tourism in Ancenis

You are a nature-lover and you want to discover the authentic beauty of the regions of France? The Country of Ancenis is an original destination for your touristic purpose. It’s a unique place where you can spend beautiful time with your friends or families. Many activities are offered to all tourists of all ages.

Visit The chapel of the Ursulines

The chapel of the Ursulines, also called Saint Joseph, was built during the reign of Louis XIV. Today, all of the old decoration of the chapel has been completely destroyed. You will find in its place a very beautiful frame. At the chevet of the chapel which is very high, you will discover painted decorations.

Since 1990, the chapel is classified as a historical monument. And since 1995, it was repurchased by the Mairie of Ancenis. What makes it currently a cultural and historical space.In fact, the chapel is now used as a place to host contemporary art exhibitions, shows from the program of the theater Free district of Ancenis but also concerts of the international festival of harps Harps au Max.

In addition to the exhibitions, the artists also propose other related activities such as conferences, projects developed with schools, etc. And it really aims at sharing contemporary art and making it accessible to all, which makes it one of the best site of tourism in Ancenis

The tides of Grée

Nestled between Ancenis and the town of Saint-Herblon, this wetland extends over 450 hectares. It is a wetland that is dotted with canals that join in the south that flow into the Loire by means of a sluice gate.

This large hydraulic work is useful for the management of the water levels in the marsh. In the latter, you will find a very varied flora. Moreover, it is especially thanks to the latter that it was recognized of world importance for the variety of its flora.

For example, it contains lake plants such as yellow water lilies and ranunculus. You can also find wet and dry meadow plants. Without mentioning the trees such as willow and ash, its various canals and flowers that makes it a uniquely varied natural environment.

It is also the perfect place to observe a wide range of migratory birds that come here to spend the winter. There are wild swans, grey herons and geese…. The same migration show happens in summer, especially with white storks. But there also some species that stays there all year.

Via the House of the tides of Grée, the public has the chance to discover all the wealth of the marsh in a very particular scenography. And it remains a unique show that you will only see there, in the Country of Ancenis.

The Pierre-Meslière trail

This is a trail that leads to the heart of the Pierre-Meslière hamlet where you will find a large vineyard. Start your journey in the Pré-Clos parking lot and follow the signposted path which stretches for 4 km.

You have to take the access road to the parking before following it to the left. After 300 m, you will follow a dirt road that leads to a small road. Cross it and take another small road that will lead you to the railway.

Go under another bridge and straight ahead past the picnic area. To return, you must follow the same route but in the opposite direction. This trail offers a unique landscape and a chance to do some walking, even if you are on vacation.And this is a king of small walk in the open air that will bring you some energy and a big bowl of fresh air.

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