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Every year, millions of people travel to and throughout the United Kingdom, and according to Visit Britain; they explore every inch of our stunning islands. There is a lot to see and do in the UK, regardless of whether you are a British or foreign visitor. Let’s have a look at Visit Britain’s top 10 most popular cities in the UK to get some ideas or inspiration for where to begin your tour.

1. Stonehenge

One of the greatest sites to visit in the UK with children is Stonehenge, a Neolithic marvel that will delight history fans everywhere. Situated in Amesbury, England, the site is thought to have been occupied in 3000 BC. It was supposedly used as a sort of astronomical place or burial ground, and it has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. The location is beautiful because of its aura of mystery; nobody really understands what the stones represent or what their specific function is. Nonetheless, the location is surrounded by numerous Neolithic graveyards and monuments, making it one of the most significant sites to see in the United Kingdom.

2. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, the site of the most well-known wedding of 2011 and one of London’s most gorgeous sightseeing locations, comes in second on the list.

Follow in Kate Middleton’s footsteps as she made her way to the Duchess of Cambridge, take in the stunning tributes to the great kings and queens of history at the Abbey, and marvel at the famed Gothic architecture.

3. Edinburgh

 The historical capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, is a brooding city with a medieval core and impressive environs. Take a stroll down the Royal Mile, which runs through the heart of the Old Town, or visit the magnificent Edinburgh Castle, which dominates the skyline. Ascend Holyrood Park to Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano, or visit the historic Botanical Gardens and their Victorian glasshouses.

A well-liked activity in the city is taking a guided tour of the underground vaults and passageways that extend beneath the streets, as well as watching the military tattoo marching band spectacle.

4. Manchester

Manchester, one of the cultural centers of the UK, celebrated the reopening of a fun venue this year. New Century Hall, which first opened its doors in 1963, formerly hosted famous performers including Tina Turner and Jimi Hendrix. In the years that followed, it definitely lost its appeal, but it has recently found new life. A floor is devoted to a dining hall, while another has a live music, comedy, and other performance area (complete with a lit-up “disco ceiling”). The building’s original structural integrity is enhanced by the superb vintage design seen throughout.

5. Loch Ness and Scottish Highlands

 One of the most beautiful tourist spots in the UK is this freshwater lake (loch in Gaelic), which is well-known for being home to a monster by the name of Nessie. This 30-kilometer-long lake has a lot of water in it and is fairly deep. The Scottish Highlands are also significant because of their historical significance. The region is scarcely populated and is encircled by lush, verdant mountains. For outdoor activities including riding, climbing, and trekking, many people make the trip to Ben Nevis, the highest point in the region. It is one of the best places to go on vacation in the UK in December.

6. The Lake District

One of the first destinations that comes to mind for a vacation in Great Britain is the Lake District. If you enjoy outdoor adventures, that is. Can you really blame them? It’s no surprise it’s one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in the UK, given the area’s lush, rolling hills, lakes, and breathtaking views. You can also climb Scafell Pike, the highest mountain in England, if you’re up for a challenge. I’ve gone to the Lake District a few times and have always had a great time there.

7. Liverpool

In the UK, Liverpool is the sixth-most-populated city. It is a thriving city in the northwest of England that is renowned for its illustrious architecture, rich cultural legacy, and lively music scene. There are many well-known landmarks there, including the Liverpool Cathedral, the Royal Albert Dock, and the well-known Merseyside Maritime Museum. Liverpool has a population that is varied, presenting a wide range of cultures, languages, and traditions.

With a variety of museums, galleries, Maray Liverpool restaurants, and pubs to discover, it is a well-liked vacation spot for both tourists and locals.

8. Glasgow

Glasgow, which is located along the banks of the River Clyde, has a wealth of architectural and cultural attractions to discover. Glasgow Central Station’s charming Victorian-era platforms can be explored, or you can visit the Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel to learn about the city’s automotive past and future. Explore Glasgow Cathedral’s centuries-old Necropolis and its stunning architecture, as well as the poets Robert Burns and Thomas Campbell’s sculptures in George Square.

 Explore the vibrant West End in the evening with its clubs, restaurants, and live music venues, or see a play at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

9.  Canterbury

The second UNESCO World Heritage Site on our list is Canterbury, which is situated in the southern county of Kent. Canterbury is a must-see location for history buffs. This peaceful city has long been significant to the Church of England and the Anglican Communion since it is home to the famed Canterbury Cathedral. Due in large part to Thomas Becket’s martyrdom, which is described in Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, it became the center of the great British pilgrimage at the beginning of the seventh century.