7 Useful Cruise Voyage Tips for Newbies

Cruise Voyage

Cruise Voyage

Cruising is as fun as travelling by air, train or bus.  Cruising is done by a cruise ship and is a fun travelling activity to explore the beautiful vistas of sea and islands.  Besides being a fun experience, cruising can still be intimidating for newbies regarding what to bring or pack.  How to make a booking?  What to expect on a cruise ship regarding staff, food and things for people who had never cruised before.  We have brought some useful cruise tips for the newbies at your convenience and have made a tiny effort to decrease your anxiety whilst cruising.

1: Try Arriving a Day Ahead of departure:

A useful cruise tip for a newbie is to arrive at a port in the morning or days before the departure, as many cruises leave in the afternoon.  The ship won’t wait for you if you are arriving late for the airport as it is not a flight that can bechance on getting an hour or two late.  Moreover, reaching the port ahead of the departure time allows you to have some time to adjust to your new time zone.  Are you thinking of what to do in your spare time?  Well, you can spend this time sightseeing and appreciating the beautiful paranormal.  If you are staying in a hotel before leaving for the voyage, you can explore the place or area where you are staying.

2: Explore the Cruise Ship:

 The first and foremost thing we do when we visit a place is get familiar with the different areas and parts of the place.  You have just arrived on your ship and are already anxious or may be excited about what to expect.  A tip for this is to start exploring your cruise ship on the first day to get to know the place.  This would be highly helpful for you to decide where you wish to sunbathe, dine and eat and relax.  You can also select activities that interest you.  You can also use a map for the different areas of navigation given to you on the ship.

3; Pack Extra Toiletries:

One of the most important cruise tips is to make sure you pack seemingly extra but important stuff like toiletries in your bag.  On a cruise ship, you usually have the facility to buy items like Band-Aids, aspirin etc.  But you’ll have to pay for it.  It is always recommended to pack some extra toiletries or items like wipes, safety pins, anti-allergic medicines and some wound healing ointments.  

4: Avoid Over packing:

An effective cruise tip for newbies is to avoid over packing, which has been recommended by so many tourists and travelers for ages.  Nowadays, most cruising is informal, so you only need a few outfits to change throughout a trip.  On the cabin decks of many ships, there are launderettes for travelers where you can wash your clothes conveniently.

5: Avoid Having Buffet on the First Day of Embark:

Nothing is busier than a cruise ship buffet on the first day of embarking, and everyone boarding walks directly toward it.  A recommendation for first-timers is to go to any secondary meal choice to escape the busy first-day buffet lines.  A ship could occasionally open one of its table-service restaurants for lunch on the first day of the voyage.  Unlike the buffet, it’ll probably be less crowded and a much better option than a buffet.

6: Consult a Travel Agent to book a Cruise:

 If you are cruising for the first time, you should consult a seasoned travel agent that specializes in cruises to assist you in making arrangements and guide you on your first cruise trip.  A skilled travel agent can help you find and navigate cruise companies based on your discussed and required preferences and also can help you avail of discount offers.  If it is your first time on a cruise voyage and you are finding a company with high-quality services at an affordable price, then you can use MSC cruise discount codes to make your first embark affordable and enjoyable.

7: Few More Tips to Follow:

  • Try to keep your phone in airplane mode; using mobile data, making calls, and texting can cause you to pay extra bills during your embark.
  • While on board, you don’t have to pay more than once for drink and spa services.  You can avail of gratuity added to these services.
  • It is always recommended to carry the ship’s information, so if you go ashore and something bad happens, you at least have a way out to get connected to the cruise line.

Final Words:

Your cruise trip, embark or voyage whatever you want to call it, can become easy and fun if you consider and espouse the tips mentioned above.  Just like heading on a vocational trip, a cruise voyage is fun, exhilarating and memorable.  You can bring your own camera to capture some of the unprecedented memories from your voyage.