Why Costa Rica is the Best Place to Enjoy Your Vacation

costa rica

Many years ago, Roman scholar Seneca said, “Travel and change of place give new vigor to the mind.” He’s got it partly correct. Travel stimulates, renews, and broadens not only the mind but also our bodies and senses. For those looking to take a break from the mundane and reinstate work-life balance, costa Rica vacation homes for rent is the ultimate place to stay and explore the fantastic destination. Here are a few compelling reasons why.

Birthplace of contemporary zipline tours

Towering through treetops and peeping through jungle canopies and cloud forests, protected ecosystems of the region exhibit some of the best biodiversities in the world. Ziplining might be famous across the globe, but visit the place and book Costa Rica vacation home rentalsyou’ll know why Costa Rica is where it all commenced.

Whether traversing Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve or zipping over a waterfall near the pristine coastlines, you’ll be eye-level with toucans and macaws. The lively colors smudge by as you begin to converge on all the life encircling you; the phrase Pura Vida (“pure life”) takes a whole new meaning when explored through the zipline.

Traverse 1100 km of pristine coastline

Searching for a beach? Pick your pigment: miles of granulated sugar to start your cruising adventures on, untouched stretches of black volcanoes waiting for your foot tracks, an alluring horseback ride, or just a comforter and a favorite book to go along. There are miles and miles of shores kissing two oceans, and the most amazing part is that the Caribbean and Pacific coasts are just a few hours’ drive from one another. Playa Conchal, Islas Tortugas, Punta Uva, or Playa Tamarindo— Take a pick for your go-to beach.

The weather is always welcoming

Many of us have to cope with extremely cold or roasting temperatures for the most part of the year. The unending spring of the Central Highlands of Costa Rica means that whenever you need to get away, you have access to an ideal vacation home rental in Costa Rica. The temps in San José— the national capital, swing between the 60s-80s— all year long.

North American Tourists will never have to bear jet lag

Irrespective of where you are flying from—Miami, Los Angeles, or Toronto—you won’t have to tweak your watch time for more than 2 hours when you arrive in San José. Apart from holding a time zone that suits well with the North Americans, the flying time is amazingly short: It’s only approximately five hours from Chicago/New York and about three from Florida. It implies less time to recover from travel tiredness and more time to relax and reinvigorate. Ensure to book costa Rica vacation homes for rent in advance, though, to enjoy your stay in utmost comfort and hassle-free.

Pura Vida—more than you might assume, simpler than you might realize

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