Hoi An Travel Experience Handbook 2023



Along with its well-known landmarks, such as the Bridge Pagoda, Tan Ky ancient house, Trieu Chau assembly hall, and Thanh Ha pottery village, Hoi An is also renowned as a place where stunning photographs are commonly taken. If you’re dedicated to getting some great shots while in Hoi An, you shouldn’t miss these locations:

1.   Tam Quan Ba Mu Pagoda Hoi An

Address: 675 Hai Ba Trung Street, Tam Quan, Hoi An.

Ba Mu Pagoda is a check-in location right next to the Covered Bridge and is regarded as a distinctive cultural creation of Hoi An’s ancient town. The pagoda has a significant meaning because it once served as a location for communal activities and a place of worship for the residents of Minh Huong village. The temple was abandoned and eventually destroyed over a long period of time. There is currently only one item left, a pagoda gate with unique and outstanding ancient architecture.

The government of Hoi An has repaired and restored the Ba Mu pagoda as part of its efforts to protect the ancient city’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The gate of Ba Mu Tam Quan pagoda has become an increasingly common destination to visit recently.

1.   Hoi An Bougainvillea Spectabilis

People in Hoi An adore bougainvillea spectabilis, so almost every house has a bush growing on its front porch. The bougainvillea spectabilis, particularly, has pink, white, and orange flowers. Just looking at these simple bougainvillea spectabilis bushes is like an artwork painted by an artist in many colors, from the pink and white of bougainvillea spectabilis to the green of the leaves that stand out against the background of the yellow wall, which is the typical colors of Hoi An ancient town.

2.   Faifo Coffee Shop

Address: 130 Tran Phu Street, Minh An Ward, Hoi An, Quang Nam

In addition to the tranquility and tasty treats, Hoi An visitors are attracted to Faifo Coffee, a rooftop cafe with a panoramic view of the entire ancient town. Faifo is a great place to check in because it provides breathtaking views of authentic Hoi An. While there are several similarly styled cafes in Hoi An, the scenery in Faifo appears most picturesque. Remember to note Faifo to your checklist on the next Hoi An trip for a cup of the best Vietnamese coffee and get aesthetic pictures captured of this beautiful city.


The unique traditional folk festivals of the Quang Nam province, which seemed to have been forgotten, are now vividly reproduced in the old town. Previously, festivals and folk games appeared only on special holidays such as Tet, but now they happen daily. This creates opportunities for all visitors from far away to participate.

1.   “Bai Choi” folk singing festival

The “Bai Choi” folk singing festival, which takes place every night on the Hoai river bank in Hoi An, has drawn many visitors nowadays. This event used to take place only on Saturdays, but to meet the needs of tourists, and it is now held every night. Visitors to the event can enjoy the tradition of Bai Choi melodies and may also take part in some winning games.

1.   Drop flower garlands and coloured lanterns festival

You can find a lot of colored lanterns sold by Hoi An people along the Thu Bon River. Each piece is cleverly arranged and meticulously shaped like a lotus, a Vietnamese symbol, very shimmering and brilliant. Tourists in Hoi An will buy their favorite flower garlands and lightly drop them into the river, making a wish in the hopes that it will come true. Dropping flower garlands and coloured lanterns is one of the most mysterious night activities in Hoi An, and is also considered a traditional festival of the people of Hoi An ever since.

If you want to have even more wonderful experiences, you can rent a small boat, float along the water on it, gently release each lantern, and take fanciful photos of the old town at night.


1.   Cao Lau

A unique dish only found in Quang Nam, the sauce for authentic Cao Lau can only be made using the water source in Hoi An. This dish looks like Quang noodles in appearance, but Cao Lau fiber is more rigid, and the sauce is made differently. The rich, full-flavored Cao Lau sauce, which makes up 80% of the appeal of this dish, is entirely liable for its deliciousness. Ingredients like raw vegetables and char siu meat comprise the remaining 20%.

Suggested address:

  • Cao Lau Lien: 09 Thai Phien, Hoi An old town Cao Lau Ba Be restaurant: Located right in Hoi An market
  • Cao Lau Thanh restaurant: 26 Thai Phien, Hoi An ancient town

1.   Hoi An Chicken Rice

If you visit Hoi An, you must try this chicken rice dish. Although it is a simple, traditional dish, the chicken rice recipe here is unique, creating a fragrant aroma from near and far. The chicken rice in Hoi An is very fragrant and soft, the chicken is firm and chewy, and the sauce is super delicious. They create a harmonious, delicious whole, and the taste is difficult to forget.

Suggested address:

  • Ba Buoi chicken rice restaurant: 22 Phan Chu Trinh street
  • A Ty chicken rice (opposite Ba Buoi chicken rice restaurant)

2.   A cup of tea at Mot

Nuoc Mot is the name of herbal water made from many healthy herbs such as ginger, tea, cinnamon, and so on for a sweet, sour, and refreshing taste. The small cup of Mot tea, which contains cool water inside, is attached with a lotus petal, which is both delicious and beautiful in appearance, making it very appealing to tourists.

Address: 150 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An Ancient Town

3.   Hoi An sweet soup

There are many different types of sweet soup in Hoi An, including corn sweet soup, lotus seed sweet soup, black bean sweet soup, black sesame sweet soup, hyacinth bean sweet soup, and Vietnamese rice balls sweet soup. Sweet soup in Hoi An is the typical sweet soup flavor of Quang Ngai. You can get a variety of flavors by ordering a single glass of mixed sweet soup. Or ask the seller to serve you a specific kind of sweet soup if you prefer it that way.

4.   Tofu Pudding

Tofu is a hot, fragrant snack that will surely attract you by the flavor that flies to the tip of your nose. As a rustic dessert of Hoi An, the image of tofu vendors weaving through the alleys of Hoi An has become a memory imprinted in the minds of many people here. The cool, sweet taste of tofu dish just once enjoyed will make many people remember forever.

5.   Vietnamese pork lemongrass skewer, meat skewers rolled with rice paper

If you’ve ever been to Hoi An, you’ll notice a lot of street vendors selling spring rolls and grilled skewers. A taste of the delicious grilled skewers here is reason enough to return to Hoi An many more times to order a plate of grilled spring rolls to satisfy your cravings. Each skewer of grilled meat is marinated with eye-catching red chili peppers before being grilled to make it even more delicious and appealing.

1.   Crushed rice cracker with stir-fried baby basket clam

When it comes to Hoi An’s top rustic specialty, it is unquestionably this well-known crushed rice cracker with stir-fried baby basket clam. Each baby basket clams was picked up from the river, cleaned and then fried with onions, spices and served with a piece of crispy rice paper, the delicious taste filled the mouth. Crushed rice cracker is a simpler dish, a layer of wet rice paper is pounded with a layer of baked rice paper, dipped with a cup of spicy salty fish sauce.


1.   Hoi An mung bean cake

Unlike the sweet mung bean cakes of Hai Duong, the ones served in Hoi An has an oddly sweet and salty flavor. The fried fatty meat’s salty center is crisp, the cake’s exterior is sweet and fragrant, the cake’s aroma is very satisfying, and the cake overall seems very special. Though it’s a common cake, it makes an excellent gift because your loved ones are sure to enjoy this delicious flavor.

1.   Toy figurine

Because they appear to be as simple as a toy, it appears that very few people mention toy figurines as a specialty of Hoi An brought back as a gift. Toy figurines are like a part of memory for children in Hoi An, not only because of their unique shape but also because of the sound they emit. Toy figurine is a fine art ceramic product of Thanh Ha pottery village, a well-known craft village in the old town.

2.   Silk and silk products

Hoi An silk is just as valuable as food when discussing Hoi An specialties as a gift. To appreciate the value of Hoi An silk, one need only consider that the ancient town of Hoi An has been exporting it to the European and Asian continents for 300 years. The natural silk goods made in this region convey the cultural and historical beauty of Quang Ngai.

All over the streets of Hoi An, you can find stores selling silk and silk products like shawls and shirts. Alternatively, you can visit a tailor and have an outfit or silk scarf made to exactly what you want.

3.    Lanterns

Lanterns are popular souvenirs in Hoi An. They are sold throughout the old town and appear to have served as symbols for a long time. In addition to the traditional methods of making lanterns, the people of Hoi An also make lanterns that can be folded for easy transport.

Whether you’ve been to Hoi An before or are visiting for the first time, you’ll need a lot of experience to make the trip as complete as possible. Above is the Hoi An Travel Experience Handbook 2023 that Threeland Travel has summarized for you. Thank you for reading, and we hope you found this helpful article for your upcoming Da Nang – Hoi An trip. Hope you will have a memorable time on your vietnam tours. Remember to follow Threeland Travel for more information on our diverse package tours and many new destinations and valuable travel experiences.