Visit these 8 Temples In Udaipur Witness The Mystical Beauty Of Traditional Architecture

Temples In Udaipur

Temples In Udaipur

The scenery of Udaipur, popularly known as the “City of Lakes,” is a mix of regalness, mystery, spirituality, and art. The rich history, culture, and scenery of Udaipur are well known. Which is mostly reflected in its architectural design. Udaipur, which once served as the seat of the Mewar Kingdom, still holds onto remnants from the Rajput era in the shape of forts, palaces, and temples. In addition to being places of prayer, Udaipur’s temples are now among the most popular tourist destinations.  Visit these most stunning and holy places with the best taxi service in Udaipur.

8 Well-known Temples in Udaipur

The following are some of the well-known temples in Udaipur that will fill you with a sense of heritage and spirituality:

  1. Jagdish temple

One of the major landmarks in the city,situated directly outside the Royal Palace. This temple, which was allegedly founded in 1651, is regarded as the oldest in the Udaipur region. This is in honor of Lord Vishnu. To get to this shrine’s main sanctum, you would have to climb 32 steps.

How to visit: The City Palace Complex in Udaipur houses the Shree Jagdish Temple. Numerous roads branch out from the Jagdish Chowk, a street area where the Jagdish Temple is situated. Buses, cars, or Udaipur local taxi service are forms of road transportation.

  • Neemach mata

One of the most well-known temples in Udaipur is the Neemach Mata Temple. Ambaji,is thought to be the house goddess of the Maharaja of Udaipur. An especially interesting feature of this temple is the “Hawan Kund” in the inner sanctuary. This temple gives stunning views of the nearby lakes and sweeping panoramas of the settlement below. The temple is easily accessible by walking a short distance or ascending a set of stairs that are about 900 meters long.

How to visit: You can visit by local buses or with one of our best taxi services in Udaipur. It is situated on the shores of the Fateh Sagar Lake in the Shilpgram neighborhood of Udaipur.

  • Sahastrabahu temple

Sahastrabahu Temple is one of Udaipur’s most well-known temples. Sahastrabahu, the name, is Sanskrit for “one with a thousand arms.” Lord Vishnu, the primary deity of the temple, is mentioned. Locals frequently refer to it as Saas-Bahu Temple. And is regarded as a special representation of the cordial bond between Saas (mother-in-law) and Bahu (daughter-in-law).

How to visit: About 23 kilometers from the Udaipur city center, the temple is situated in the Nagda village of the Udaipur district. There are regular buses or you can book a private cab service in Udaipur to take you there..

  • Bohra Ganesh ji

One of the oldest Ganesh temples in the city of Udaipur is the Bohra Ganesh Temple. The enormous idol of the Hindu god Ganesha in the dance position is housed in a temple dedicated to him.

How to visit : From these locations, local buses run frequently to the temple. Tourists prefer to hire Udaipur taxi or three-wheeled cars to get to this temple from all the adjacent areas because of its exclusivity.

  • Gupteshwar Mahadev temple

A well-known Hindu temple in the area is Gupteshwar Mahadev Temple, which is situated outside of Udaipur. This temple is housed in a cave that is placed on a hill in Titardi town. Lord Shiva, also referred to as Mahadev, is the object of worship in Gupteshwar Mahadev Temple. There is an 800-meter trek up the hill to get to the temple.

How to visit: The temple is just 8 kilometers from the heart of Udaipur, however there is poor connectivity. Using a taxi or other cab services in Udaipur is the most effective way to get to the temple.

     6) Eklingji temple

One of Udaipur’s oldest temples, Eklingji Temple, is thought to have been built in 971 AD. It is a collection of 108 temples honoring various Hindu deities. The four-faced image of Lord Siva, the temple’s principal deity, is a highlight. The black marble sandstone used to create the idol has been incredibly detailed. The four forms of Lord Shiva are shown in this 50-foot long work of worship and beauty.

How to visit: The temple is situated on Udaipur’s outskirts. It is 22 kilometers from the city center and located on Highway 8. To go to the temple from the city center, take Udaipur local taxi transportation.

     7)Mahalaxmi temple

It is believed that Shambu Singh, a former Maharana, built the Mahalaxmi Temple. It is devoted to Laxmi, the goddess of abundance and fortune. She is revered as the Shrimali Samaj’s internal deity. Every day, especially on the day of Diwali, this temple receives hundreds of visitors.

How to visit: Mahalaxmi Temple is only 3 kilometers from Udaipur railway station. Our service provides you a safe ride with Udaipur local sightseeing tour.

     8) Mahakaleshwar temple

One of Udaipur’s most well-known temples, the Mahakaleshwar Temple draws visitors and pilgrims all year long. The Lord Siva is the subject of this temple. This 900-year-old temple is next to the Fateh Sagar Lake and features a massive black limestone image of Lord Siva. There is a unique attraction here called Rudrabhishek Aarti. Numerous smaller shrines to various Hindu Gods and Goddesses can be found around the temple complex.

How to visit: The temple is conveniently close to public transportation, private cabs, and auto-rickshaws on Rani Road in Udaipur’s Ambamata neighborhood.

These temples are attractive to visit because of their exquisite architecture and tranquil settings. Make travel plans to Udaipur and stop by each of these temples. we would be delegated to serve you with Udaipur local taxi services.