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The state of Colorado in the United States is a popular tourist destination. A feature of this state is the rocky mountains. Crowds of tourists come to these places not only in winter, but also in summer. This is due to the region’s rather mild climate, in contrast to the state of Alaska , which is protected from the wind by a belt of mountains. In winter, the stunning beauty of the snow-covered slopes attracts many skiers not only from the United States, but also from other parts of the world.

The cities of Aspen, East Park, and Colorado Springs are the most visited mountain regions in Colorado. The capital of the state is the city of Denver, which is also very popular among travelers.

I think, besides the ski resort in Aspen , there are some other amazing places in Colorado that cannot be overlooked. After all, the second half of the district is occupied by dry plains. Below I will tell you a little about the brightest and most colorful landscapes and sights of Colorado.

Rocky Mountains

For lovers of rock climbing and mountaineering, there is no better place than the rocky mountains, and they, by the way, occupy almost a third of the state. In addition, the non-standard slope of the surface and the presence of many depressions and cracks in the rock make it possible for the climber to overcome a fairly large number of kilometers. To engage in this extreme type of recreation, I advise you to choose the right season for travel with air sial and tour services.

The most optimal periods for visiting these places are considered to be July, August and September. In case you forgot something, there are several shops in the region where you can buy mountain equipment, as well as stock up on supplies and water. And those who have decided to go mountaineering for the first time can undergo training and go on an expedition together with an instructor.

Stanley Hotel

This place is known to many for the film “The Shining”, based on the book by Stephen King. Many people say that the hotel premises are paranormal. The chefs who worked there began to complain about the incomprehensible noise and sounds of fun coming from the ballroom when there was no one there. These were the first witnesses of the paranormal activity within the walls of the hotel. Later they began to notice the ghost of a musician who played the piano every evening. Hotel guests also felt the presence of otherworldly forces. At night, loud laughter was heard along the corridors of the hotel, and sometimes guests even observed the movement of small objects.

The owners of the hotel, in order to attract more attention to themselves, used all the rumors associated with the presence of ghosts in their favor. Therefore, on the official website of the Stanley Hotel, I read that all the ghosts living in the hotel are exceptionally kind and will not harm anyone.

The Poison Pool in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is an extraordinary natural phenomenon. Traveling along its length, you can come across many amazing natural creations.

At a depth of about 340 km, the so-called “Pumpkin Creek” was formed in the canyon. It is a natural reservoir with round orange walls; it is filled to the top with a yellow, greenish liquid. I would not recommend trying some water, as it is nothing more than a mixture of zinc, copper, and arsenic. In this pool, the concentration of poison exceeds the norm by more than 200 times. A small sip of such water can be fatal.

If you nevertheless decide to take a picture or wet your feet in such a pool, then I recommend that you thoroughly wash your body after that.

Colorado river

In this area of ​​the state, on one of the peaks of numerous mountains, is the source of the Colorado River. In the world, this river is considered truly Great, although it is not the longest and deepest on the planet. It got its name from the fact that over the course of many millennia its waters have formed beautiful natural landscapes. It was she who caused the appearance of the Grand Canyon.

Indians have lived in these areas for a long time, so most of the Hollywood Westerns are filmed in these areas. By the way, I want to note that the Navajo Indians live in these places to this day.

The river, due to the fact that it is practically the only source of water for many kilometers in this part of the state, is gradually losing its water. In addition, a lot of tourists want to see the Grand Canyon while traveling along the Colorado River. To make your dream come true, you must apply at least a year and a half in advance, as there are a lot of people willing, or see other sights of the United States .

Mesa Verde Park

This amazing park is located in the southwestern region of the state. It is quite large, and the main feature is the many ruins of ancient Indian dwellings of the Anasazi tribe. Back in the thirteenth century, the Indians erected these buildings, which are very similar to modern houses with many apartments. There are about 100 separate living rooms in one room alone.

Sights of the state capital

The city of Denver attracts tourists with its concentration of cultural attractions of various destinations. The climate here is quite mild, but there are strong daily temperature fluctuations. This is due to the nearby rocky mountains. In terms of population, Denver is a small city, there are about 700 thousand people. And yet, traveling around the state of Colorado, I do not recommend ignoring this item, especially for lovers of art, science, and also beautiful architectural buildings.

The city is home to America’s second largest art theater. This place will delight connoisseurs of ballet, contemporary dance, opera and symphony orchestra.

Space enthusiasts will be impressed with the Denver Science and Nature Museum. He concentrated in himself a huge number of exhibits of anthropology, paleontology, zoology, medicine and geology. In the museum, you can listen to a guided tour to delve deeper into the history of some of the exhibits. I heard that some of the models presented there are even allowed to be touched.

Subtle and creative people will appreciate the Denver Art Museum. Since hundreds of years ago, many Indian tribes lived on the territory of Colorado, a special feature of the museum, of course, is the art collection of representatives of the indigenous population.

And those travelers who, in one way or another, are not associated with art or are not interested in it, will love the huge zoo to visit with professional car service, the amazing aquarium, the stunning Botanical Garden, or just walking along the beautiful streets of the capital of Colorado.

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