Top 5 Travel Destinations in Saudi Arabia

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With the world gradually returning to normal, the time to plan exotic vacations is here. From towering buildings to diverse sea and desert landscapes, Saudi Arabia has bounteous beauty to offer its visitors so the country should be on the list of places you want to visit this year. There are a plethora of places to visit in Saudi Arabia and once you reach there, you might feel like you have planned a short vacation because the place will desire you to stay for more. Such is the enchantment and charm of Saudi Arabia that it tempts people to spend the rest of their lives in its lap of beauty. 

Best 5 Saudi Arabia Travel Destinations: 

From the exploration of the rich cultural heritage to striking sceneries of tourist spots, here are the best five Saudi Arabia destinations you cannot afford to miss for your upcoming travel plans. 

Edge of the World, Riyadh 

The dramatic and rocky escape of Edge of the World in Riyadh is undeniably one of the best places to visit in Saudi Arabia. Resting on the lap of 300 meter high cliffs, it offers a mesmerizing and pleasant view of the horizon. From glimpses of the dried rivers spread across the land to some occasional glances of camels moving around, you can catch a picturesque view of the overlooking landscape through this cliff. 

Along with losing yourself in these engaging views, you can indulge in a bit of an adrenaline rush through trekking along this towering plateau. This spot is also known for its atmosphere of striking silence so you may even find yourself giving into some moments of solace. Do not forget to carry a Travel wrap or scarf because sometimes, it can get windy. 

Al Ula 

Another population location every tourist aspires to visit when they are in Saudi Arabia is Al Ula. Located in the northwest region of the kingdom, this splendid area boasts of rich citrus farms, golden rock formations, and the ancient remains of various kingdoms of the past. Mada’in Saleh, one of the most popular ruins, possesses the 2000-year old clusters of Nabatean tombs. 

This place holds a unique kind of wonder and delight that captivates every person who steps foot in it. From the rock formations being a treat for the eyes to the farms allowing you to take a lovely tranquil stroll, this place will leave you with wonderful memories. History buffs have a lot to explore in this location and are sure to have a historic time too. Hence, it is undoubtedly one of the best places in Saudi Arabia to visit during your holidays.

Al Ahsa 

When speaking of the most beautiful places to visit in Saudi Arabia, one simply cannot forget the exceptional geo-cultural landscape of Al Ahsa oasis. The place is as beautiful as its name and gives you an excellent exploration of the kingdom’s culture. It is situated in the country’s eastern Arabian Peninsula and Hofuf is the urban center of the area. An essential Saudi Arabia holiday destination, Al Ahsa is referred to as the world’s largest oasis.

The oasis is known to accommodate a wide variety of archaeological sites, canals, historical buildings, gardens, springs, urban fabric sites, a drainage lake, and an estimated 2.5 million date palm trees. It can also be used as a source to visit sites such as Qasariah souq and Al Qarrah caves. The site also displays traces of the continuity of the Gulf region’s human settlement from the Neolithic Age to the present. Carrying a Reusable water bottle is recommended for travel. 


If you are looking for a buzzing and lively cosmopolitan hub in Saudi Arabia, you should check out Jeddah. This is the place that is sprawling with the most comfortable and luxurious hotels and big-ticket events. Through Jeddah, you can 

also plan to witness the beauty of Al Balad’s old buildings that have been transformed into charming cafes or art galleries. Jeddah Corniche has been turned into accommodation for restaurants, piers, walking paths, and cycling paths and is the hub of online shopping in Saudi Arabia

You can also enjoy glimpses of the Red Sea through this location. Apart from being the country’s commercial hub, it is also a doorway to famous Islamic pilgrimage and holy centers like Medina and Mecca. You can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor sculptures, beaches, hotels, seafronts, and the like present across Corniche. It is one of the best tourist cities in Saudi Arabia that you should not miss out on. 

Wadi Al Disah 

Wadi Al Disah is what one would describe as a paradisiacal place. It is situated in Tabuk’s southwest province and hosts the mesmerizingly enormous Monument Valley and splendid elements akin to the Grand Canyon. The location possesses a plethora of sandstone columns that will make you feel like heaven has indeed ascended to earth. 

Characterized by high grasses, tall palm trees, and dusty desert, this site is one of the most enthralling sights you will come across. One of the reasons why it is one of the most loved Saudi tourist spots is because the sun that shines through rock formations is one of the most enchanting moments you will experience while visiting this location. 

These are the five places in Saudi Arabia you should not miss out on when you are visiting this incredibly magnificent county.

Final Thoughts:

Saudi Arabia has garnered a diverse amount of tourists for many years due to its beautiful deserts and landscapes consisting of tall palm trees and dusty deserts allowing one to have the best holiday. The various wonders hosted by Saudi Arabia may have left you yearning to book a ticket to the country immediately. 
Well, you are not alone because many people worldwide have been eyeing to visit it for a while now and it is certainly not surprising that travelers do not forget to add this destination to their wishlist. Do not forget to carry a travel pillow to make your trip not just memorable but comfortable too.