Why Passover is Different from Other Festivals in So Many Ways?


The Passover celebration is different from other festivals in various ways. Usually, the Passover celebration is compared with Easter. Most people consider that Passover is the festival of Jewish people and Easter is the festival of Christian. If we start comparing the biblical Passover festival with Easter, things are quite different. Nowadays, people started celebrating Passover in a new style by participating in the Passover program. You can also celebrate Passover in a different style by participating in the Passover Programs 2021.

Whenever you will ask anyone the difference between Passover and Easter, they will answer that Passover is celebrated by Jews and Easter is celebrated by Christian. Is this answer correct? These two festivals are completely different from each other. You will be surprised after knowing that one is Jewish and one is Christian. Here, in this blog post, we are going to discuss the differences between Easter and Passover celebration:

1. Biblical Origin vs. No Biblical Reference

The Passover origin is found in Exodus 12. It is mention that Israelites have gone through harsh slavery. Jews were the slave of the Egyptian Pharaoh for many years. To end the brutal slavery of the Egyptian Pharaoh, God had sent ten plagues on Egypt. The last plague was very dangerous and it had led to the killing of the firstborn. Jews considered that God has sent the death of an angel to this Earth to protect them from brutal king Pharaoh.  Jews started marking the doorway of their home with smeared lamb’s blood so that the death of an angel passes over their homes. Therefore, this festival is named Passover. In this way, Jews got their freedom from the Egyptian Pharaoh.  

You will not find Easter commanded in the Bible. Originally, this word was observed in Acts 12:4 in 1611 King James Version. Nowadays, most scholars or experts consider it as a translation error, but most scholars recognize it as a clear translation error. Now, various modern translation experts replaced the word Easter with Passover. There is no single legitimate reference to Easter. On the other hand, there are 70 references for Passover in various new and old testaments.

2. Human Tradition vs. God-Ordained

The biggest difference between Passover and Easter is that God commanded Passover to be celebrated by his people. On the other hand, the Creator God has never commanded to celebrate Easter for the commemoration of Christ’s resurrection.

Then, who commanded Easter observance? Well, it is a historical fact that the Easter celebration is commanded by the Catholic Church during the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325. Unfortunately, Christ’s war against starting their own human tradition for commandments of God was ignored. . Sadly, Christ’s warning against substituting human tradition for the commandments of God was ignored.

3. Fixed Day vs. Movable Day

God commanded that Passover should be celebrated on a specific day i.e. 14th day of the first month according to the Hebrew calendar. The leaders of the Catholic Church persecuted the old Christians who used to celebrate Passover. They have started calling them Quartodecimans and Judaizers.

On the other hand, Easter is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon taking place after the vernal equinox.

4.  Jesus Resurrection vs. Memorial of Jesus’ Death

Jesus Christ had given the order to sacrifice a lamb for getting freedom from the penalty of sin for Passover.  The Passover of Exodus 12 indicated Christ’s sacrifice 1,500 years later. Just like Jews had protected themselves from angel-of-death by using the lamb’s blood. Similarly, it is possible to protect ourselves from eternal death by using Christ’s blood.

On his last Passover, Jesus Christ established unleavened bread and wine as new symbols. These two symbols indicate the broken body and blood of Jesus Christ. According to the apostle Paul, Passover should be celebrated on the same night in which Christ was betrayed.

5. Passover Symbols vs. Easter Symbols

The Passover symbols indicate something like the sacrifice of Jews, their slavery, their tears, etc. symbols of the Passover are full of meaning. Unleavened bread is considered as the sinless body and broken body of Jesus Christ, wine represents the poured blood of the lamb.

Primary Easter symbols are eggs and bunnies. These two symbols have deep meaning in ancient pagan practices. These two things indicated fertility and they were years are the Jesus Christ resurrection.

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