Just pick and choose from these activities to plan a trip to Andaman. However, if you have time, do them all!

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