The Ultimate Students’ Guide For Canada


Canada is the world’s second-largest country, with topography as varied as its history, and is widely regarded as the most affordable destination for international students. Apart from being a student-friendly country, Canada is an intriguing attraction. Each province has its own set of distinctive landmarks from coast to coast. Whether it’s the immaculate gorgeousness of a northern lake, the majestic barren tundra of the Rocky Mountains, the rolling highlands of the northern plains, or lighthouses of the Maritime provinces, when it comes to endless contentment and potentials, we all know Canada doesn’t need any introduction.

Peaceful Ambience 

According to the 2020 Global Peace Index, Canada is voted as one of the safest and most inexpensive countries in the world. With over half of the population containing non-English speakers, Canada’s linguistically diverse culture and low tuition prices are key reasons why international students flock to the country.

People in Canada are also extremely friendly and support a peaceful lifestyle. Whether you know them or not, people respect each other with a beaming smile. Canada ensures that people’s cultural traditions are well-preserved, as well as their ideals and integrity.

World-Class Education 

In terms of scientific research and education quality, Canada is ranked 4th in the world. Canada is proud of its internationally renowned universities and research organizations. This is due to the educational system being internationally known, very affordable, research-oriented, and built on cross-disciplinary academics, as well as imparting transferrable skills and excellent facilities.

The University of Toronto, the University of British Columbia, and McGill University are some of the Canadian universities which rank among the top 100 in the Times Higher Education Rankings.

Both the government and universities offer perks such as scholarship opportunities to students who are committed to completing their higher education. Apart from all of these factors, students prefer Canada because the expense of higher education in Canada is lower than in any other English-speaking country. Students can look at a variety of alternatives and select the best one for their curriculum and expenditure.

Excellent  Employment Opportunities

Canada’s employment prospects are remarkable, and its colleges flaunt over 5000 global partnership agreements. Since the coursework in Canada is more industry-focused, over 90% of Canadian graduates are recruited within six months after graduation.

Moreover, Canada’s Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWPP), which remains relevant for up to three years after graduation, the Canadian government has made immigration and employment easier for international students.

Considering students who graduate from Canadian institutions have a high earning capacity, they are permitted to work part-time on and off-campus. There is no need for a work permit on campus, although students working off-campus are allowed to work up to 20 hours each week. Students in technical disciplines have an advantage since there are numerous job prospects available to them, and students who acquire insight and abilities in the field do not often face any difficulties during placements since they are quickly placed in top organizations.

Cheaper Accommodations 

Canada is home to over 600,000 foreign students and offers a wide range of Best Student Housing options, including Shared Student Housing, university dormitories, studios, homestays, and several other Student Houses for Rent.

While many Canadian colleges provide on-campus housing for students, off-campus housing is typically best for overseas students who want their own space. You will be able to use facilities that are tailored to your needs if you rent a private area. You get significant exposure to a communal or separate kitchenette, bathroom, and other portions of the house, such as the living room along with a lot of other amenities.

The rent varies greatly depending on the location, amenities, and state of the house, however, it can vary from C$400 to C$900. However, when compared to the UK or the USA Canadian student housing is quite cheaper.

Thus, if you are considering moving abroad for your higher education, Canada would be your ideal option.

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