Umrah Pilgrimage Importance and Preparation for Muslims

Umrah packages

Are you planning to go on the divine Umrah trip? This article will help you make your travel easier.

Makkah is the centre of attraction for the whole Muslim community. Umrah, a minor pilgrimage, is obligatory on every Muslim entering Makkah. To perform Umrah, Muslims enter Kabbah and revolve around it several times.

This Umrah trip has great importance among Muslims, and it should be perfect. From travelling to hotels, everything should be well planned and well organized. Organizing and planning an individual family trip could be expensive for Umrah’s cost compared to travelling with groups.

Many people and travel agencies around the world organize these Umrah trips. They will arrange all the paperwork, accommodation and travel services for you, and you only have to pay them. Going with the group would be the best option if you have to travel alone. Different Umrah packages  are available, and one can choose the desired package.

Umrah Trip Expenses

It depends on the luxury you want. If you can afford a business class ticket or stay in a luxury hotel, you must pay a significant sum of money. Similarly, going on an economy ticket and booking an affordable hotel will cost less.

The Umrah’s cost could be a little more than other countries. Because, one has to pay for Visa and then some tax is also added additionally. These taxes increase the cost hence the total expense of travelling increases.

On average, a person should have at least 2 to 3 lac Rupees before planning Umrah. Excellent economy umrah services  are readily available from various travel agencies offices, and you can rely on them for the best umrah experience.

Similarly, if you want to travel in luxury, you can book a 3 Star hotel along with business class ticket. For such trips travelling cost increases and on average 5 to 6 lac Rupees are required per person.

However, umrah trip costs depends on number of days of your stay. If you stay for a more extended period, you have to pay more, and similarly, the cost will decrease if your stay is short. In Hajj season, Hotels are costly, but one can find some affordable options around the year.

Buying tickets and visas is not expensive. The total expense depends on the availability of hotels and food. If you plan an Umrah trip, it is better to research before your hotel booking and reservation.

Saudi Arabia latest Umrah policies

Apart from Visa, tickets, and hotels, you must check the latest Saudi government policies. These policies are obligatory, and you can’t enter Saudi Arabia without following them. Different countries have different approaches, and people are bound to follow them.

As during the pandemic period as in previous years, Hajj and Umrah were not performed straight for two years. People were not allowed to travel, and there were other restrictions.

But now, as the situation has been resolved and vaccines are being introduced, there are no such travel restrictions, and one can easily travel anywhere in the world.

The new umrah policy  has been introduced. The Saudi government, Minister of Hajj, and Umrah have recently announced that only vaccinated people can enter the country, and unvaccinated people would not be permitted to perform Umrah and Hajj.

Similarly, those who have got the first dose have to quarantine for five days in a hotel; on the other hand, fully vaccinated visitors do not need to quarantine and can freely visit the country.

Although, there are no other strict rules and policies and you can go on the sacred Umrah trip wheneve you get a chance.

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