Reasons why Greensboro is one of the happiest cities in the US


Every place in the world has its upsides and those less desirable sides. But what exactly is it that makes a place so lovely that it’s proclaimed the happiest? Let’s try to understand why Greensboro is one of the happiest cities in the US and see what it’s like to live here.

Then and now

Greensboro is a town in North Carolina, and its history goes back over 200 years. What started as a textile town with factories, numerous mills, and blue-collar workers has evolved over time. It played a considerable role in American history and is the birthplace of the Sit-in Movement (part of the Civil Rights movement). Now, with a population of more than 200,000, Greensboro is a prosperous place. It is a vibrant city and has an urban downtown. It is the largest city of the Piedmont Triad.

Life in Greensboro

The city of Greensboro, also known as the Gate City, has an excellent geographical location. It is close to all the major cities in North Carolina, making it just right for many wonderful short trips to the relatively close surroundings, which have a lot to offer.

You can find all you need in this city, and it feels cozy and warm. You can randomly bump into people you know. Community feelings are strong, and people like living here. People often say that they don’t see any reasons that would make them want to leave. And the younger ones who do relocate because they want to explore the world eventually return to start and raise a family here. If you are one of those people that want to come back to their roots, try to move with as little stress as possible and help your family adapt by introducing Greensboro to them early in the planning process.

Entertainment and culture

The town has entertainment centers, and the cultural and art events are impressive. And just to add to this, there are a lot of places for recreation. Public parks and gardens for sport or walks are abundant, 170 of them and all well kept. And if you like to go out for lunch or shopping, there are enough places to satisfy your needs. And if by any chance you have healthcare concerns, don’t worry; the region’s largest hospital is located in Greensboro.

Variety and choice

There is an array of neighborhoods and home styles. Everybody can find the perfect place for them. So, if you are happily living in Greensboro but still want to change something in your life, try looking for a new neighborhood you and your family might prefer. Moving companies and their crews in this city are happy to help and will make your life easy and worry-free. When looking for a new home, start by considering both the things you and your family enjoy and those you dislike and then find the place that best suits your needs and wants. Don’t forget to calculate your budget and start planning.

Health and recreation

Sports – Greensboro has a variety of sports-related places such as pools, stadiums, and fields. It is home to many high-level tournaments and national championships. Don’t let it surprise you to hear people call Greensboro a Tournament Town.

Healthcare – from when Greensboro was founded, it has grown in terms of its medical facilities and the services available. There are highly educated professionals that work in the nationally recognized medical facilities and where the medical staff follows all the latest developments.

Hospital care – The quality of medical care in Greensboro is very high. Hospital care at Cone Health is placed in the top one percent in the USA. Cone Health ranked seventh among 3,139 hospitals in the medical excellence category.


Greensboro is the proud home of five universities and colleges. There are a two-year community college and a law school. Around 50,000 undergraduate and post-graduate students have found their place here and at a collaborative joint campus under the supervision of two of the largest universities.

A birds-eye view of the Greensboro university premises. One of the reasons why Greensboro is one of the happiest cities in the US might be its great educational program.
High-quality educational infrastructure is a significant contributor to the region’s success and the satisfaction of its inhabitants. For that reason, Greensboro is one of the happiest cities in the US.

Every-day life

Affordability – when you compare the five largest cities in North Carolina in terms of their homeowner costs with the combined city and county property taxes and fees, you will find Greensboro in the middle of that list.

Driving – in terms of traffic congestion, Greensboro is ranked the 8th most comfortable city to drive in. On average, drivers in this city spend about 4.2 hours in congestion per year. So if you are planning a road trip with your kids and you are worried about safety, this is one of the things that will help you feel less stressed.

Raising a family – when considering the safest cities to raise a family, Greensboro was ranked number 15 in 2017. Its strong educational standards and good air quality make it very appealing for starting a family. The low crime rate and vehicle mortality rate are also pros to consider.

A family of three standing on the grassy shores of a lake looking towards the water.
Sometimes, all we need to feel happy is just a little bit of sunshine. Nature has its ways of relieving stress and helping us relax.

Economic factors

Economic development – When it comes to the economic development projects, Greensboro as a metro area ranked second. Better yet, this area is highly ranked when it comes to women-owned businesses. If you think that your business can prosper in a place such as Greensboro, see if Best Bet Moving and Labor can answer all the questions you might have and arrange the services you need. All that’s left is to wish you good luck with your business relocation and the business itself.

Homebuyers – Greensboro ranked 21st on the list of best cities for first-time homebuyers among the USA’s 100 largest cities. Factors considered in this study included the average down payment, the average down payment percentage, the share of homes sold that the median income family can afford, and the percentage of buyers who have less than prime credit.

You could visit

Tourist attractions – And on top of all the pros mentioned so far, there are many opportunities for affordable family tourism with its many parks and natural sights. Some say that this is one of the best road trip destinations out there. If you are passing through on a weekend trip or planning a big cross-continental journey, don’t miss everything that Greensboro has to offer. Let’s just mention the Greensboro Science Center, the Greensboro Arboretum, and the International Civil Rights Center and Museum.

A bird's eye view of a road through a forest.
Even if you decide not to move to Greensboro, make sure to visit it as a part of a road trip.

Greensboro is one of the happiest cities in the US for good reasons

Don’t miss your chance to list Greensboro among the cities where you could live. It has much to offer with a population of over 200,000 with different nationalities, ages, lifestyles, religions, experiences, and backgrounds. With their focus on economic development, nothing is stopping you from enjoying this beautiful city. And if you don’t believe it when you hear it, go and see for yourself why Greensboro is one of the happiest cities in the US.

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