7 Ways to Show Respect to Other Countries and People When Traveling Abroad

traveling abroad

Traveling is a time to enjoy and have fun with yourself and with people you love. It’s your moment of escape from the tiring reality that contains work, school and other life’s responsibilities. You can be carefree indeed. However you cannot be careless, especially because you are not the only person in the world when you are traveling alone and not the only people when traveling with your squad.

Being mindful is a must when going on trips, so you can avoid being disrespectful towards others in any way. There are locals living in that country, and there are also foreigners apart from you. There are various nationalities, cultures and traditions you will encounter too. Do not be reckless and thoughtless in whatever you say and do. Being regardful is a huge necessity you cannot ever leave behind inside your home.

To understand more of this matter and to realize more of what has to be done and to be avoided while on international trips, this list has been written. Here are 7 ways to show respect to other countries and people when traveling abroad.

1 – Always be polite to others.

Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “respect” is often the use of kind words when speaking to others. This is something to remember and do also whenever and wherever you travel away from your home land. Always be polite to other people you encounter and meet. Be nice, and use nice words when speaking with people. You will come face to face with airport staff, flight attendants, hotel personnel, restaurant crews, public transport drivers and many others who you don’t know. Regardless of how older or younger they are than you, do not forget your manners, not only in words but most especially in actions.

2 – Observe cleanliness.

When traveling abroad, you do not only experience a new atmosphere but also, obviously, a new environment. Nevertheless, the rules remain the same as your own country, and it could be even stricter too.

Show respect to their country, nature, city and anywhere you set foot on in their territory by observing cleanliness. Wherever you go, remember that you should keep the surroundings neat and organized.

In the hotel room you are staying in, do not just let trash be scattered around. Do not wait for the hotel’s housekeepers to clean them up when you yourself can do it. Be responsible and sensitive. Do not be rude.

In other places, publicly and communally used by people, always think of others who will go after you or stay in the same place with you too. Be it the restroom, the park, the cinema, the mall, the tourist spot or wherever, be mindful of cleanliness!

3 – Behave well in sacred places.

There are countries with temples, mountains and churches that are popular to tourists. The country opens them to the public and to foreigners also to share a part of their beliefs and traditions. In the first place, such places are not really private spaces, so anyone can visit and enter. Just remember that when you go to such places, which locals and most people generally consider sacred places, behave well in them. Do not move recklessly. Avoid talking loud, shouting, laughing inappropriately and other actions that could display disrespect. Do not cause distraction to the people having a time of silence and reflection in the place.

4 – Wear proper outfit, particularly in destinations that require specific clothing.

Not only in sacred places but in all destinations that require specific clothing, make sure to wear proper outfit before entering. There are countries with such places and regulations.

It will help you big time if you will do some early research and some reading before flying to their country, so you can prepare and pack the necessary clothes. Meanwhile, if you fail to bring them beforehand, for sure, there are stores nearby those tourist destinations that sell those clothes for travelers and foreigners.

5 – Keep off restricted areas.

Foreign lands are foreign in many ways possible to tourists coming from abroad, like you. If you are uncertain about some locations, do not take the risk to break the barriers or try it out. Keep off restricted areas. Doing so is a form of respect as you are refusing to violate their rules and to trespass places that are not for guests.

If you obey signages that say you cannot go beyond the line, you are also pulling yourself away from possible danger. They have closed those zones for a serious reason, so rebelling against it will do you no good, and that’s for real. Remember that you are a foreigner tourist in their land, so if you do such things, it will be hard, embarrassing and memorably awful for a supposedly nice trip abroad! You’ve paid for a nice package of luxury escapes but cannot afford good conduct? That’s a no-no!

6 – Do not secretly take photos when it is prohibited and inappropriate.

There are tourist spots which prohibit visitors from using their phones inside their premises. Reasons could include the sacredness of the place or to avoid spoiling the excitement to future guests. The management could also just simply want that their guests will fully experience and enjoy their visit without the distraction of mobile phones’ screens.

If you happen to visit tourist destinations with these laws, do not ignore their system. Do not secretly take photos when it is prohibited and inappropriate. Respect the rules and the essence of the place too. More or less, there will be a specific area where you can take photos, so wait until you arrive there for your snaps.

7 – Do not make fun of unfamiliar language and culture.

Traveling provides you great opportunities to meet and understand different people and their ways of life. It’s fun, exciting and educational.

However, some people are quite immature and narrow-minded. Something they do that you must not do is make fun of unfamiliar language and culture. Most of the things you will see and hear could be alien to you, but that does not mean they are hilarious and something to make fun of. They sound cringey often, since you are not used to hearing those foreign words, tones and conversations, but that’s normal. Actually, that’s how your local language sounds to them too. You’d feel hurt if they are laughing at your way of speaking too.

Respect other languages and cultures. Learn to appreciate them. The world is colorful, and it’s a wonderful thing to discover them through traveling.


Never forget your good manners and right conduct when traveling. This is one of the most important times when you really must keep them with you wherever your foot lands on. As you will meet different strangers and will experience great experiences, you have to be aware that you do not overstep any boundaries and that you show respect to others. Respect is not only about using honorifics and courteous words. It is also about how you behave and treat others with or without anybody looking at you. Travel happily, and make wonderful memories while you spread only kindness and love!