Important information about your visa during COVID-19 pandemic

visa during covid19 pandemic

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Dealing with unanticipated and unimagined threats caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has taken a significant toll on the lives of people across the world. Travel during the pandemic has been strictly prohibited. The reason being it enhances the chance of catching and spreading the virus. 

Yes, COVID-19 is impacting the UK immigration matters as well as global immigration policies. Staying home and practising social distancing is highly encouraged during the trying times. The great news is that guidance has been released for those who have been impacted by the outbreak. 

COVID-19 has certainly impacted the visa application and led the government to bring certain changes. There is no exaggeration in saying that the outbreak has slammed the entire world to the next level. The UK government is leaving no stone unturned to return life back to normal, but in a way that is fairly safe. The post is centred around for visa applicants.

This guide highlights the changes that your visa solicitors London should be aware of.

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is for general information purpose but does not purport/ claim to provide legal advice.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Folks, if you have a visa that got expired between 24 January 2020 and 31st July 2020 then you were able to apply to request an extension if you were not able to make out to your home owing to travel restrictions. 

Now that we see restrictions and lockdown has been lifted a bit, you cannot extend your visa.

Many visa application centres have reopened and resumed their service post COVID-19. 

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If you have overstayed your leave

If you fail to regularize your stay during the expiring period. However, you have to do so now before 31st August or you’ll have to make arrangements to leave the UK. To address this concern, home office has updated its COVID-19 guidance pertaining to the advice for UK VISA applicants and temporary UK residents. Those applicants who couldn’t visit Visa application centre as they were closed due to pandemic restrictions will be permitted to visit VAC world wide subject to that country’s entry requirement in order to submit their biometrics. This will apply to any sort of application.

This is just a temporary concession offered by the home office and the same will be reviewed by 30th November 2020.

If you decide to leave the UK

If you want to leave the UK but are not able to do so by 31st August 2020, you may request additional time to stay in that case. This is also referred to as exceptional assurance.

If you have decided to stay in the UK then you have to apply for the required leave to stay in the UK. You will also be able to submit an application form from within the UK where you would usually need to apply for the visa.

So, applicants if your conditions permitted you to study, work or rent accommodation, you may be able to continue to do so during August 2020 ahead of your departure.

Cancel your visa, immigration or citizenship application

You can withdraw or cancel your visa application, visa extension or citizenship.

You can even claim a refund if you have not provided biometric information. Your fees will not be refunded in case you have provided biometric information.

If you’re cancelling because of Covid-19

If you are unable to travel due to COVID 19 travel restrictions, you need to send an email to the coronavirus immigration help centre. They will keep you updated regarding the refund status.

Remember your email must be in English and include the following:

· Your nationality

· Your date of birth

· Your UKVI reference numbers you have been given

· Your full name

· You have to use “POST BIOMETRIC REFUND REQUEST” as your subject line.


· The help centre is going to follow up with you as early as possible.

Coronavirus immigration help centre

Do you need legal help?

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