Things to do for an Unforgettable Holiday in Lonavala

Trek to Lohagad fort

Lonavala is one of the most popular weekend stays in Maharashtra – peaceful, picturesque, and refreshing (even if a tad too crowded). And if you weren’t there yet, it’s only because we don’t have a shot, since it is one location you’d want to add to the travel list. Lonavala is the ideal place of vacation with the fam, Bud squad, or anybody special because of its green valleys, greener hills peppered with waterfalls in a monsoon, plenty of trekking trails, and just around. Wondering what are Lonavala’s most fantastic things? Our final list is here:

8 Things to Do in Lonavala

1. Take the majestic trek to Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort was built in the 14th century and is one of the best known western Ghats fortifications. Trek to Lohagad fort to get picturesque views of the valley below is one of Lonavala’s highlights. Not only that, tourists can ascend the iconic fort to explore its many buildings, including a gigantic tank, a step way, and four gates, flanked by bastions used to enter the fort.

2. Relax at a lakeside camp

Pawna Lake is one of the city’s finest sports and camping is one of Lonavala’s most unforgettable locations. Looking at the stars on a clear night, talking with friends, and chilling around a bonfire…we gave you just some serious goals? The lake lies 20 km from the center of the city, with many restaurants nearby, and there are plenty of campsites. The area is also a popular point of departure for walks to Lohagad Fort, Tunga Fort Fort, Tikona Fort, etc.

3. Go trekking

Trekking to one of the many wonderful fortresses in Lonavala or to a jungle trail that leads through a thick Sahyadris is probably the most exciting thing to be done in Lonavala. At least one thing you must do. Other than testing your physical capacity, you can enjoy the seemingly infinite greenery in the mountains, maybe find a seasonal waterfall and cross the lush forests. Will you want to? Then put your bucket list for the treks of Lohagad Fort, Vishalgad Fort, Canyon Valley, Tamhini Ghats, and Bhimashankar.

4. Hike up Sausage Hill

Sausage Hill is the icon of the area, and a walk-up this green hill will be one of Lonavala’s funniest things. Famous for the many birds and butterflies in the region, Sausage Hill is not too difficult to climb, and it is worth everything because of the panoramic views of the Western Ghats from its tops.

5. Take a safari hot air ball

Go for a safari hot air balloon and we thank you for saying that in Lonavala it is amazing to do. Especially if your partner is with you, or even your 4.00 am group, we would suggest it. Lonavala is exceptionally stunning but its beauty is intensified by the lush green woods dotted by bubbling waterfalls and the beautiful Sahyadris at an altitude of 1200 meters. The trip takes approximately an hour and you can gorge on food and drinks on the spot as your balloon is being packed.

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6. Explore Bhaja Caves

One of the fine examples of Buddhist rock-cut architecture is the impressive reliefs, sculptures, and gravure panels – one of them depicting a woman who plays an instrument that can be the table! Bhaja Caves is a group of 22 cave areas located about ten kilometers from Lonavala, one of the most enjoyable in Lonavala.

The caves of the 2nd Century are situated on a long-standing trading path that connected West Seaports with the Deccan and was utilized both by Buddhist monks and traders. The huge Chaitya Griha or Meditation Hall is worth mentioning here, which boasts a wooden ceiling made of teak wood from Burma.

7. Discover the waters of the Bhushi Dam

Blessed with the beauty of the Indrayani River, Lonavala is one of the most popular places in the hilly station to visit the dam Bhushi, constructed over it in the 1860s, to channel its waters. The bubbling waters, the greenery surrounding them, and the carnival atmosphere, all build the ideal place to have a fun picnic with family or friends. But beware, as the water flow here is fast!

8. Discover Western Ghats with a panoramic view

One of Lonavala’s most famous activities is the panoramic view from all its views of the Western Ghats. Lion Point is one of the best and least crowded places to take a dip in the stunning views of the area, situated about 12 km from the town center. On a clear day, if the rising mist from the Valley doesn’t hamper your sight, you can see hundreds of seasonal waterfalls and lush green hills. Some other sightings are Tiger’s jump, Rajmachi’s dot, and Duke’s nose dot (yes, it’s still older!).

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