Warner Bros. Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter

warner bros. studio

If you have fallen in love with the series of Harry Potter and his magical world, you should plan for a trip to the Warner. Bros Studio to find the full taste of it. This will give you a priceless feel into the whole making of the famous film; the Harry Potter Studio Tour London is filled with priceless sets such as original props, the Great Hall, special effects, and incredible animatronics.

“I first made inquiries on prices and tour experience from one of my friends who had visited the Warner Bros. Studio. The prices were affordable, and we, as a family, were convinced that it was worth spending what we had to visit. I highly recommend this to every visitor who would like to visit the Warner Bros. Studio.”

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Overview of the Studio Tour

Visiting the Warner Bros studio is like wearing Harry Potter shoes and witnessing great magic unfolding in front of you. You would come face to face with authentic props, breathtaking sets, and original costumes as you make a tour of the towers of Gringotts Wizarding Bank; find out the place where students learned Herbology and were taught by Professor Pomona Sprout. Witnessing magic is the best experience in these iconic scenes.

You will get to know all the visual effects used in the performance in, the flying Quidditch scenes, the invisibility cloak, the Chamber of Secrets door, and much more.

Studio Tour Highlights

· Witness film sets like Diagon Alley, Great Hall and Platform 9 ¾

· Free coach transportation all around central London

· Face to face behind the scenes looks and special effects of Harry Potter films

· Guaranteed entry into the Warner Bros. Studio

Creatures and Magical Beings

The magic used in Harry Potter is on another level; this includes imaginable creatures and beings depicting the other side of the universe. Behind the scenes, the team brings these imaginable creatures to life by applying both traditional and modern techniques.

On the other hand, the Animatronics method is applied where skilled artisans build robotic creatures. Other methods, including detailed costume design and puppetry, are also applied to make the performance livelier and more interactive for the audience

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 Interactive Experiences

Wand Dueling experience

·   All classes take place in special rooms, which gives a magical touch to the visit

·   Participants take part in learning popular spells used in the Harry Potter series

·   Visitors are taught the real techniques used in casting spells

“Taking part in the Wand dueling class was the best experience for me in the visit to Warner Bros tours. The general experience was informative and more educational.”

Photo Opportunities:

You can make fun with your friends and family in the real fountain which had a purpose of opening credits. The fountain was taken from its initial position and placed at the studio where fans can get the real experience of the popular props.

Take part in green magic with a selection of props to lighten up your snaps for long-lasting memory. Remember to pick up your photos of the day.

Visitor Experence

The studio is open for visits every day from 0830 to 1530 Hours.

Each tour is allowed 3 hours, an hour with a guide through the studio and 2 hours self-guided tour. Tickets are bought online at the official Warner Bros. Studio website as follows;

·   Adults aged 11 and above- $69 per adult

·   Children aged 5 to 10- $59 for each child

·   SoCal residents aged 5+– $57


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Additional Tips

·         Book tickets early

·         Take snacks with you

·         Dress comfortably

·         Take a camera with you

·         Arrive there on time