Why is Kedarkantha India’s Favorite Trek?

Kedarkantha trek

When it comes to being an explorer, trekker or a travel enthusiast, everyday is new for them. Every step you take towards the top unfolds a new experience in your mind. Trekking in the Himalayas is a top tier experience one could ever ask for. The states of Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir and Uttarakhand are bestowed with the Himalayas and its magical treks. This is the snow hub of India where the lowest temperatures drop to -40 degrees. Every peak in these mountains reveal a different story, unique to each other.

The state of Uttarakhand is a divine abode and a pilgrim spot for Hindus and Buddhists. The holy land of Haridwar, Kedarnath, Rishikesh receives devotees all year long. Since the state closely borders Tibet, there are Tibetan monasteries and huge settlements in Mind Rolling.

The popularity of Uttarakhand is known to the masses by its holy land and spirituality. Whereas the state consists of more than 130 trek trails. All of them range from difficult to easy for all kinds of trekkers. The one which stands out among them is Kedarkantha.

The Trek

The Kedarkantha trek is loved by numerous budding trekkers and nature photographers. Kedarkantha is known for its winter treks and snow covered trek trails and its white aesthetic. The trek is an absolute delight in itself from start to end. At the height of a whopping 12,500 ft above sea, Kedarkantha glows in its white sparkly glorious peak and slopes. This is the kind of trek which helps make the shift from a beginner trekker to intermediate level. The  trek route includes snow covered slopes, forest patches and frozen lake. The trek is fairly easy

It has an apt location within the boundaries of Govind Wildlife Sanctuary. The base village is Sankri which is getway to several other treks in the Sanctuary. The plus point of planning your trek to Kedarkantha is it branches  out to many other uheard treks. The base village is getway to treks like Har ki Doon, Braradsar, Pithadi, Rupin etc.

Why is Kedarkantha Famous?

The Kedarkantha is famous among all other treks in the area and takes up to four days to complete. The trek being a real time saver, it is often opted by many city dwellers over a long weekend. Every checkpoint camp enroute reveals a totally different view from the last one. That one checkpoint that stands out is Juda ka Talab camp. Get to witness this high altitude frozen lake enroute the summit. The lake is partially frozen, surrounded by oak trees and their shadow. Set up camp at this picturesque campsite and spend the night admiring the endless moonlit valley and peaks.

Since this trek can be attempted by budding trekkers, conveys that it can be attempted by tourists with little to no experience in trekking. At times families also hike to Kedarkantha with their kids and have the best time of their lives. This could be yours or your kid’s first snow experience! And there could be no better place than the Himalayas for it. Make sure your kids are acclimatized to the weather and carry appropriate medicines.

There are not many trek trails in the Himalayas that cater to beginners’ needs. This is what makes Kedarkantha special to others. If not winters, the place is equally beautiful during spring and autumn seasons. The slopes are covered with vibrant flowers, lush green meadows and clear blue skies. It is like living in a painting with all the endless nature and no sight of human civilization. The best way to take a break from the bustling city life and workload.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced traveler and a trekker, you could easily go one a solo trip to Kedarkantha. The locals are friendly and welcoming. You will experience the warmth in their smiles during your stay at the Sankri village. Your accommodation mostly includes homestays and tents, oh what a humbling experience! Along with trekking, you get to experience snowfall, observe authentic village life of Uttarakhand, make a local friend or two and go back home with beautiful memories.


Due to its less duration, Kedarkantha is pocket friendly hence encouraging  lo tof youths to join in on the trekking and adventure brigade. A trip to Kedarkantha costs about 6000 rs to and fro with all the expenses covered by the agency you choose. Budding trekker’s most worried topic is the funds required to travel to various places and covering the expenses covered during the trek. And so, Kedarkantha checks all the boxes of awesomeness when it comes to a perfect trek destination and everyone’s favorite trek

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