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Chicago is famous for its spectacular food, mainly the extraordinary pizzas they offer, plus unique buildings that imitate the turbulent history of this town. For those who want some entertainment, then Chicago would be the perfect destination as the city has a colourful nightlife and an extensive range of entertainment sources from concerts to theatre. However, Chicago is much more than food and entertainment. Here we have made a list of some best things to do and see in Chicago.

1. Second City

For a very long period, Second City has been the territory of the most fantastic comedy in the town, which has not changed. As you visit this place to watch a show, you will get an opportunity to see some of the most delicate comedy sketches in the world that might make you pleased and amused. If you want to watch a show, ensure that you book your seat when in Chicago.

2. The Field Museum

This museum is perfect for history enthusiasts and those who eagerly want to know about how this world started. The small children will like to see the dinosaur and animal exhibits here.

Inside the Field Museum, exhibits show the history of human civilization, plus electrifying demonstrations that would make you see the world from a completely different angle. Here you can witness the Egyptian tomb with all the trimmings counting a book of the dead, mummies, and other works of art. Don’t forget to have a good time inside the Underground Adventure exposition, where you will look at the world from the perspective of a creature that is 1/100th of your size.

3. Skydeck Chicago

This is viewed as the tallest building in the western hemisphere. It is a fun and ideal place for photography buffs and somebody who wants a picture of the dazzling skyline of Chicago. You can find the observation deck on the 103 rd floor of the building, and from there, you can view some of the most prominent buildings of the city. This is surely not a site for those who have acrophobia.

If you are courageous enough, then you can step out onto The Ledge, a glass-covered balcony where there is nothing between the city and you. You need to have a strong tummy if you want to do this. If you don’t want to try this, then simply click on a few good photos of the buildings that you have noticed in your Mumbai to Chicago flight.

4.  Grant Park

Grant Park covers more than 300 acres, and here you can discover many biking tracks and softball diamonds. The park is recognized as a public art space. It is situated between the city and the riverfront. If you want to see a bit of nature or attend free concerts, then don’t forget to visit this site during your Mumbai to Chicago tour. Around Grant Park, there are many art installations, thus regardless of what fascinates you, here, you will hit upon something to spend your time.

5. Chicago Botanic Garden

The Chicago Botanic Gardens are stunning, open, and take in several exhibits that would make anyone pleased. You get to loosen up in this area as you are educated and entertained all together, and even the small children will love it so much that they won’t see that they are truly learning.

It is a beautiful location if you want to escape your hectic schedule. The garden also offers a narrated tram tour if you don’t like to walk much. With this, you can get a clear picture of the park’s layout. Spend some time seeing the Waterfall Garden and the English Oak meadow to peep fine-looking and lively natural worlds that would give you the feeling as if you are too far from the noisy city.

6. Boystown

If you love going to bars and cafes, Boystown is one of the most vibrant locations in Chicago. Try to visit various spots when you are in the area, as this place flaunts everything from great cocktail bars to drag shows. Also, the vibrant ambience is something that should be noticed. Hence, make sure you visit Boystown after your Mumbai to Chicago flight

You will see countless bars and cafes here. Try a cocktail at the Elixir bar, and get to Kit Kat Bar to see a drag show.

7. Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium puts a great effort into repelling the contamination that fills the skies of most major cities and displays guests the stars. With a number of technically sophisticated theaters in the world, you will get a close look at the space in lively colour here and walk off with a completely novel admiration of the size of the space and our small planet within it.

Do spend some moments at the Galaxy Wall, presenting the largest and most comprehensive image of the Milky Way that we have right now. Whether you are just a kid or a grown-up interested in the world, you will like learning about this part of the universe that most individuals only observe via a telescope.

8.Jackson Park

Even today, Yoko Ono is a contentious person, and many of us aren’t even familiar with the fact that she was an artist too in her own way. This exhibit of her work in the Garden of the Phoenix at Jackson Park signifies her aptitude and idea. It has turned into a key attraction for visitors in the past few years. Click a picture alongside one of the eccentric, somewhat odd-looking installations before you go on exploring other areas of the garden.

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