traveling to bali

Tourists would be more than excited to learn that finally Bali has reopened its doors for tourists. So if you are up for an epic adventure here is your chance to visit Bali. The month of April would be the opening seasons for tourists in Bali. 

Why Spending Vacations in Bali?

Bali, which comprises of comprising of islands, is one of the finest tourist attraction for several years. It is part of the South Asian country namely Indonesia. Bali is highly known for its sandy beaches, beautiful scenes during the night and yoga retreats. However, Bali is much more than that and offers great attraction from the long tourers and backpackers from across the globe. It is a place which keeps within itself a whole distinctive paradise which is full of all the world’s natural beauties. 

Quite A Fun in Spotting Dolphins 

Bali is also has its reputation because of providing world’s biggest and best natural habitat for Dolphins. It is quite fun in spotting Dolphins quite frequently in Bali and normally tourists hire traditional fishing boats for spotting this amazing sea creature. Supposing you book your individual tour or a group tour with Snir Hananya, then spotting of Dolphins would be included in the itinerary. The travel agent guarantees that you are close enough to see the Dolphins in their natural habitat. 

Bicycling Into the Tropical Islands of Bali

One of the most loved activity of backpackers in Bali is bicycling into the tropical islands of Bali. The best place to do bicycling is the Gili Islands which is situated opposite to the Bali’s main island. The Gili Islands is a quiet place whose serenity is not disturbed by the sounds of motor engines etc. Therefore, the best way to explore the serenity and beauty of this island is to travel on a two-wheeler bicycle. 

Bali A Land of Several Beaches

The main island of Bali is full of adventures and has several beaches. Above all, none of the beaches are neither over-crowded nor noisy. You can literally find beaches in Bali depending upon your mood. Usually tourists come to these beaches and enjoy their pina colada drinks. 

A Beach Is Nothing Without Surfing

What is the point in going to beaches if you cannot experience the joy of surfing? You’d be glad to learn that Bali has some of the best surfers in the world. They are not any ordinary surfers but are pro-level surfers. Even if you don’t know how to surf, you can seek help from professional surfers and learn to catch the waves in a matter of hours and days. 

Witness Living Volcano

Bali is a place where your hunger for natural beauty would never come to an end and in fact it would continue to grow over you. The islands there also has some beautiful waterfalls, mountaintop religious temples. Also you can live witness some of the beautifully maintained rice harvest fields which you couldn’t see anywhere else. 

However, you wouldn’t want to miss witnessing a living volcano which is very much active. For this adventurous trip you would need to sacrifice your sleep and have to get up early in the morning for climbing. A few hours of climbing right in the middle of clouds would lead you to your destination of Mt Batur i.e. the active volcano site. Of course returning to your accommodation would cause you to feel shaggy legs but don’t worry. For your Culture and Tourism to the volcanic site, SnirHananya tour itinerary includes famous Balinese massage, which is very traditional.

Bali Is Reopened Now

Tourism administration in Bali has announced re-opening of the island for the tourists. The announcement has been made recently because due to Covid tourism was restricted. Tourism will eventually be opened with the start of the month of April. Most importantly, the tourism authorities in Bali have clarified that no tourist would be required to undergo quarantine. In fact the pre-visit test would be enough for a tourist to gain immediate entry into this land of beaches, tropical islands, waterfalls and volcanic site.