travel and work in costa rica

There is nothing like doing work with the view of a spectacular rainforest or the ocean as your backdrop. This is exactly what it’s like when working and traveling around Costa Rica. For those like me who prefer to roam instead of settle, here’s how you work and travel around the breathtaking country of Costa Rica. 

How to Work in Costa Rica

In this digital age, it is very possible to make money and tour the world at the same time. There are occupations in which you can work from any location, so long as there’s internet connection. These types of work consist of: 

  • Social media influencer or manager
  • Any type of writing or blogging
  • Photography or Videography
  • Translating, interpreting, or language teaching

Because Costa Rica is an inspiring location with so much to explore, it’s important to incorporate the following skills within your work:

  • Discipline. Make you stay focused and complete the tasks you need to. 
  • Balance. Develop a healthy work and travel life balance to where travel doesn’t take over work, and you don’t overwork so much there is no time to discover new places. 
  • Goal setting. Set goals for both travel and work, with a way to reach them. 
  • Perseverance. Be sure to be persistent with work no matter how tempting the beach looks! 

Special Considerations When Working Abroad

When working from Costa Rica, there are many important factors to consider for everyday living, which are: 

  • Language. If you don’t speak Spanish, do you plan to learn? If so, how do you plan to communicate until you are fluent? 
  • Currency. Costa Rica uses the colón (CRC) as their primary type of money. What is the exchange rate for the currency from your country? 
  • Customs and etiquette. What is acceptable and unacceptable in Costa Rica? It’s always smart to do research beforehand, to avoid any unwanted situations. 
  • Your travel visa. Make sure you take care of that beforehand and know all the stipulations, particularly if you play to stay for an extended period.

How to Incorporate Travel in Your Work 

Traveling is just as important as working, especially when you are in a place as rich in culture and serene as Costa Rica. There is so much to learn and uncover there! To be absolutely certain that you incorporate travel in your work, it’s recommended to:

  • Know what adventures are available to you. Make a bucket list of the things you must do.  
  • Plan ahead. Having a plan will make the travel run smoother. 
  • Make friends with the locals. They have insider knowledge and are able to enrich your experience. 
  • Make travel a necessary part of your work. If at all possible, document your travel experiences and use it as a source of income.  

Advantages of Working in Costa Rica

There are a plethora of benefits of traveling while working, particularly to a place like Costa Rica. Documented below are some incredible highlights of this location, and why it would be an enriching experience to wander there. 


This country has no shortage of rainforests, which encompass national parks. Touring a rainforest is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and it can be accomplished easily when working from Costa Rica.


Volcanoes are mystic and alluring all at the same time. Not only does this stunning location have rainforests, beaches, and waterfalls, but also volcanoes that you can hike.

Beaches in Santa Teresa

Best known as a charming beach town, Santa Teresa is a great place for work and travel. There is something so calming and relaxing about the ocean, and that feeling is carried over to towns near the sea.

Santa Teresa is no exception, with the charming cafes (that are great for setting up a laptop) and the sound of the water and palm trees that go with the breeze. There is no shortage of activities there, including ATVs and horseback riding along the coast. Not to mention, the area is known for private vacation villas and home that make you feel more immersed, and focused, on enjoying your “workcation” in this tropical paradise.

It is very possible to work and travel in a country like this one. It can be done by having the right job type, skillset, and having the motivation and desire to explore gorgeous landscape of Costa Rica.