Uber Clone – Why Should You Buy A White-label Taxi Booking Software

Uber Clone App

Procuring a White-Label On-Demand Taxi Booking Software is one of the essentials to build a successful business. An interactive App like Uber Clone with an amazing built-in feature sells more among Intellectual Entrepreneurs looking for expeditious business ideas to grow big in their Market. Earn more money, and spare less time in waiting for a perfect App. Not many White-label firms can offer what Young, Smart, And Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs want. But, V3Cube has something extraordinary to offer to a Global Clientele – buy a Pre-Built, Mature, Market-Tested, and Fully Functional Customizable On-Demand Taxi Booking App.  

Buy or get your Taxi App fully Customized according to your requirements. V3Cube will rebrand its Base App with your Taxi company’s Name and Logo. Not just that, V3Cube will also integrate your preferred Local Currency, Language, and Payment Gateway.

How White-Label Uber Clone App Benefits The Business

The only way to make your On-Demand Taxi Business “the best” is to own the jewel, that is. An Uber Clone App that lets you expand to a new Market and also retains your regular, existing Taxi Riders.

  1. You Will Gain Abundant Acknowledgment in the Industry

You will bring a revolution in the Taxi business market. Local Users will also get attracted to the Services you offer. For Customers’, Comfort, Convenience, and Protection from Novel Coronavirus is everything. And when they will come to know that they could book a safer Taxi Service within a few clicks, they will book one in a flash.

  1. Creates Your Brand Identity

Your App will offer all the Services under one ‘branded application’ that has your Name, Logo, and Color. The Riders and Service Providers will prompt a good impression and experience a whole satisfaction.

  1. Increases Profit With Lower Investment

As an entrepreneur, you need to heed the needs of your Most Valuable Customers. Using White-label Taxi Booking Software, you will only have to make a One-Time Investment that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. On the contrary, you will end up prepending huge Profits into your business.

Also, now is the perfect time to make this One-Time Investment. With a few days left for Christmas, people must be making travel plans to their homes. Your Taxi App can actually earn more by offering services like Taxi Ride, Moto Ride, Taxi Rentals, and Moto Rentals.

V3Cube will launch The Best Taxi App

V3Cube has already launched 100+ Uber-like Taxi Apps for diverse clients worldwide. It has proven itself as the provider of the best, Authentic Taxi App. V3Cube Apps are Mature because all the bugs that had showed up in the past have already been fixed and hence, the Apps work flawlessly. With V3Cube’s Expert, Talented and Skillful Team, you can launch your very own Taxi App in just 7 Days. Every piece of your launched App will work on iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphone devices without any issues once being approved by the App Stores.

What V3Cube’s White-Label Uber Clone Package will include:

  1. Taxi Booking from the website
  2. Rider Web Panel
  3. Driver iOS App
  4. Android App Driver
  5. Driver Web Panel
  6. Kiosk Android App
  7. Kiosk iOS App
  8. Web Panel for the Taxi Companies
  9. Dispatcher Panel
  10. Billing Administrator Panel

The Package is exciting, isn’t it? All the components included in it are designed and developed to help you earn good cash in between growing your business.  

Awe-Struck Features Uber Clone App Has to Offer

Loaded with features, the Fully Customizable Uber Clone Application ensures that you live ‘happily ever after.’ The bouquet of High-End, Advanced, and Tech-Savvy features doesn’t burn your bank balance, and amid new launches every day, V3Cube’s Absolutely free features shine brighter.

Custom Free Licensed Source Code

V3Cube offers a lifetime Licensed Source Code for one domain at no extra cost with the purchase of the package.

Go Local To International For Free

This extremely gainful feature helps the Taxi Booking Software or App Owner to operate their Taxi Business running in different corners of the world right from one place. The App Owner has the flexibility to easily Modify, Adapt, or Change the Surcharge, Distance Fare, Time Fare, etc. based on the location or Country their Services are functioning.

 App Installation On Google Play Store and Apple App Store

V3Cube will develop the iOS and Android Apps and will send in an application for approval from both the App Stores. If at all your App gets rejected due to Technical Reasons, you’ll still find V3Cube standing right next to you. And once the Apps have been approved by both the App Stores, the Technical Team will conduct a thorough Quality & Assurance Test.

Unquestionably, buying a White-Label Taxi Booking Software is beneficial. You don’t need to spend a quarter of a million dollars on hiring Android and iOS Developer, PHP Expert,  Systems Analysts, Database Analysts, Content Writers, Quality Assessment Experts, a Project Manager, or pay them salaries or incentives.

With White-Labelling Software, you can launch the App within a week instead of spending 7-8 years on just building the Prototype. Therefore, trust a White-Label Firm like V3Cube to launch your App as quickly as possible and become the next young Billionaire.


Do you wish to launch the best 2022 Version of the Uber Clone App? Are you waiting for the right opportunity to launch a Multi-Billion Dollar potentiated Taxi App? Earn quick Dollars in the easiest way possible only with V3Cube.

Connect with V3Cube now Launch A Taxi App like Uber and get ranked in the Top Successful Entrepreneur list of 2022.

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