Top Tips To Find Cheap Accommodation In Paris

cheap accomodation paris

The French capital makes more than one dream, but if there is one thing that makes people dream less, it is the prices for accommodation there. Fortunately, it is quite possible to find accommodation in Paris on a small budget, even in the city where the rental property is not the cheapest in France but the most expensive. 

Visiting Paris for the holidays is therefore not too expensive when it is possible to find an apartment, a studio, a maid’s room, or a cheap sublet. The options for finding where to stay in Paris on a small budget are not lacking. 

In cities like Paris, where the search for an apartment is often complicated due to the high demand, you should not wait. As soon as an apartment pleases you, you must call to visit and prepare your file in advance to prevent it from slipping under your nose. 

Check here how to quickly find cheap accommodation in Paris.

Find where to stay in Paris using social networks

To prepare for your holidays, it is possible to find where to stay in Paris thanks to social networks. Indeed, a publication on your profile or in a relevant Facebook group (stating that you are looking for a place to live in Paris over a given period and budget) can work miracles. 

Several groups and communities exist to share good plans for affordable Parisian accommodation for the holidays. In this way, it is possible to find an inexpensive apartment, sublet, maid’s room, or studio over the ideal holiday period. Word of mouth will then do its job through friends or a friend of a friend, etc.

Maybe someone knows something that may help you or someone leaving his apartment after some time. There you can find the chance to get that apartment after they leave.

Then, log on to the various private-to-private rental sites. Check the ads regularly and above all, activate alerts for new products that match your criteria. It’s the best way to be the first in a new home. Julius Homes is one of the best platform to book rental apartment in Paris. 

Finding holiday accommodation in Paris via tourist portals

There are several tourist portals that allow you to find holiday accommodation in Paris. You can find everything at all prices according to very specific criteria. Each site works in its own way but allows you to find holiday accommodation in Paris.

The prices here are not necessarily the cheapest in the case of hotels, for example. On the other hand, there is the option of youth hostels which can prove to be budget accommodation options. In any case, the options exist and it is quite possible to find accommodation in Paris with a small budget.

Use Couchsurfing to stay in Paris for free

The Couchsurfing portal allows you to find accommodation in Paris for free. Obviously, it is not the criterion that is put forward by the platform but rather the meeting and the sharing between the welcoming and the welcomed. Indeed, there is no need to pay rent when staying in Paris via Couchsurfing.

On the other hand, it may be a means of being accommodated against service. Service can vary from a simple cooking class to learning a language or anything else on which both parties will have agreed.

You can appeal to associations, which allow students or young people to live with elderly people. You will thus occupy a room against a small rent and some services rendered. This could be going shopping, doing some housework, or just keeping your new roommate company! 

Couchsurfing is not suitable for everyone, however, it is enough to carry out a search with a certain number of criteria to find a host who best corresponds, to get in touch with, and to advise afterwards. Some prefer to accommodate single travelers, others accept couples but do not want pets, etc. The criteria are multiple.

However, using Couchsurfing to stay in Paris for free is an excellent alternative when you have a bit of an adventurous soul and also want to be in total immersion with a real Parisian or not for that matter. 

It’s true, on Couchsurfing, you can very well be accommodated in Paris by a person from a foreign country and this can also add a real touch of originality to a stay in Paris.

Colocation or subletting: alternatives for accommodation in Paris on a tight budget

Colocation and subletting are alternatives for accommodation in Paris on a tight budget. Indeed, it happens that a roommate is absent for a given period and, therefore, rents his room. This would imply setting your vacation dates accordingly, but suddenly, with the possibility of finding accommodation in Paris on a low budget.

Similarly, over a short period of vacation, the agreement with the other roommates is not necessarily very important since logically, on vacation in Paris, you spend your time outside visiting the city so you see very little of the other inhabitants. In the best case, the agreement will be optimal and will only perfect the trip to Paris.

Otherwise, there is subletting. A tenant living in Paris puts his apartment in sublet during his absence and therefore allows him to have a low-budget accommodation while being completely independent and in the heart of the capital.

In July or August, prices explode in Paris, so summer is not the best time to find cheap accommodation in Paris. Otherwise, the research must be broadened to the scale of Ile-de-France so as not to focus only on the capital.

Finally, once you have found the rental of your dreams, try to make the most of it. For example, why not try renting out your apartment when you go on vacation? It can be a good idea to pay your rent, as long as you notify the landlord in advance. Check with him or your rental agency to find out about the different terms and conditions. 

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