List of Top 12 Things To Do in Rajasthan

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One of India’s most well-known states is Rajasthan. This princely state is a popular travel destination because of its rich history, culture, gastronomic customs, and wildlife. These are the top things to do in Rajasthan, whether you want to visit one of the stately forts of Rajasthan, shop in some of the most genuine bazaars in India, take a charming local train, or visit a national park to look for tigers and leopards.

Things To Do in Rajasthan

Explore Mehrangarh Fort

The enormous Meherangarh Fort, rising above the quaint blue-hued homes of Jodhpur’s old town, is one of Rajasthan’s most arresting views. This magnificent fortified structure, protected from the neighboring Thar Desert by a large curtain wall, reinforced towers, and beautiful entrance portals, is visible from almost every point in the city.

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Explore Ranthambore National Park

The world-famous Ranthambore is Rajasthan’s flagship wildlife park. Ranthambore, one of the first Project Tiger reserves, is also one of the best locations in India to sight tigers and is leading the way in conservation efforts. This lovely reserve is a wildlife paradise, situated around a fort and spanning the densely forested Aravalli and Vindhya hills.

Stay the night in a historic fort in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is full of amazing forts. It was formerly home to several wealthy royal dynasties. Many are still owned and run by the heirs of the founding families, though many have welcomed tourists over the years. At Bhainsrorgarh Fort, for example, the family not only acts as the hosts but also gives the guests a tour of the area.

Learn how to make authentic Rajasthani food

Any trip to India is made better by the food, and Rajasthan is one of the nation’s culinary hotspots. Dera Mandawa, a quaint 130-year-old heritage guesthouse in Jaipur, provides a great one-off cooking class that focuses on real and simple-to-make Rajasthani dishes for anyone looking to get some practical experience. Purchase the veggies and spices at a nearby market, then learn how to prepare them into a variety of recipes under the guidance of a Mandawa family member.

Stay in a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A UNESCO World Heritage Site is not something you can stay in very often. Ranvas, which is housed in a portion of the magnificent Ahhichatragarh Fort from the 12th century, is one such location. Ranvas is a fascinating place to stay because of its unusual environment, which includes magnificently furnished rooms housed in a succession of havelis erected for the sixteen wives of Maharaja Bakht Singh in the 18th century.

cycle tour in udaipur

An excellent way to view an Indian city from a different perspective is to go on a bicycle vacation. Udaipur, in Rajasthan, is an excellent place to do this because it has a small medieval core. You can experience a wide variety of experiences and really get under the skin of the old city—which is home to several havelis, markets, and temples—by riding a bicycle.

Explore Jaipur’s bazaars

Jaipur is revered throughout India for its artistic and artisan productions. Eminent residents of Jaipur have long encouraged and supported the city’s craftspeople; this tradition continues to this day. Numerous priceless and highly esteemed products are still made with ancient methods and techniques that are handed down through the generations.

Visit one of Rajasthan’s ancient tribes

The Bishnoi people are among Rajasthan’s ancient tribes. The Bishnoi, who are desert people, live mostly in small villages and farming settlements in central Rajasthan’s Thar Desert. The 500-year-old Hindu religious sect known as the Bishnoi observe a set of 29 laws that, among other things, preserve the environment and wildlife to live in harmony with one another and their surroundings.

Visit Rajasthan’s finest Jain temple complex

Temple fans will find instant attraction in Ranakpur, home of some of Rajasthan’s best temples. It is thought that the Jain site at Ranakpur was founded in the first half of the fifteenth century. The centerpiece of the complex is unquestionably the imposing Adinatha Temple, which is symmetrically built around a central shrine and has numerous spires, doors, and porches that are all exquisitely carved and finely proportioned.

Take a memorable journey on a local train

Most tourists visiting India want to take a train ride. With over 75,000 miles of track and 8 billion passengers annually, India boasts the fourth largest rail network globally, offering countless opportunities. Most people will probably only come across one of the top-notch express trains that connect India’s main cities or board one of the famous hill railways; nevertheless, a trip on a regional local train can be booked for those seeking an adventure.

Discover the beautiful havelis of Shekhawati

The charming market town of Mandawa lies at the heart of the Shekhavati area of northwest Rajasthan. This area is renowned for its exquisite haveli architecture, which consists of old, traditional homes with roomy interior courtyards and elaborate murals. There are havelis in many Rajasthani towns and cities, but Shekhavati and Mandawa had the greatest concentration of the best-kept ones.

Visit Mount Abu

The only hill station in Rajasthan is Mount Abu. Mount Abu, which is located a morning’s drive from Udaipur along a forested ridge far from the sun-burned plains of Rajasthan and Gujarat, is nevertheless a well-liked getaway for people looking to get away from the intense summer heat. Mount Abu is also near the 9th-century Shiva Temple of Achaleshwar and the stunning Jain temples at Dilwara, which are well-known for their elaborate marble sculptures and draw pilgrims from all over India.