Top Mobile Apps for Travelers to Enhance Your Experience

mobile app for travelers

The bundle of travel apps made it easy to satiate the urge to travel for wanderers or globetrotters. Exploring unexplored destinations, checking feedback, and resembling expenses on tour is more manageable than ever before with these resources. According to Statista, an online statistics website, consumers’ time on travel apps grew by 89 percent in 2014. Regardless, more space is only helpful when utilizing the proper apps.

We explored the web to discover cult choices and further apps worth downloading to recharge our travel app collections. The following best travel apps will enable you to fuel your travel motivation, chase your deals, schedule the route, and pack what you require for a tension-free journey.


Cost: Free

Download:  iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

With the privileges of Hitlist, one can satisfy the bucket list of your journey with aviation discounts on ideal destinations. This app informs you when there is a discount on any of your preferred stations. And the “Explore” spot features organized lists, such as “Full couchsurfing metropolises,” “Finest cities for vegans,” and “Whale-watching termini,” that users can hitch through to discover new destinations to add to their drop-dead lists.

You can also scan recommended journeys, such as Labor Day discounts and Caribbean giveaways, or discover aviation with no destination or dates in the “Trips” area.


The one disadvantage is that the app could be more transparent when it comes to buying a flight: Skyscanner opens within the app and then leads you to the airline or an online travel agency when it’s time to reserve the seat.


Cost: Free

Download: iPhone, iPod, Touch, Tablet, Android, and Blackberry.

Do you need assistance making an elaborate travel guidebook, complete with trip duration and climate predictions? You should install Tripomatic. This app features interests, junkets, day trips, resorts, motorcar hires, and more. Interest portrayals include:

  • A quick outline.
  • The time period required per activity.
  • A checklist of connected treks.
  • A segment that permits you to order a lift through the Uber or Lift apps.

You can make the guidebook for multiple days and see how much time you’ll need to set aside for special appeals.

It’s comfortable to schedule as per the distance, and the evaluated trip timing between each interest is supplied within the journey as all the appeals are mapped. If the climate takes a turn for the worse, reworking your journey is simple. You can drag and release icons illustrating each request. Although Tripomatic helps map out your days on a trip, you can’t reserve resorts and outings within the app. Rather, you will be required to use for alternatives and Viator for tours.


Other liabilities include limited information on specific destinations and the abrupt price tags for offline maps.


Cost: Free

Download: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android

It is an easy tool for guiding offline. Users can install maps of countries around the world and utilize the app to explore the nearest restaurants, resorts, sights, Wi-Fi, gas, parking, shops, and more. Once you choose a variety, you can explore it on your downloaded map. Green dots observing the surroundings will occur, and you can be guided to your chosen destination, much like Google Maps. You can drop stoppers on areas you schedule to see and readily discover them on the map later, before a journey. MAPS.ME resolves the issue of looking up directions with no Wi-Fi connection.


Cost: Free

Download: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android

With Foursquare, you can locate nearby cafes, showrooms, playgrounds, stores, and more on the go. Foursquare delivers personalized suggestions and short, character-limited feedback. Users can suggest their personal preferences by adding tags such as “Margherita pizza,” “live DJ,” and “pleasant, speedy assistance.” The app utilizes this data, along with previously seen businesses, to develop recommendations.

Aside from typical types, such as shopping and dessert, you can also search “Trending this Month,” “Closest,” “Specials,” and “Best Picks.” Pay attention to the “Specials” classification, which generates a list of the nearest locations offering deals. To limit your search, alter any of the filter choices, including those suggested by people you follow.

PackPoint Premium

Cost: $2.99

Download: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android

Make sure to memorize a vital lesson at home to preserve a well-deserved break. PackPoint Premium makes a wide packing list based on your destination, trip dates, climate, scheduled actions, and more. When it yields the approximate number of clothing pieces you should pack, the app even decides whether you are ready to repeat wearing the basics and if you will have access to laundry facilities. You can also submit your packing list online with a shareable website link.

You can upgrade the app to its latest version, including TripIt and Evernote integration and custom content arrangement. PackPoint creates packing lists for your planned travels using TripIt, and Evernote allows you to retrieve those lists from any device.


Cost: Free

Download: iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Hopper is a challenging app to defeat, with the company bragging it can save users up to 40 percent on flights. It generates color-coded calendars that display when it’s most affordable to fly from your home terminal after setting your destination in the app. The app notifies you of the most suitable deal available and notifies you of booking or waiting once you select your departure and return dates. You can also set alarms on typical trips to find out when expenditures vary. The cost forecast provides you with a timeline for the projected peak and downfall of prices, including the evaluated cost increase after a precise date. Hopper even features a tip section on the cheapest travel dates and the most inexpensive arrival and departure airports. Assuming all its amazing characteristics, mobile app development companies often seek to hire a mobile app developer that could manage such applications for their clients.

House Sitting

House Sitting is a remarkable, unfamiliar, and unique way to travel the world. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, when you babysit, you babysit children. You can also do pet sitting, which is taking care of someone else’s pets while they are out of the village, and house sitting, which is taking care of someone’s home. It is a wonderful routine to get free concessions at the location of the hosts, and it is a special and inexpensive travel adventure.

This is one of those great options for all budget tourists who are consistently looking for ways to conserve money while on the road. Having the app makes it more relaxing to handle your stays/plan, discover new options to house sit in other places, and intercommunicate smoothly and quickly with the house landlords.

Couch surfing

Cost: $2.39

Download: iOS and Android

Couch surfing is among the best travel apps that connect you to locals or emigrants in the country you are visiting and to other tourists in identical locations. First, make an account and profile corresponding to a dating app’s look, and upload pictures and a bio about yourself. This allows people to get to know you better and contact you if they feel like they have something familiar with you or want to meet somebody new. This is one of the finest and most utilized apps while trekking. This app is hugely utilized as an artistic exchange and language interaction tool that permits you to experience a country more like a province than a traveler.

When examining for accommodation, you enter the city you want to go to, browse the known hosts who are vigorously taking in wanderers, dispatch them a personal and detailed message about yourself and your trip goals, and wait to get accepted. Couch Surfing truly is the finest way to partake in the countryside like a “local” rather than a “tourist” and can provide you with many references and fellowships worldwide. Whether you are utilizing this app for housing, affairs, or to make companions, couch surfing is a unique platform that will make you never want to be a mainstream tourist again.


Cost: Free

Download: iOS and Android

This one really is important for a lot of international vacations. Did you ever trek abroad and have to purchase a new SIM card to drive into your cell phone with a paperclip so you could text without mishandling your beer funds on that most boring of all expenditures: data? WhatsApp, nevertheless, is alright because, in addition to being way less of a nuisance, it has the advantage of utilizing barely any data. This messaging app can substitute whatever text app your phone comes with during your journey at no additional cost—at least whenever you have WiFi. Just ask anyone you need to speak with to install it, too, and you are good to go. Keep in mind that while you can send pictures and videos, they’ll consume data a bit faster.


This concludes the complete list of travel apps that tourists often encounter, either useful, entertaining, or highly required while traveling around the globe or just for living as an emigrant abroad. Thankfully, anyone with a smartphone now has access to infinite apps that cheerfully take on the nuisance that comes with scheduling an assassin trip. Nevertheless, behind such exciting apps is the struggle of not just one mobile app development company but numerous others.