Looking for traveling to places in and around Bangalore with your team?

resorts in kanakapura road

Why won’t you? It’s surrounded with beautiful places that is full of lush greenery, streaming water bodies, tall mountains and dreamy roads! The perfect break that is required after striding your way to success throughout the week.

Aside from being a hub of tech companies and industries, Bangalore also has a lot of Notable places that are culturally and naturally valuable.

Kanakapura is such a place, close to Bangalore, that offers you the perfect getaway for such team trips.

We all know the benefits of team outing when it comes to individual and organisational growth.

With quick access to Kanakapura, you’ll find your escape in no time.

Winter is here. That means it’s time for picnics, fun outdoor gatherings, sports events and a lot more fun.

If you are planning your winter getaway now, there’s an exciting chance of organising a memorable trip that’s adventurous, cosy, and budget-friendly within just a few kilometres away from Bangalore. 

Wild Valley Adventure Retreat is one of the best resorts in Kanakapura Road for corporate outing!

The vast openness of this resort is ideal for fun filled corporate events and activities.

Spike up your team members’ energy levels and look at the emerging leaders showcase their skills during the execution of this tour.

With 6+ diverse packages and more than 12+ complimentary adventure activities, this place has the heart of all the corporate tourists. 

Their accommodation is available for groups in forms of tent stays, cottage stays, dorms and more. 

Don’t want to stay the night? No worries, their day out packages are perfect for your employees and team members.

Spend the day with your team exploring nature, participating in fun team building adventure activities, and eating delicious snacks and meals!

Get to know your colleagues amidst miles of lush greenery and serenity. 

Understand your team’s strength and weaknesses through varied indoor and outdoor games.

Break the monotony and give them the adrenaline rush they need for their renewed spirits.

With up-to-date facilities and hospitable staff, this place is even ideal for your team’s families to visit.

Since it’s close by, this destination ensures that there is no harm done to the regular work routine. Travelling remains uncomplicated and there is less pressure while planning the event. 

Beyond impressive venues and pleasant climate, this off-site venue also offers a psychological state of clarity, mindfulness and peace, all of which are known to higher performance in corporate settings. 

Since Covid19 we have seen evolving work cultures, most of which are set at home now. With such circumstances, it becomes imperative for a team to gather, discuss, and execute things together. 

From busy quarters to overtime days, the solution to everything is a small break. 

Instead of toiling towards targets at all times, a small modification in the routine have shown greater benefits for the company and has gained largely. 

In a destination like this, employees are pushed to explore sides of themselves that they otherwise don’t encounter on a daily basis. But this is necessary for them to recognise their optimum functionality. 

Team building outings don’t just offer a break to the employees but also helps in inspiring and motivating them in different ways. 

With meet and greets happening at a large scale during such events, the recognition of new talents become easier and beneficial.

Keeping award ceremonies in mind, receiving appreciation amidst a magical place like this can only heighten the loyalty and emotions of an employee.

Companies prefer places slightly in the outskirts of the cities to give their employees a wholesome experience, away from the crowd.

It is in places like this that the competitive spirit rises up the most. It is with activities like these that the team’s persistence, resilience and curiosity awaken.

With acres of open space available, experience the world of adventure, fitness and motivation only at Wild Valley!

Go for fun hikes, drench yourself in clear waters of the waterfall and set yourself free. 

Working is fun when done in the right way and in the right place. 

Find your productivity at the highest outside the concrete jungle.

With hundreds of happy customers, this place has become the favourites of many such adventure seekers who are hustling in the corporate world everyday!

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