6 worth places to visit for family in Dubai

family visit dubai

Dubai has so many places to visit with your kids. Here, we have listed some of the amazing places that you can enjoy with your kids.

Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is the world’s largest indoor ski resort, offering skiing, snowboarding and tobogganing. It is located in Mall of the Emirates and is open from 10am to 10pm every day. The Ski Village features a restaurant and a cafe where you can enjoy delicious food after a day on the slopes.

The slopes are divided into three sections: Easy (green), Intermediate (blue), Advanced (black). There are also dedicated areas for children between 3 years old to 10 years old as well as an indoor toboggan track! If you want to give it a go, but aren’t quite ready for the real thing yet there are lessons available for beginners as well as advanced skiers/snowboarders alike!

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

The Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is an aquarium and zoo in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is located on the Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai. The aquarium is one of the largest in the world with over 17,000 animals representing more than 600 species.

The aquarium was opened on 1st January 1995 by H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE) and his wife Hessa bint Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum (President of Emirates Foundation for Education). The vision for this project was to create an interactive learning experience that would inspire visitors to respect our natural environment while encouraging them to take action towards conserving it for future generations.

Red Dune Desert Safari

The Red Dune Desert Safari is one of the most popular activities in Dubai. It takes you on an unforgettable ride through the desert, where you’ll see incredible landscapes, dunes and wildlife.

The tour takes about three hours to complete—but it’s definitely worth it! Here are some other things to know about this safari:

  • The cost is AED 150 per person for adults and AED 100 for children. Kids under 4 are free.
  • You can take up to six people on your trip at once (you’ll have an entire car).
  • The tour is available from 9 a.m.-6 p.m., but be sure not to miss out on it after 4 p.m.—it closes then!

Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future is located in Dubai and it’s a world-class, interactive and educational entertainment destination. It was designed to promote sustainable development and innovation, which are both vital aspects of a healthy society. The museum offers visitors an opportunity to see how technology will impact their lives over the next 50 years.

The museum is open to the public on a daily basis from 10:00 A.M – 6:00 P.M and it’s free for all visitors who enter this wonderful place!

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. It’s so tall that it’s hard to imagine how they built it to be so tall, but they did and now you can visit this amazing building.

Burj Khalifa has a hotel and a museum on top of its own. The hotel is called At The Top and costs $30 USD per person to enter, but you can book tickets online beforehand at an additional fee (you can also buy them at the door). Do check the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall offers here. You won’t be disappointed by visiting this attraction because not only will you get to see how amazing Dubai really is from above, but there are plenty of other things for children too!

The Burj Khalifa was officially inaugurated on January 4th 2010 with fireworks and light shows going off all over town in celebration of its opening day – which means if your family lives nearby or plans on visiting soon then now would be an excellent time while everyone else has gone home!

Warner Bros Dubai

The park features six themed areas: DC Universe, Metropolis, Bedrock, Springfield, the Lost World and Dynamite Gulch.

  • DC Universe – Where you can take your favorite heroes such as Batman and Supergirl on an adventure through their comic book origins while also meeting some of these characters up close and personal! Also enjoy live shows featuring Green Lantern (John Stewart) or other super heroes of your choice!
  • Metropolis – A futuristic city where you can explore exciting rides like Superman Escape which will take you high into the sky as well as having fun with various interactive experiences like Lex Luthor’s Revenge where villains try to stop you from saving Metropolis from destruction but don’t worry because we all know that Batman always saves us in time!
  • Bedrock – A prehistoric land full of dinosaurs where guests can enjoy multiple animal themed rides including T-Rex Tower which allows riders to control their own dino by moving them left & right using motion sensors which makes for an exciting experience! With everything from Jurrasic Park to Happy Feet this area is sure not disappoint any Jurassic Park fanatics out there!
  • Springfield – This famous town comes alive at Warner Bros World Abu Dhabi with attractions based around “The Simpsons” television show including Moe’s Tavern & Kwik E Mart where visitors can get their hands on exclusive merchandise created especially for this location such as Duff Beer bottles filled with real beer brewed exclusively just for this occasion!”

There are many places in Dubai which are worth visiting with your kids

There are many places in Dubai which are worth visiting with your kids. They will enjoy the experience and you will also enjoy it. You can take your kids to these places any time of the year and they shall learn a lot about history, culture, heritage and other things.


So, that’s all for now. We hope you have found a place in this list which appeals to you and your family. If you think we missed any other great spot for families in Dubai, let us know in the comments below!