Visiting Around Istanbul: How To Use Public Transport in Istanbul

visiting around istanbul

Public transport in Istanbul is a convenient and cost-effective way to get around the city. With a wide range of options available, including buses, trams, metro lines, and ferries, Istanbul’s public transport system offers easy access to all parts of the city. 

To use public transport in Istanbul, the first thing you will need is an Istanbulkart. This is a reloadable smart card that you can use to pay for any mode of public transportation in the city. You can purchase an Istanbulkart from any of the kiosks at the metro, tram, and bus stations. Once you have your card, you can add money whenever you need to.

When using Istanbul’s public transport system, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and keep your belongings safe. Pickpocketing is common on crowded buses and trams, so make sure you keep your valuables in a safe and secure place. It’s also important to respect the rules of public transport, such as giving up your seat to elderly or disabled passengers.

The Best Way to Get Around Istanbul 

Traveling by foot is the best way to get around Istanbul because the city is quite walkable for travelers, especially in tourist spots. The three main areas where tourist attractions reside are Sultanahmet, Besiktas, and Eminou. These are the most visited places on Turkey Travel Packages, and it is very easy to walk between these three districts since they sit next to each other.

The district of Besiktas is located across the Galata Bridge, and it connects to Eminou, which connects to Sultanahmet. If you are staying in these areas, you don’t need public transportation to visit these places. When you get tired of walking, give your legs a break and use public transportation.

Public Transport In Istanbul 


The tram and metro lines are a quick and easy way to get around Istanbul. To use your Istanbulkart to access these services, you can simply scan the card on the turnstiles at the stations. Make sure you tap your card at the entry and exit points to ensure you are charged the correct fare for your journey. You can also use your Istanbulkart to access the funicular and cable car services in the city.

Riding the tram in Istanbul is the best way to explore the city. The tram has been conveniently built to ride between some of the most notable tourist attractions, especially for tourists.

The first version of today’s modern tram was a horse tram during the Ottoman era in 1860. Then later, in 1912, it became an electric tram, which makes it one of the oldest public transportation options available in Istanbul.


Ferry is an iconic travel system in Istanbul that has been there since the reign of Ottoman Sultan Abdülmecid. It is an affordable way to cross the Bosphorus, and depending on where you want to travel, you can choose from different routes that connect the Asian and European sides of Istanbul.

If you need to take a ferry to cross the Bosphorus, use your Istanbulkart to purchase your ticket at the kiosks located at the ferry terminals. You can also purchase a single-use paper ticket, but as with the buses, it will cost you more.

The downside of the ferry is that it’s not as regular as other forms of transport. In case you want to take a ferry, you have to plan and make sure that you have enough time to spare; otherwise, the wait for the next ferry might last up to an hour.


Istanbul is a bustling city with so much to see, and if you are patient and truly want to visit the city life in Istanbul, a great way to get around is by bus. In Istanbul, there are over 4,012 buses and 783 bus lines, so getting a bus to travel anywhere is not an issue.

Traffic can be a problem when you’re traveling by bus since they are usually transported from suburban areas into the city, so if you are in a rush, we won’t recommend traveling by bus. It’s better to use it when traveling to and from the airport.

To use the Istanbulkart on the bus, simply board the bus from the front door and tap your card on the card reader located next to the driver. If you are traveling with a group, make sure each person has their own Istanbulkart, as only one person can use the card per trip. You can also buy a single-use paper ticket at the kiosk or on board the bus, but it will cost more than using an Istanbulkart.


Taking the metro is the quickest way to get around Istanbul. It has been around since 1989 and is the world’s second-oldest underground urban rail line. Later, it was greatly expanded beyond the first stretch between Taksim and Levent, and now there are 11 lines in the metro.

Taking a ride on these metros is very simple; all you have to do is navigate them and buy your ticket at one of the many vending machines scattered around the station, or you can also use the Istanbulkart, which you can top up at the machines.

The metro is one of the most popular means of public transportation in Istanbul, and it’s the quickest and easiest way to reach the Asian side of Istanbul.


In conclusion, using public transport in Istanbul is a convenient and cost-effective way to get around the city. With a bit of planning and the use of your Istanbulkart, you can navigate the city’s busy streets and reach your destination efficiently. If you’re planning your next trip, consider checking out a Tbilisi holiday package for a unique cultural experience. Remember to keep your Istanbulkart topped up, be aware of your surroundings, and respect the rules of public transport to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey.