Uber Clone 2022: Unbox the Functions, Features and Trend

Uber Clone

Uber Clone

The taxi business market is growing rapidly. Even with the forecasts made by Research and Markets, the taxi industry will be valued at US$ 354.2 billion by 2027. The CAGR of the industry is 8.95% and will remain such between the years 2021 -2026. Although the market was negatively impacted during the COVID-19 which increased the risks of contracting the most lethal virus in the history of mankind. People were strictly instructed to stay at home, the lockdown was imposed, and social distancing measures were introduced by the World Health Organization. All these factors hampered the customer’s preferences of traveling by public transportation. Well, that is how the online taxi booking Uber Clone app market started flooding, and with $90 billion in gross bookings in 2021, Uber became our daily commute partner!


Want to know how the Uber-like taxi app functions? Let’s eradicate your curiosity! Here is the workflow you have been looking for.

Step 1: Where do you want to go?

The first step is obviously adding the trip details like your current location/address and the destination. Users can leave the option of adding the destination if they are not sure about the address yet. This taxi booking app allows users to ‘add destination’ later and accordingly make the invoice at the end of the trip.

Step 2: Which car do you like?

The next step is choosing the taxi vehicle type. There are three ride options – basic, normal, and luxury. Therefore, according to the price the user is willing to pay, they can select the option.

Also, if the user wants to book a rental, they can click on the ‘Rent a car’ option on the screen and choose the package options and proceed with confirming it. For example, the user can book a ‘basic’ rental for 1 hour/10kms at $50. The good part is – the ride is completely chauffeured!

Step 3: Send ride request

Once the user adds all the details and selects their preferences, they can send a ride request by clicking on ‘Request Now’. Also, the user can schedule a ride if they want to travel conveniently!

The payment option is simple, at the end trip, the app will show the invoice summary. If the user has selected online payment via credit card, the money will be automatically deducted from the account!  


Video call with the driver

The video calling option is now available on the app. The users can employ this feature to communicate with the driver if the calling or in-app chatting feature won’t solve your query.

Eat, stop, and shop during the ride

This unique feature lets your users ‘pause’ the ride to shopping for medicines, coffee, or pickup a takeaway meal order. Whenever the rider pauses the ride the driver will receive a separate waiting fee for their time.


Suppose, a user waved at the empty taxi on the road. However, it turns out that the driver is an Uber clone app driver. The user doesn’t have the application installed and neither have they registered on the platform. Well, in that case, the driver can select the ‘Hail Taxi’ option and book a ride for the user by adding their current location and the user’s said destination.

At the end of the trip, an invoice summary will be generated with the total fare amount that the user has to pay!


I won’t say follow the trend. I’ll recommend making your taxi booking app a trend in 2022! So, to become the buzz brand in the taxi industry, you need to be unique and innovative. Get a fully customizable solution that can be integrated with features like multi-language, multi-currency settings, 24×7 technical support, and so on!


Become a market leader in the taxi industry with your own Uber-like taxi booking app. To accomplish your goal of featuring on the cover pages of big-fat business magazines is not far.

7 – 10 days is all that is needed to get a completely white-labeled taxi app and you’re good to go!