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The fantastic city of Abu Dhabi is built in a desert. You definitely would be thinking of a laid-back and old city with the desert word. But, it is quite the opposite. Just like Dubai, it is modern and luxurious. You can live a week of luxury here and have the best time. You can just even visit famous places and enjoy the cuisine. There is so much to do here that you can never get bored. Also, there is something for everyone. From single people to families, there are activities for all. You need to take on those Business class flights to Abu Dhabi and enjoy the city.

Traveling with kids is somewhat tricky. You cannot know what they would like or whether they’ll get bored. Also, if they do feel bored, they’ll annoy you. It is something nobody wants. A family vacation should feel like one. Everyone from the kids to the parents should be enjoying themselves.

It should relax and make you ready to get back to everyday life. Finding a place where the kids will have activities too is complicated. But, Abu Dhabi offers it. You can plan a trip here where everyone will be enjoying themselves. There are many places to visit with the kids and activities too. It will allow them to enjoy while you can relax.

Plan a trip and visit these places with your kids:

Go to the beach

A beach day will surely cheer up the kids. You can take them for an entire day, and they would still not get bored. It is a great idea to start the trip and enjoy yourself. You can spend the day just relaxing while the kids can enjoy themselves. They can take a swim under the patrol, and you can just sip the cocktails. Also, you can opt for adventure sports and have an excellent time with the kids.

Warner Bros World

For a fun day filled with movies and rides, plan it here. The warner bros world would definitely be the best choice for the kids. It is an excellent and new addition, and you need to keep it on your list. You’ll see the famous characters from Warner Bros World here and have an exciting day. Even if you don’t have kids alone, go yourself. The theme park will also offer the kids rides, shows, and delicious snacks. It will keep them busy and happy for the entire day.

Emirates Palace

You cannot miss the luxury while in Abu Dhabi. It will allow you to see their lifestyle and how the rich ones live there. The palace is large and sprawling with luxury. You can see around the palace with your kids and take them to see the different places.

If you can afford, it also offers rooms there. You can stay and enjoy the facilities for a day. You may also just grab lunch there and explore the site.

Central Market

Any trip is incomplete without shopping around. You need to visit the central market in Abu Dhabi and see the market. It will offer many things, and you can shop with the kids. They would also have a great time going through all the shops and choosing something for themselves. You can take up gifts and souvenirs for the family back home.

Abu Dhabi Corniche

To take the long relaxing walks, visit here. You can go in the evening and enjoy the waterfront views. Take up the kids to spend quality family time and even discuss what they would like to see next. It is an excellent choice to just sit by the water. The interesting thing is that you can see the desert across the water. It will leave you wondering about the beauty of the place.

Make sure you follow the dress code of Abu Dhabi before going out in public.

The resorts and parks

If your kids are not fond of tourist spots, take them to the resorts. They can spend the day in rides and water parks. It will allow them to enjoy and have fun at the rides the entire day. You can also jump in and have quality time with them.

There are many such options in Abu Dhabi, and you can explore either of them. IT will allow you to have an easy choice when the kids are bored.

Plan a visit to these sites in Abu Dhabi. It will allow the kids an exciting vacation they’ll remember. After that, you can even take up Non stop flights from USA to India and take them to see India.

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