The Best Travel Blogs To Follow For Inspiration

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Inside the age of social media, travel blogs have turn out to be one of the maximum famous ways for people to locate proposal for their next adventure. With so many blogs obtainable, it could be overwhelming to find ones that virtually spark your wanderlust. This article will discuss 10 of the very best travel blogs that are guaranteed to give you ideas and fuel your desire to see the world.

The Criteria For Great Travel Blogs

What makes a great travel blog that is worth following? Here are some key criteria to look for:

  • Excellent Photography – Pictures that make you feel like you’re right there exploring alongside the blogger. These photos should be high-quality, well-composed, and help tell the story.
  • Engaging Writing – The best travel bloggers have a way with words that makes you want to keep reading. Their posts should be informative but also entertaining.
  • Diverse Destinations – A great travel blog covers trips to places all around the world, from popular tourist destinations to off-the-beaten-path locales. Variety is essential.
  • Budget Options – While aspirational luxury travel is fun to look at, relatable blogs also provide tips for how to see the world on a modest budget. Cost-saving advice is appreciated.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Insight – The best travel bloggers give you more than just pretty pictures. They provide helpful planning resources, share travel mishaps, and reveal the reality behind the highlight reels.

The 10 Best Travel Blogs To Follow

Based on the above criteria, these 10 travel blogs reign supreme when it comes to providing engaging content, stunning photography, and endless inspiration for your next vacation.

  1. The Planet D – Canadian couple Dave and Deb are the adventure-seekers behind The Planet D. What started as a place to share stories and helpful tips from their travels evolved into a top-notch site that sends followers wandering with wonderful writing, videos, and photography.

Whether sailing to Antarctica or exploring the Amazon, this vagrant couple covers once-in-a-lifetime experiences as well as practical travel guides. From destination highlights and packing lists to dealing with culture shock, The Planet D has something to offer every traveler.

  1. Nomadic Matt Budget backpacker Matthew Kepnes understands first-hand how to make travel affordable without sacrificing life-changing experiences and unforgettable memories. Hisfundamental guides cover everything from cheap flights and hostels to earning travel rewards and taking better pictures.

Beyond his popular blog, Nomadic Matt has evolved into a one-stop resource for all things budget travelrelated. Guidebooks, online courses, scholarships, and even group trips allow his passion for globetrotting to help others see the world.

  1. The Blonde Abroad Kiersten Rich left her California corporate life behind in 2010 and has spent the last decade exploring 80+ countries while inspiring her passionate readership of over 500,000 monthly visitors.

Stunning photography and vulnerably candid storytelling has set The Blonde Abroad apart from generic travel blogs. Bold solo female travels paired with practical advice and destination inspiration empowers the solo female travel community.

  1. Adventurous Kate Another solo female travel guru, Kate McCulley has circled the globe — from Antarctica to Egypt — amassing over 1 million monthly readers along the way. She strategically combines vivid storytelling and travel tips with her beautiful photography.

While certainly covering some luxury escapes, Adventurous Kate also offers budget recs like $40/day trip guides. Her expertise spans adventure, culture, festivals, and offbeat locales perfect for the intrepid wanderer.

  1. Legal Nomads Street food connoisseur Jodi Ettenberg turns her ecclectic palate into engaging tales of culinary adventures in her award-winning blog Legal Nomads. After developing celiac disease, her quest to keep eating great foods despite dietary restrictions inspired globetrotting stories from India, Vietnam, Italy, Mexico, and beyond.

Vivid writing brings each tasty dish to life, complete with recipes to recreate at home. She proves food can be the gateway helping us honor and better understand local cultures. Plus her photography is mouth-wateringly good!

  1. Wild Junket Adventure Travel Blog With a name like Wild Junket, you know this blog embraces unique adventures! Founder and fellow solo female traveler NellieHuang has survived the Sahara Desert, explored little-known mountaintop kingdoms, trekked Venezuela tepuis, and much more.

This blog goes beyond surface-level sightseeing to reveal hidden gems within favorite tourist havens like Rome, Singapore, Japan, and Iceland. Thrilling wildlife encounters, beautiful landscapes, and Nellie’s infectious passion for travel is sure to spark your sense of adventure.

  1. Migrationology Mark Wiens documents his globetrotting journey through the street food stalls and hole-in-the-wall restaurants across Thailand, Vietnam, India, Turkey, Mexico, Peru, and other locales. Vivid descriptions and helpful dining tips complement mouth-watering photography showcasing delicious exotic eats and the local chefs who create them.

Beyond culinary pursuits, Mark provides extensive destination guides covering where to stay, cultural attractions to visit, and insider exploration recommendations.  His easy-to-read guides break destinations down by neighborhood making travel planning simple and personalized.

  1. Expert Vagabond Adventure Travel Photographer and backpacker Matthew Karsten has mastered the art of round-the-world travels on a budget. With 7+ years of nonstop travel to 100+ countries, he provides endless inspiration paired with tons of tips for how to plan your own long-term trip.

From gear listsperfect for carry-on only packing to reviews of affordable destinations ideal for digital nomads, Expert Vagabond helps travelers maximize adventures regardless of budget. Entertaining stories of mishaps and achievements alike provide plenty of laughs as well.

  1. Leave Your Daily Hell Global vagabond Robert Schrader expertly covers popular destinations as well as hidden gems in over 75 countries (…and counting). His blog and YouTube channel specialize in itineraries and trip planning guidance catered to different travel styles from adventurous to luxe leisure.

Detailed guides, complete budgets and authentic insights give followers everything they need to turn travel dreams into reality. Beautiful photography is the icing on the cake showcasing jaw-dropping landscapes near and far.

  1. Twenty-Something Travel Debbie and Dave traded their Washington DC corporate careers to travel full-time after just 2 years in the workforce. A decade later their website Twenty-Something Travel continues showing budget-conscious 20 and 30-somethings how to explore the world on pennies a day.

This couple mixes adventurous activities like volcano boarding and waterfall rappelling with cultural insights showcasing exotic travel locales across 6 continents. Their relatable and authentic storytelling blends seamlessly with stellar photography, money-saving tips, solo female travel advice, YouTube TV Work While Traveling, and so much more.

Browsing and Privacy Considerations

As you explore these sites and plan your future travels, do keep browsing privacy in mind. It is always wise to avoid clicking on dubious pop-ups or entering sensitive personal details like passwords anywhere unexpected online.

Reputable sites like those featured here typically offer transparency around cookies, data usage, and security to put visitors at ease. Nonetheless browsing cautiously never hurts! You can also leverage browser tools to protect privacy by clearing caches or using incognito modes when desired.

The ability to browse the internet freely opens us up to amazing travel inspiration from bloggers worldwide. Yet being mindful of security and privacy keeps those virtual travels positive. With some common sense safeguards, you can wander websites care-freely dreaming up your next big journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can travel blogs help plan my next vacation?

Travel blogs provide endless inspiration on potential destinations along with detailed guides on things like when to visit, how to get around, where to stay, what to pack, and more to help you plan every detail of your upcoming trip.

What are some tips for starting my own travel blog?

Some helpful tips include: choose a catchy name; focus on your unique niche and perspective; use high-quality photos to showcase destinations; share travel mishaps and realities in addition to highlights; offer planning resources and travel tips; and promote your content on social media.


The world is full of amazing places to explore, and travel bloggers help uncover the diversity of experiences this planet has to offer. Following along on their journeys can provide knowledge, empowerment, wanderlust, and guidance to travel more consciously.