Travel Adventures Unveiled: The Magic of Video Ads


Capturing your prospects’ attention is important if you run a travel business. Besides, you cannot bring more customers to your travel adventures if you do not encourage them beforehand. Creating video ads after hiring a commercial video production company can help you attract a large number of customers. At the same time, it is important that the commercial videos you create perfectly highlight your offerings.

Put differently, your advertisements should communicate the experience your travel or tourism brand offers. If you succeed in doing that, it will help you build trust with your audience. Eventually, it will let you trigger the bookings you are after.

Not to mention, travel purchases entail making emotional decisions. By the same token, you should include video adverts in your travel and tourism campaigns to get your message across. Incorporating video ads in such campaigns will help you get the bookings you are looking for. We are going to tell you next: How? 

Why Video Ads to Promote Travel & Tourism Business?

When it comes to video content, it drives more engagement in comparison to other types of content. By the same token, using video adverts can help travel and tourism brands drive more customers to their businesses. Besides, various studies have proved the power of videos as compared to other content types, such as images and text.

Moreover, a study from HubSpot also reveals an interesting fact about videos. That is, 83% of customers will prefer sharing videos with their friends if the content addresses their interests. The aforementioned percentage helps us realize what video ads can do for travel brands when shared with potential travelers.

Moreover, a study from Wyzowl in 2017 found an interesting fact about videos, too. It found that 63% of businesses were using videos as a part of their marketing strategies. In addition, the same percentage increased to 81% in 2018. Moreover, the aforementioned number has increased to 87% over time, and it is likely to increase continuously.

Moreover, 90% of marketers today agree the level of competition and buzz has increased for videos. It has also added pressure to marketers to come up with engaging video content. Besides, engaging video ads that a top commercial video production company specializes in can get travel brands more bookings. How? 

Viewers consume watching engaging content and sharing it with others. When they do, it helps travel or tourism brands attract more customers to their business. Hence, you can understand why brands need to create video adverts to promote their travel and tourism businesses.

The Magic of Video Ads for Travel Adventures

Travel is a unique and personal experience for travelers. By the same token, your target audience is going to respond differently to video content you publish for travel adventures. Nowadays, travel businesses are finding ways to effectively capture their audiences. Moreover, they are realizing the benefits of video ads or wonders they can do for travel businesses.

Not to mention, 60% of travelers watch video content, such as video commercials, on social media platforms. It also aids them in making a decision to travel. Put differently, video ads from brands they find more convincing help them make decisions to travel.

Furthermore, Expedia saw a 27% increase in referral traffic from the best video-sharing platform YouTube. In addition, Skyscanner reported a 59% increase in a year. They experienced such results because of video commercials promoting their travel services. 

Moreover, 50% of the travelers say they are likely to book a travel adventure after watching a video ad. Further, 62% of travelers want to see a video commercial before finally making a decision to book a trip. Now, you know what wonders (magic) a video advert can do for travel businesses. It is time you know how to create a magical video ad to promote your own travel or tourism business.

How to Make Video Ads for Travel and Stand out

In order to make the most out of your video ads, you should create ads that grab and hold the audience’s attention. Not to mention, partnering with a top commercial video production company can help you effortlessly create effective video ads. Besides, there are pointers you should consider in order to create one-of-a-kind commercial videos to promote your travel business. We have mentioned those pointers below to help you create brilliant video ads:

Focus on Storytelling

Make sure you have a compelling story to tell with your commercial video. It will help your travel brand build an emotional connection with your audience. The better you communicate your story, the more engaging video ads you will create. Most importantly, it will help you attract more customers to your tour packages in a crowded market. After all, it is the ultimate goal you want to accomplish with your video advert. Thus, make sure you focus on storytelling in your commercial video.

Prioritize Timing

According to research, you have to grab the audience’s attention within the first ten seconds of a video. It means you cannot impress the audience with your video if you fail to engage them in the first ten seconds. Moreover, failing to engage your audience will let them turn to your competitor or the other brand. By the same token, it is important you create engaging video ads for your travel business.

Furthermore, keeping your commercial video ad short is important, too, such as 2 minutes long or even shorter. Research reveals the attention span of the audience significantly reduces after 2 minutes. By the same token, you should try to get your message across to the audience in a short time. At the same time, you should make sure that your video ad is engaging to watch, too.

Consider Mobile-Friendliness

These days, smartphone users consume over half of the video content on smartphones. You should not forget about that, too, while you create your video content. Keeping your mobile audience in mind, you should optimize the orientation, aspect ratio, and captions for your video content. It will ensure you create video ads to promote your travel business perfectly addressing the needs of your mobile audience.

Future of Video Ads for Travel & Tourism Business

The digital landscape is continuously growing and evolving alongside screen time, in addition to video consumption. For this reason, travel video content will likely serve the purpose of a valuable marketing asset in the future. 

Put differently, travel video content will help travel and tourism brands in a number of ways. For instance, it will help travel and tourism businesses increase their awareness, assist in destination selection, and much more.

Not to mention, creating engaging travel videos is the key for travel and tourism businesses. Moreover, effectively using sight, sound, and motion, travel brands can come up with engaging video ads to promote their businesses.


Creating video adverts to promote a travel business can help travel brands attract many customers to their travel adventures. Even statistics back up the fact that videos are the most powerful content type when it comes to customer engagement. Moreover, sharing commercial videos for traveling can help travel businesses boost traffic on their websites. However, there are pointers for travel and tourism businesses to consider for creating effective video ads. Storytelling, timing, and mobile friendliness, to name them. Lastly, you can create brilliant video ads for your travel business if you partner with a commercial video production company.