10 Travelling Website Design Ideas to Improve Your Theme


Importance of design for traveling websites

Travelling is one of the most therapeutic activities that you can do to relax. The change of schedule, location, and routine have a lot of positive affect on the mental health of a person. Having a job means that you are spending a lot of time in front of a computer screen. The routine you follow throughout the day and night is extremely hard. This a toll on your mental health and can have serious impacts on your productivity if you do not take a break once in a while. 

When a person decides to travel, their journey starts the second they access a travel website to plan their excursion. The best website design agency in UK ensures that the homepage of such websites is relaxing and are able to showcase what the visitor has been missing in their life. The traveling website design ideas should include ways in which the user can instantly see the difference between their life and the journey they plan to take. 

Ten ways to attract viewers with traveling website design ideas


When a visitor opens your homepage, one of the best ways to attract them is with the high-resolution images of the landscapes they are missing out on. Depending on the location you are focusing on, you can show snowy mountains, lakes, and forests amongst many other landscapes and sceneries. 

Satisfied People

Happy and satisfied people enjoying a journey that your viewer is planning to take will convince them of how good your tour plans are. Website traveling design ideas focus on persuading the viewer to take a tour. No way better to convince them than by showing people who are happy with the choices that they have made. 


Not only do images have the power to convince, but words also have hidden powers. With reviews as part of your website, you can show the authenticity of the services that you provide. Past experiences of people with your services will have a positive impact. 


You can showcase different activities such as hiking or canoeing on your homepage to instantly attract people with the activities that you provide. This is quite similar to how website valley uses graphics related to applications or websites to tell people what they are all about. 


Travelling website design ideas tend to provide a lot of options to the users. This way they can choose the kind of vacation that they are interested in. 

Lodging options

You can provide many different hotel options so that people know that your organization knows what they are doing. 


By choosing the right fonts, people will spend more time on your website, increasing your conversion rate. 


Small videos of people, hotels, or landscapes have a huge and warm impact on people looking to take a holiday. 

Straight to the point 

Be straight to the point and provide a link to book their tour or journey straight away. Some people already know what they want and wish to get done with formality as soon as possible. 

Feelings through pictures

Ten designs in the market to use as references. 

When looking for inspiration on traveling website design ideas, you can look at the ten websites mentioned below to have a much better idea of how you can get the best design for your website. 

  • Journeo 
  • Odyssey Japan
  • The Travel Team
  • The best boutique hotels worldwide
  • Chalo Australia
  • Let’s travel somewhere
  • Haciendo de San Antonio
  • Woods WordPress Theme
  • Luca
  • Getaway

You are all set 

With the tips and tricks mentioned above, along with the many examples that you can refer to, you will be able to have all the resources needed to produce the best traveling website design ideas of your own. 

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