20 Most Popular Travel Destinations in Europe

travel destinations in europe

Travelling is known to be one of the healthiest activities. It improves social and communication skills and ensures peace of mind, boosts confidence, and creates beautiful memories that last forever. Europe, the second smallest continent of the world, hosts some of the most beautiful, charming and magnificent travel destinations globally. Some of them are listed below.

1. Athens, Greece:

Athens is the largest city, capital, and the heart of Ancient Greece. The name of the city is named after the goddess of warfare and wisdom, Athena. It is a historic city. It offers the best combination of history and modernity. The architecture, monuments, trendy shops, gastronomy, and nightlife are the main attractions of tourists.

2. Budapest, Hungary:

Budapest, one of the most beautiful and photogenic cities in Europe, is Hungary’s capital. It has a rich historical and architectural heritage. It is also among the safest cities in the world. The elegance of this city is no less than that of Paris. A collection of stunning basilicas and riverside parliament buildings are some notable landmarks here.

3. Monte Isola, Italy:

Monte Isola, a commune, island, and town in Brescia, Lombardy, is an underrated travel destination in Italy. This stunningly gorgeous island and town is a collection of hamlets and villages. Its charming towns, religious buildings, great outdoors, and beautiful location make it a must travel place.

4. Braga, Portugal:

Braga, a beautiful city in Portugal, is famous for its monuments, fountains, gardens, and historical buildings. This city offers great religious heritage and events in a warm and friendly atmosphere. The famous places to visit here are the Santa Barbara garden, Bom Jesus do Monte, and its gothic Cathedral.

5. Florence, Italy:

The beauty, atmosphere, and charm of Florence are truly incomparable. The architecture of the city, including its museums, paintings, and sculptures, are famous worldwide. The city is also regarded as the world capital of art. Although it is a bit expensive city but still more affordable than Rome and Venice, prices are high in summer.

6. Dinant, Belgium:

Dinant is a small city in Belgium but full of elegance and magnificence. It is known as a city of history, gastronomy, and adventures. Top sites of the city include the Castle of Freyr, Dinant Citadel, and Veves Castle. Writers at nursing assignment writing UK services highlighted its beauty in many assignments and a beautiful place to visit.

7. Kotor, Montenegro:

Kotor, a coastal town in Montenegro, offers a lot of attraction to visitors. The Kotor Bay is one of the most beautiful bays in Europe. It is an ideal destination for people interested in culture and history and those looking for adventure and authenticity.

8. Riga, Latvia:

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is also a trendy destination in Europe. It offers a great combination of history, architecture, modernity, shopping streets, and trendy restaurants and cafes. It is a dynamic city offering fusion cuisine and traditional restaurants.

9. Geneva, Switzerland:

Geneva is regarded as a global city as it is the host of the world’s highest number of international organizations. It is also known for its variety of foods and diverse culture. It offers you skiing, water sports and great places for shopping.

10. Metz, France:

Metz is one of the trendiest destinations in France.People looking for relaxation and amusement are ideal destinations due to their riverside walks and lively shopping streets.

11. Cavtat, Croatia:

Cavtat is one of the most beautiful and splendid cities in Croatia. It has richness in historical and cultural heritage.It is one of the most attractive destinations on the Adriatic coast due to its services offered to tourists.

12. Poznan, Poland:

Poznan, one of the greenest cities in Poland, is regarded as the historical capital of Poland. It is the fifth-largest city in Poland and offers great historical and cultural heritage.The tourism in this city has increased more after it joined the European Union.

13. Malaga, Spain:

Malaga, the birthplace of Pablo Picasso, is the largest city on the Costa del Sol. The city is famous for its art museums, architectural sites, excellent shopping, hiking, beaches, and cuisine.It is also regarded as one of the cheapest holiday destinations in Spain.

14. Colmar, France:

Colmar was on the top of the list of Europe’s best destinations in 2020. Known as the sunniest city in France, Colmar is famous for its museums, architectural landmarks, and well preserved old towns.

15. Vienna, Austria:

The capital of Austria, Vienna, is famous for its imperial places, artistic legacy, coffee houses, cultural events, and Viennese charm. It is known as one of the Europe’s capitals of love and cities like Paris, Rome, Prague, and Burges. It is also among the safest travel destinations and thus ideal for families.

16. Sibiu, Romania:

It is said that on every street and in every corner of Sibiu, you will find beauty and poetry.The most visited city of Romania offers you gastronomy and culture like Paris or Burges and Santorini or Prague’s beauty,besides being one of the most dynamic and modern cities in Europe.

17. Paris, France:

Paris is one of the world’s most famous and desirable travel destinations. With its elegance, stunning architecture, and cafe culture; this city provides you with a magnificent life experience. Paris provides you two in one package of Berlin and Rome’s treasure.The famous tourist attractions include the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the Moulin Rouge, and Notre Dame.

18. Rome, Italy:

Rome is rightly said to be the capital of the world.Italy’s capital is famous for its delicious, world-famous food like pizza, pasta, spaghetti and much more but the real attraction for visitors is a lot of historical sites that keep you in their trance. 

19. Cork, Ireland:

Cork, the second largest city in Ireland, is known to be Ireland’s foodie capital. It is a dense city but can be explored easily. In the West of Cork, you will find Ireland’s most appealing seaside towns.The world-famous Blarney Castle is located on a ten-minute drive from Cork city. It offers tourists landmarks, heritage, history served with amazing food and spellbound music.

20. Menorca, Spain:

Menorca is an island in the Mediterranean Sea in Spain. UNESCO has listed this island as a Biosphere Reserve. Menorca is famous for its beautiful beaches. It is also regarded as a botanist’s paradise due to its flowery meadows in the spring. Its Macerella beach is listed among the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

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