Tips to make solo Travel to Colombia awesome

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Colombia, a country that couldn’t be more diverse: From Caribbean beaches  to the Amazon rainforest  to snow-capped Andean peaks.

There is something for everyone here – the seemingly perfect destination for solo travelers.

But Colombia can be dangerous, isn’t it? No, at least the situation has improved in recent years.

At techpally, our local experts will tell you what you should consider when traveling alone through Colombia.


Despite all the prejudices, Colombia is by and large relatively safe.

Here are some Reasons to prove this

Colombians are very open and warm to tourists and newcomers

After the Colombian President and the leader of the FARC, the country’s largest rebel group, signed a historic peace treaty at the end of 2016, Colombia seems to be safer than ever before.

The strong presence of the police and the military at tourist hot spots contribute significantly to this security.

Unfortunately, there can be raids in  Colombia . To avoid this, we advise you to do the following:

Tips for your safety:

  • Avoid isolated places or roads
  • Only take as much cash with you as you really need
  • Leave important documents in your hotel room
  • Copy your travel documents and keep them in a different location than the original
  • Don’t put on expensive jewelry
  • Call a taxi or Uber to get home at night
  • Always keep valuables close to your body
  • Should you still be a victim of a robbery, then cooperate, you can replace valuables!

These tips are of course not only related to Colombia , they can also help you in other parts of the world.

Hospitality that inspires

Hospitality is very important in Colombia ! Colombians are usually some of the most open-minded, helpful and warm-hearted people. 

As a traveler, you will always be welcomed with open arms in this beautiful country. 

Colombia’s tourism is still in its infancy, that is the reason people who want to rip you off as a traveler are not there.

Tip: Although even communicating with the extremely friendly Colombians is fun, you should be able to speak at least a few bits of Spanish . Because only a few locals speak English.

You will never get bored

  • Salento

This charming, historical town, where the most beautiful buildings can be found in Colombia’s coffee zone has turned into a true backpacker’s paradise.

The multitude of excellent hostels, cafes and restaurants make Salento perfect for solo travelers.

You always have something to do here and the backpacker scene is sociable and welcoming. 

So much is clear: you certainly don’t have any problems getting to know travel partners in Salento.

From the first minute you will surely be amazed by tubing (the going down a river on a giant tube) in Palomino. 

If you prefer decorum, we recommend that you pay a visit to the river in the morning hours, where you have the breathtaking beauty of the Sierra Nevada mountains all to yourself.

If you prefer group activities, get a few people together in your accommodation and experience the wild joyride at sunset. 

  • Medellin

Medellin, the city of eternal spring, acts as the hub of Colombia’s backpacker scene.

Travelers from all over the world flock here to enjoy the warm weather, myriad attractions and interesting people.

In addition, Medellin has become safer than it used to be, so you don’t have to worry.

All of this makes the city the perfect meeting place for solo travelers .

  • San Gil

Colombia’s stronghold of extreme sports is probably the best place for anyone who is alone in Colombia. 

Why? Because here, you’re with a good charge of adrenaline, you can’t hide from meeting other travelers there.

Backpackers stand in line to experience outdoor activities such as white water rafting, cave hiking, climbing and paragliding with you.

General tips for solo travelers

Have confidence and believe in yourself

This is the only way you can experience new things and meet nice people.

Find out more and plan ahead, you can find travel experts that will help you plan the perfect trip online

  • Get to know the locals
  • Through contact with Colombians, you can get to know the culture of the country much better.
  • Trust your instincts
  • So you feel more comfortable and more confident.
  • Familiarize yourself with the language
  • Every traveler should know the most important terms in Spanish.


In any case, traveling alone gets you out of your comfort zone and lets you grow with every challenge, regardless of where your journey ends. 

At techpally, we can connect you to our experts that will help you find your dream destination and plan the perfect vacation or trip.

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