Escape from Vegas to Grand Canyon for a Day Trip


If you are visiting Las Vegas and looking to escape the hustle-bustle of the city for day, book a Grand Canyon tour. It is an amazing place, easily accessible from Vegas and has many things to offer. You can choose from various Grand Canyon tours from Vegas. For instance, a Grand Canyon bus tour from Las Vegas is a great way to get there.

A day trip to Grand Canyon is an amazing way to get away from Vegas and have a quiet time away from the city. You have plenty of things to see there, and not just the stunning rock formation. You can also visit Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and do so much more.

All you have to do is choose the best Grand Canyon tours from Vegas, based on your needs.

While Visiting Las Vegas                             

Las Vegas is the best place to visit. But you can extend your trip and plan a trip to Grand Canyon. Whether you have seen everything in Vegas or need a break from all the party, Grand Canyon trip is always exciting. The best thing is that you can easily book a tour from Vegas.

Grand Canyon is easily accessible from Vegas. Las Vegas bus tours are available with pick-up and drop-off facility. Plus, you will be traveling in comfort and luxury. Tour services can save time and help you enjoy a hassle-free trip to Grand Canyon.

Why People Love Grand Canyon Tours from Vegas

Grand Canyon is magical, especially if you like history and geology. A day trip from Vegas is a good way to spend a relaxing day exploring. People visit Canyon for different reasons.

You can explore the history of rocks, the indigenous tribes, visit the Skywalker, look at the Canyon from top, and do so much more. In short, there are plenty of reasons to visit Canyon.

Here are the top reasons why people love day trip to the Grand Canyon:

  1. Easy Trip

As mentioned before, booking a strip to Grand Canyon is so easy. You can book your trip online. Or you can drive there. Its only takes two and half hours to get there.

But, if you want to enjoy the ride without driving or deal with the hassle of planning, choose a tour service. Grand Canyon trips from Las Vegas are easily available.

Choose the tour type and book online. You will be picked-up and dropped off. No traveling hassle at all.

2. Bus Tours

A Grand Canyon bus tour from Las Vegas is very popular. They are affordable and comfortable too. Large groups can easily travel in bus and enjoy the perk that comes with it. For instance, the coaches are well-equipped with facilities like restroom, air conditioning and audio/video entertainment.

You can easily book your Grand Canyon bus tours from Las Vegas online. Cancel option is also available. Make sure to check the cancellation policy. Check out the website for more details.

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3. Guided Trip

A guided trip is always fun, no matter how many times you have take the tour of the Grand Canyon. If you are visiting for the first time, you will love it. The narrated tour will introduce you to the Grand Canyon and other places you will visit.

A guided trip is very organized and designed to provide both information and entertainment. And, you will get to see all the interesting places in a planned manner. It will save time and ensure you all the important places and have a good time.

4. Walking Trails

The best way to explore Grand Canyon is to take walking tour. The same goes for hiking. There are so many walking trails you can choose. Walking tours are the best as they offer an easy and relaxed way to explore the place. Find Vegas Grand Canyon tour that includes walking tours.

Make sure that you bring your hiking boots, clothes for layering up, and hat for protection from sun. There will be lot of walking, so you need to come prepared for an adventurous walking tour.

5. Explore History and Culture

A day trip to Grand Canyon from Vegas is a chance to enjoy exploring the place to know more about the history and culture of the place. Grand Canyon West is located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation and is managed by them.

You will have a unique chance to experience the life of the Hualapai tribe. If you are interested in history, Grand Canyon is just the place you need to visit.

6. Enjoy Amazing Views

Above all the thing, Grand Canyon is a magnificent place to visit. There are so many viewings point at the South and West Rim.

You can view the Canyon from the top and see how vast it is. It stretches for miles and miles. That’s why it is also popular with hikers.

The best thing about Grand Canyon is that anyone can go there and have a great time exploring.

The beautiful color flow of the rocks makes the whole place look stunning. You can also book a helicopter ride to see the aerial view of the Canyon. The viewing alone will make the trip worth every second of it.

The Bottom Line

Grand Canyon tours from Vegas will provide you an easy escape from the city for a day. Bus tours are one of the best ways to enjoy the whole trip. You will enjoy great views of the Canyon and explore various other places too. Enjoy a relaxing ride from Vegas to Grand Canyon with the best tour service. You can choose from various tour packages and easily book online. Vegas Tours offers Grand Canyon tours for all types traveling needs, from large group to small groups. And, you can choose your mode of transport. You can easily book your tour online and cancel it anytime. More here –