Top 5 Mobile Applications that You must have while traveling

traveling Mobile Applications

Almost everyone likes traveling but our pockets do not allow us to travel more than to the front yard. However, if you are a wanderlust and your pocket allows you to travel wherever you want then you are very lucky. 

Although, traveling is difficult when you do not know the language of the area you traveled to. Since you can not communicate to the people to ask them about the things you need to know. In such situations, a lot of bad things could happen and you can not fulfill your basic necessities while traveling because of the language barrier.

Top 5 Mobile Applications to Make Travelling Easy For You

However, there are many apps that can give you a big relief while traveling and make the trip easy for you. These apps could help you in booking hotels so that you don’t have to worry about booking rooms on the spot. 

Moreover, these apps can help you in finding cheap prices of rooms , flights and transport service and give you directions so you don’t have to worry about communicating with the locals. Additionally, they can also ease the packing process for you by telling you what you need and what you don’t. So, let us tell you about the apps without wasting any time:

  • Skyscanner
  • Lounge buddy
  • PackPoint
  • Google translate
  • XE currency converter


Travelling starts with booking a flight and the tickets are very expensive but Skyscanner can help you in finding cheap flights to your destination. All you have to do is download the app from the play store and get started with it. Sky scanner can find flights, hotels, and car rentals for you at pretty cheap prices and help you in making informed decisions. Moreover, the app does not cost any money and it’s free for the travelers.

Be way ahead of other people and make sure to have a comfortable trip before even starting it. Through this app, you will know everything about your trip so you will not make any spontaneous decisions that could be wrong.

Lounge Buddy

Wandering in airports to find the luggage or area is frustrating also when you are at a completely new place and also the wait in the waiting areas of the airport makes the frustrating process more horrible. 

Therefore, a lounge buddy will help you in navigating the lounges within the airport and help you in booking those lounges. Also, you can book lounges in advance to get a peaceful environment in between those long flights.


Are you one of those people who packs a full bag for one day of traveling?. If you can not decide what to pack and what not to pack and what are the things you will require after reaching your destination then PackPoint is a must-have app you should have.

After entering the details and answering some of the questions on the app, Packpoint will tell you the list of things you will require in your trip based on the length of your stay at the destination, the weather of the place, and activities you planned to do on your trip. Just download the PackPoint from your phone and make the packing process a piece of cake for you.

Google Translate

Knowing a foreign language is difficult but if you travel you must know that a lot of difficulties are caused by having language barriers with the locals; moreover, the sign boards seem alien to you because of which you can get lost in the new city. Download google translator and point the camera in the app to any sign it will translate it into various languages and make it easy for you to see the instructions.

The google translate app does the translation for you in 108 languages, it’s like having your own interpreter in your pocket. Booking a cab and directing the driver is now an easy task all because of the google translate app.

XE Currency Converter

Another must-have app is the currency converter because you need to make sure you are spending wisely or not. Therefore, the XE currency converter will allow you to see currency rates and it also allows you to access those rates while you are offline. So that you don’t go out of budget while shopping in a foreign country.

A Good Phone is Necessary For Making Your Wonderful Trip More Amazing

These apps should be downloaded on your phone but with all the pictures you are going to capture and videos you are going to make during your trip, it would be difficult to download and keep these apps on a phone with low built-in memory. Also, your phone should have enough battery life to stay alive in places where charging your phone might be a difficult task.

 However, there are many phones in the market having a good memory and strong battery life but all of them are a bit pricey. Therefore, to make it easier for you we will tell you some of the best phones that are travel friendly and also don’t cut your pocket with their expensive prices:

oppo a32 comes at a very reasonable price of 29,999 PKR and 128GB internal built-in memory to save all these apps to make your traveling easy and save various amounts of pictures and videos about your memorable trip. Additionally, the phone has a 5000mAh battery with fast charging of 18W to get along with you all day. Also, the camera quality is very good as the camera is of triple camera setup 13MP+2MP+2MP and front camera to take those memorable selfies is of 8MP.

Samsung Galaxy A71 costs 56,999 PKR. It has a built-in memory of 128GB and a battery life of 4500mAh with fast charging. The camera is 64 MP with the front camera of 32MP.

Vivo Y53s costs 40,999 PKR. It has a built-in memory of 128GB and the battery life of Vivo is 5000mAh. The camera is 64MP with a front camera of 16MP.

Let’s Wander

Choose a destination right now and book your flights, hotel room, and transport services with just a click. These apps have made traveling enjoyable and hassle-free for you. Let us know in the comments below about the apps you have used while traveling.

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