Is a trip to the Jawai Leopard Safari worthwhile?

jawai leopard safari

Ever since pretty much the beginning of time, seeing a leopard in the wild has been on many people’s bucket list. Fortunate enough to spend a weekend in Rajasthan, India, and the chance to include a leopard safari in Jawai Bandh on your agenda. Epic is the only word to describe seeing a leopard so close!

Have you given thought to including a leopard safari in your “Golden Triangle” or Rajasthan trip? If so, continue reading to learn everything you need to know before going.

Jawai Bandh

Jawai Bandh is famous for wildlife safari in Rajasthan because it is home to a large population of leopards. Jawai Bandh is located in the Pali district of Rajasthan and is situated between Udaipur and Jodhpur. It is a scenic landscape of rocky hills and scrubland, with a large reservoir that provides water to the surrounding villages and wildlife. Currently, this territory is home to more than 70 leopards.

Jawai Bandh is known for its leopard sightings, and tourists visit the area to take wildlife safaris to spot these elusive predators in their natural habitat. The leopards of Jawai Bandh are unique in their behavior as they have adapted to living in close proximity to human settlements, and can often be seen perched on rocky outcrops or wandering through fields and villages.

Apart from leopards, Jawai Bandh is also home to several other species of wildlife, including hyenas, jackals, Indian foxes, desert cats, and a variety of bird species. The Jawai Bandh Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 50 square kilometers and is a protected area that offers visitors a chance to experience the natural beauty of Rajasthan and its wildlife.

Why do leopards feel at home near Jawai Bandh?

Leopards prefer to stay near Jawai Bandh for several reasons:

Abundance of prey

The rocky terrain and scrubland of Jawai Bandh provide an ideal habitat for prey species such as nilgai, chinkara, and wild boar. The abundance of prey attracts leopards to the area.

Water source

 The Jawai Bandh reservoir provides a year-round source of water for wildlife in the region, making it a reliable water source for leopards.

Camouflaged terrain

 The rocky terrain of Jawai Bandh provides excellent camouflage for leopards, allowing them to blend into their surroundings and remain hidden from potential predators.

Protection from human disturbance

 Leopards in Jawai Bandh have adapted to living in close proximity to human settlements, which provide them with a source of food in the form of livestock. However, they also face threats from human activities such as poaching and habitat destruction. The Jawai Bandh Wildlife Sanctuary provides a protected area where leopards can live without the threat of human disturbance.

Low competition

 Compared to other national parks in Rajasthan, Jawai Bandh has a relatively low population of tigers and lions. This means that leopards have fewer competitors for resources such as prey and territory, making it an ideal habitat for them to thrive.

In summary, the abundance of prey, water sources, camouflaged terrain, protection from human disturbance, and low competition make Jawai Bandh an attractive habitat for leopards.

Are Leopards friendly in Jawai Bandh?

Leopards are wild animals and are not domesticated, so it is not appropriate to consider them as friendly. However, the leopards in Jawai Bandh have adapted to living in close proximity to human settlements, and as a result, they are accustomed to the presence of people and may not display aggressive behavior unless provoked.

It is important to note that leopards are still wild animals and should be treated with respect and caution. Visitors to Jawai Bandh should always follow the guidelines and safety protocols set by the park authorities when taking part in wildlife safaris or visiting the area. It is not advisable to approach or attempt to feed the leopards or any other wildlife in the sanctuary.We promise that your experience at  leopard safari in Bera, Jawai will be thrilling and exciting, and that it will be the best and most unforgettable safari you’ve ever had.

Accessible Wildlife

It’s great news for people who defend forests that the area’s booming tourism industry is acting as a catalyst to generate more income and employment opportunities. This region will bring many tourists to Rajasthan because there is so much to see.

More than 100 different species of birds can also be seen here, in addition to leopards and crocodiles. There are also a ton of other thrilling activities available, including jungle safaris, trips to neighboring dams, village excursions to see Rajasthan’s colorful culture, etc.

Where to stay in Jawai Bandh?

A number of opulent lodging options have also appeared here to provide visitors with a spot to unwind and relax. One such resort that provides cozy cabins amidst nature is Beragarh, Jawai, Rajasthan. The resort also arranges safaris so that visitors can explore the forest’s depths and get up close and personal with creatures in their natural environment.

Visit beragarh in Jawai for a captivating experience. With all contemporary facilities and an adjoining bathroom, luxury family rooms in Bera are decorated in a heritage style. Splash around in this fantastic swimming pool, which also has a tranquil spillway, ambient lighting, an outdoor shower, and a Baja shelf, to beat the heat. Allow your time in Jawai to be a complete delight!

Privileged to stay at the five-star luxury hotel Beragarh. You will pay a 5-star fee for it, but would heartily suggest it to everyone (singles, couples, families). It helps that the price includes all meals. They also arrange for their own carefully chosen guides and jeeps to accompany your safari reservations. Leopard Safari Resort in Bera is a nature adventure. Giving you the best culinary experience Beragarh has to offer is something we enjoy doing very much.

Summing Up

In addition to wildlife safaris, Jawai Leopard Safari Camp is also known for its luxurious tented camps and lodges, which offer a unique and comfortable stay in the wilderness. The camps provide a range of activities, including bird watching, village walks, and cultural experiences, making Jawai Bandh a popular destination for tourists looking for an authentic Rajasthan experience.